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The site, magazine and mentoring are not about finding those big scary products like the best mortgage, or what to do with a pension annuity. There are sites like MoneySavingExpert, and independent financial advisors which do that job very well and should be your first points of call. Be Clever With Your Cash wants to help you think about how you spend you money to make it go further. is a journalistic online blog, providing the tips, tools and techniques to help you make your money go further. At the time of writing each post we hope it is all accurate but please note you use the information at your own risk and we can’t accept liability if you are unhappy with actions as a result of reading an article here.

You should not take any information or opinion on this site as legal, business, financial or commercial advice and you should carry out your own research before undertaking any actions to ensure it’s the best for you and your finances.

Likewise, though we link to other sites, we cannot be held responsible for any content or harmful effects such as viruses on those sites. If we link to someone that we do not know as reputable companies, we will make that clear.

All articles and images, unless otherwise attributed or part of a product promotion, are copyright of and cannot be reused.

Funding and independence

Be Clever With Your Cash is completely independent. All views expressed are those of the writer. This is is really important to me. I don’t write content because a PR or brand has asked or paid me. I write about topics and deals where I think you can save money or better manage your money.

I refuse all sponsored or paid posts – whether that’s money or in exchange for free goods or services. This means I turn down a lot of money! But I think it’s essential to maintain the independence of the blog, and make sure that I’m only sharing information, tricks and deals with you which I think can help you Be Clever With Your Cash.

But of course, I do need to earn money so I can keep writing and sharing these articles with you. The way I do this is to use affiliate links and display advertising on the site.

Some of the links used on the site are “affiliate links”. This is the same model used by sites like Money Saving Expert, The Mirror online and Voucher Cloud. An affiliate link is one which, if you click on it and make a purchase, and only if you do both those things, a small percentage of the profit made on the sale is passed back to me. It’s essentially a commission.

So some important things you need to know. These links have no effect on the price you pay when you click through. It’s the same price as if you went direct to the website from Google or via a cashback site.

The links also have no influence on which deals I share with you. All deals or offers are selected purely on how good a deal they are. So if the best deal doesn’t have an affiliate link, I’ll still tell you it’s the best deal. In fact many of the things I write about don’t have any affiliate links, for example bank accounts.

Still it’d be lovely if you do click through from the site when you buy things as it does help fund the time I spend on the site.

You’ll also see some display advertising, the same you get on many websites. I try to keep them to a minimum so they don’t interrupt your reading too much. These adverts are supplied by an agency called Mediavine. They act as a middleman to sell advert space on the blog. Any adverts you see will be based on your browsing history. This is the same way ads work on most websites. This means I have very little say in what appears. I’ve requested certain categories are not displayed, but if you see anything you deem inappropriate, please do click on the report button next to the advert.

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