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Andy Webb's deals of the week

Andy’s deals of the week 24 July 2021

  • NCP: One-day free car parking
  • English Heritage: 50% off tickets
  • Tesco: 25% off wine
  • HSBC: £125 bank switch offer ends
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wine deals

Wine and spirits offers and deals

  • Tesco: 25% off
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Travel deals

Travel deals (July 2021)

  • NCP: Free day of parking
  • Travelodge: Book five nights, get cheapest night free
  • LNER: £5 credit
  • 1/3 off fares with a railcard
  • Two-thirds off railcards with Tesco Clubcard
  • Money off your first Uber journey
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kids days out deals

Kids & family day out offers

  • Kids Pass: One year for £28
  • Kids Pass: 30-day trial for £1
  • Little Bird: 30-day trial for £1
  • English Heritage: 50% off
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Cheap cinema ticket deals and offers

Cheap cinema tickets offers and deals (July 2021)

  • Two for one tickets every Tuesday and Wednesday with Meerkat Movies
  • Up to 40% off with multiple chains
  • Mubi Go membership
  • Odeon: Two tickets & £10 Turtle Bay gift card for £9.99
  • Odeon: Free ticket every month with O2
  • Odeon: Six free tickets via Lloyds Bank
  • Odeon Limitless: £8 off each month
  • Odeon: More discounts
  • Vue: Possible free ticket on 26 July
  • Vue: Two tickets for £7 with Vodafone
  • Vue: Six free tickets via Lloyds Bank
  • Vue: More discounts
  • Cineworld Unlimited Card from £9.99 a month
  • Cineworld: Other discounts
  • Picturehouse: Discounts
  • Curzon: Discounts
  • Showcase: See two fillms, see one free
  • Showcase: Other discounts
  • Empire: Discounts
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Tastecard deals

Free Tastecard & Gourmet Society trials & offers (July 2021)

  • Tastecard: 90-day free trial
  • Tastecard: 60-days free trial
  • Gourmet Society: 60-days membership for £1
  • Gourmet Society: Free with Club Lloyds current account
  • Meerkat Meals: One year for £1(ish)
  • Vodafone Eat Local: Free or £10
  • Hi-Life: 30 day free trial
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Andy Webb's deals of the week

Andy’s deals of the week 17 July 2021

  • Currensea: £10 back from £150 spend
  • Marks & Spencer: £5 off £30 food
  • Tastecard: 90-day free trial
  • Theme Parks: Two for One tickets
  • Rakuten: Free movie rental
  • Travelodge: 10% off city stays
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Now TV and Sky Sports pass deals

Cheapest ways to watch Sky Sports without a subscription (July 2021)

  • Day pass, movie pass, entertainment pass and smart stick for £24.99
  • Three months of Sky Sports at £25 a month
  • Quidco: £17 bonus cashback
  • TopCashback: £10 bonus cashback
  • Existing Sky customer: £18 for two football channels on Sky
  • Existing Sky customer: £18 for Sky Sports F1 channels on Sky
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movies to rent

Rent or buy movies online: Deals and offers (July 2021)

  • Amazon: £1.99 new releases for Prime members
  • Rakuten: £5 credit
  • Rakuten: Up to 1/3 off via Tastecard
  • Rakuten: 24 free rentals a year via Halifax
  • Rakuten: 12 free rentals a year via Lloyds Bank
  • Chili: 50% off your first rental
  • Chilli: 50% off gift cards via Lidl
  • Chili: Free credit on Vodafone
  • Sky Store: Asda Pizza and movie deal
  • Sky Store: 10% off gift cards via Lidl
  • Google Play: 4% off gift cards
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