Food & drink deals

The best deals right now for some free or cheap food and drink!

From lunch discounts and vouchers to free samples and restaurant deals, read on for the best food and drink deals you currently available.

I’ve split the supermarket special offers and tea and coffee shop deals over to separate deals pages as there are just so many!

Recipe box discounts

I’ve written about recipe boxes in detail here, but below are some special offers.

Gousto: Up to 95% off first box via Quidco or TopCashback

There are often voucher codes for Gousto, but if you’re new to Gousto and go via a cashback site you can save even more.

The deals seem to change fairly regularly and switch between TopCashback and Quidco, so it’s best to check both to see which is best.

At the time of writing, going via TopCashback or Quidco can get 65% off your first box, and around £17 or £18 cashback on top. Combined that’s going to be 100% off that first box.

So the most expensive box (four meals per box for four people) would normally cost £47.75, but the code brings it down to £16.75. Add in the cashback and you’ll actually make a profit.

If you’re also new to TopCashback then add another £15 on top, which Quidco offers £17 extra. Here’s more on getting these new customer cashback bonuses.

Hello Fresh: 50% off and £12 bonus cashback

There is a similar deal at Quidco (this one also switches between the two cashback sites, so check) for HelloFresh giving 50% off your first box and £11 cashback on top. If you order the smallest box (three recipes a week for two people) this brings the total down to just £4!

Here you can nab a new customer bonus in addition if you’re new to the cashback site.

Pasta Evangelists: 40% off and free prosecco

You can get 40% off these posh pasta meal boxes, and you’ll get two mini bottles of prosecco thrown in too. They’re still not cheap, but will cost less than a takeaway.

The minimum spend to redeem the code is £13, but that’s more or less the price of two portions of the cheapest meal.

To get free delivery and another 15% off you need to subscribe – but you can cancel and pause this online.

Save more money

All the latest offers in my dedicated deals section

Andy's top deals

Shop deals

Hotel Chocolat: Free treat on your birthday

If you sign up to Hotel Chocolat’s VIP ME scheme you’ll get a free gift on your birthday (I got a free £5 voucher to spend), as well as other offers through the year such as 15% off your next purchase. You can only sign up in-stores.

Restaurant deals

National Burger Day

Thursday 25 August 2022 is “national burger day” and it’s worth checking to see if your fave restaurant is taking part with special burgers or discounts.

Some might be doing deals through the week and into the Bank Holiday weekend too

A few I’ve spotted:

Burger King: Free cheeseburger or chips

The new Burger King loyalty app earns you points when you spend that can be redeemed for items on the menu. When you sign up you get 200 free points, which can be exchanged for a free cheeseburger or fries. Download on Google Play here or App Store here.

Not valid at motor way service station restaurants. More in the Ts&Cs

McDonalds: Free burger via app

Download the McDonalds app and you can often get discounts on food and drink from the fast food chain.

And sign up to the new reward scheme and you’ll get a free cheeseburger or vegetable deluxe burger (ends 14 Jan 2023). You’ll also get 1500 free points after your first order via the app – enough to get small fries.

Tastecard: 2-4-1 or 50% off

You can save 50% with Tastecard at hundreds of restaurants. I’ve got a post which I regularly update with the latest Tastecard offers, often including one month free or a four-month trial for £1.

Well worth giving it a go and seeing if you think you’ll use it regularly. There’s also Gourmet Society which does a similar thing.

MeatLiquor: 50% off food & drink

At certain points in the year, top burger joint MeatLiquor emails members of its list 50% off vouchers. These tend to happen on bank holidays and your birthday – so sign up now!

Leon: 30% off

Sign up to the Leon Lovers Club and you’ll get a voucher for a 30% off your next order. You used to also get a treat on your birthday.


14 thoughts on “Food & drink deals

  1. Hi Andy,
    I signed up for your news letter, and Quidico as l want to buy yearly subscription for Disney + as l understand l should get £17 cashback but its only showing £10 when l try to buy it. How do l get £17

    1. HI Tina

      So the £17 is a bonus and the £10 is the standard cashback offered for a year of Disney+. So you should get a total of £27 back. As long as you signed up for Quidco via the link in my newsletter’s welcome email.

  2. Hi Andy,

    Quidco have declined my cashback as they said I put in a voucher code. That’s not the case- the 30% was applied automatically as a new customer. Quidco say Gousto make the decision and Gousto say Quidco make the decision! Is it worth me contesting as I feel very annoyed! Many thanks

    1. Yes, I’d definitely complain. Was this when they offered both the intro cashback and the money off?

      Has anyone else had this issue?

      1. Hi Andy,thanks for your email. I signed up on the 11/02/21 and had £20 cashback and 30% off via Gousto. I feel it’s Quidco being difficult and saying I used a voucher code when I didn’t and then saying Gousto make the decision…. I will raise a complaint. I wonder if anyone else has experienced it

        Many thanks

      2. And now the £23 odd I had in Quidco this morning has mysteriously disappeared! I haven’t withdrawn it. Has that happened before?

  3. Hi Andy,

    I just went via my existing top cashback account and then used a 50% off code and paid £23 for a vegetarian box for 4. My cashback is currently tracking at 68p which is the amount for an existing customer, I’ve never used gousto before so am a new customer with them, do I need to be a new top cashback customer to secure the £20 cashback they’re offering. My understanding from reading your guide above was that providing you were a new Gousto customer you were elligible, am I wrong?

    Many thanks


    1. Sometimes it says on the cashback site that “Cashback may initially track at a lower or higher rate and update to the correct rate on confirmation”. Keep an eye on it and if it doesn’t change you can put in a claim via the Quidco portal.

      It also looks like the double offer has ended now – gutted I didn’t get around to making the order myself!

  4. Hotel Chocolate have run out of Millionaire Sundae’s it seems 🙁

  5. Hotel chocolat have pulled the icecream offer due to an unprecedented demand. I was planning to go on Sunday

  6. It might be worth mentioning that the BCWYC-223 Approved Food code doesn’t work, but if you register they automatically send you a working code for half-price delivery and I’ve been receiving promotional offers everyday since – all with half price delivery codes.

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