Pub & bar deals

Save on drink and food at your local.

Though there are restrictions on when we can visit pubs right now, there are offers to save you some cash if you are out.

Pub promotions

Free drinks via apps

These apps often have free drinks to claim.

Free beer with We Love Sport

Download the We Love Sport app and there are often promos for free or discounted beers.

The latest offer runs until 10 September 20210. You’ll have been able to claim a free pint (including Punk IPA, Guinness & Strongbow) or soft drink at participating pubs. You’ll need to activate the voucher in the app when you pay for your drink.

There seems decent coverage of pubs across the big towns and cities (eg 9 bars in Leeds, 5 in York and 5 in Huddersfield), but you won’t be able to use it everywhere. You can see participating pubs in the offer section of the app.

Free drinks with Embargo app

Another app, this one lets you check in to various venues to claim free drinks and discounts. Some are only available if you’ve collected ‘stamps’ from previous visits.

Use the code AMPLIFYING when you sign up. Not sure if there’s a reward but it’s worth a go!

Free drinks every day with Dusk

The app Dusk gives you a free drink each day at selected bars. It’s only in London, 

Just download the app and look for the bars participating. If you use the referral code AWEBB5 you’ll earn 500 reward points. I’m not sure they actually do anything right now, but there’s no harm adding it to your account.


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