Editorial code

This editorial code was drawn up after Be Clever With Your Cash became part of Smart Money People in March 2023. Agreed by both parties, it protects the ethos and editorial approach developed and initiated by Be Clever With Your Cash founder Andy Webb. 

Last updated 20/04/2023

Our aims

  1. Smart Money People, Be Clever With Your Cash and our other channels are dedicated to helping consumers make better decisions and get the most from their money.
  2. This means putting the consumer’s needs before commercial opportunities in editorial decisions.

Be Clever With Your Cash’s editorial relationship with Smart Money People

  1. All content on BeCleverWithYourCash.com, Youtube.com/andyclevercash, the Cash Chats podcast, social channels and the weekly newsletter (collectively BCWYC) is editorially independent of Smart Money People (SMP)
  2. The BCWYC editorial agenda, strategy and line are set and overseen by the Editor-in-chief, Be Clever With Your Cash
  3. BCWYC will use reviews and data from Smart Money People to help consumers get a better understanding of financial products, but only when this supports the editorial approach
  4. Reviews on Smart Money People may differ from editorial views expressed on BCWYC
  5. The BCWYC editorial team can produce content that might be at odds with results from Smart Money People’s award ceremonies (British Bank Awards, Consumer Credit Awards & Insurance Choice Awards).

Be Clever With Your Cash’s editorial approach

  1. Content on BCWYC is driven by the news agenda, audience demand, reaching more people and the choices of the editorial team
  2. The commissioning, production and editing of content will always be governed by:
    1. Integrity (it’s in the best interests of our audience),
    2. Independence (outside influences won’t impact our choices),
    3. Accuracy (we give the right information at the time of writing)
    4. Authority (we are trusted experts on the topic), 
    5. Relatable (the content matters to our audience), and 
    6. Relevance (there must be a purpose to produce the content).

Be Clever With Your Cash and partners

  1. Any brands, products or services mentioned on Be Clever With Your Cash will be subject to objective and independent consideration before inclusion.
  2. Brands and businesses cannot pay to be featured or mentioned in any BCWYC content on any of our channels outside of separate display advertising agreements (such as those managed by third parties Mediavine and Google Adsense)
  3. Any affiliate partnership that generates income for BCWYC is subject to the same editorial approach as non-affiliate content
  4. Any commercial relationships Smart Money People has will not influence any content on BCWYC.