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Orange Wednesday is dead, long live Meerkat Movies! Get 2-4-1 cinema tickets every Tuesday and Wednesday with this trick.

When Compare the Market announced it was replacing EE as the sponsor of buy one get one free cinema tickets I’ve got to admit I was sceptical. You’d need to buy a product through them to be eligible, and there are far cheaper ways to get insurance out there.

But checking through the terms and conditions and I’ve found that you only need to pay £1.37 and you’ve got access to the deal for a full 12 months!

How Meerkat Movies works

When you buy any product through Compare the Market you are able to use the policy number to unlock the code on your app. Each week you can claim a code to show at the cinema. The cheapest ticket will be free, and most cinemas will charge extra for 3D or premium seating.

You are limited to one code per week. Unlike EE Wednesdays, Meerkat Movies codes can be used on Tuesdays or Wednesdays.

The deal starts on April 3rd 2015.

Keep reading for how to get it for less than £1.50

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How to get Meerkat Movies for £1.37

** UPDATE 15/4/15: the lowest price has now gone up to just over £2 – still a great deal though! **

To get the two for one movies deal you must buy a qualifying purchase through Compare the Market. You can probably get most of these cheaper through cashback sites like Topcashback and Quidco.

However if you get one day travel insurance in the UK, you should see a £1.37 offer from ERV. Buy this and enter the policy code in the iOS or Android app. The app will be activated and you’ll get able to get an additional free ticket to the cinema every week for a year.

It’s possible you might be quoted more as age and other factors could change the quote. But most should see it for around £2.

>> LINK: Buy a one day travel policy from Compare the Market

Other ways to get the offer

The deal is backdated for the last 12 months, so if you’ve bought a policy through the site in that time, you’ll be able to use the app up until the one year anniversary of buying the policy. You cannot have previously claimed a meerkat toy.

The full eligible policies are:

  • bought car insurance, motorcycle insurance, van insurance, contents and/or buildings insurance, pet insurance, life insurance, landlord insurance or travel insurance;
  • switched energy (gas and/or electric), broadband, home telephone or digital TV;
  • obtained a credit card or loan.


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