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Caffe Nero: 25% off via Meerkat Meals

Compare the Market’s loyalty app will save you 25% off barista made hot and cold drinks and pastries at Caffe Nero every day of the week. You can generate two codes each day via the Meerkat app.

You’ll need to get a qualifying insurance product via the comparison site to get access, but this is possible to get for just £1 via this trick. You’ll also

Waitrose: Free coffee or tea with purchase

This offer is back in stores from 7 November 2022. You need to join the free MyWaitrose scheme, bring your own cup and make a purchase. All the details are here.

Caffe Nero: Free coffee via MyWaitrose

If you’re a member of the free MyWaitrose scheme and make a purchase at Caffe Nero, you’ll be able to get a voucher for another free coffee at Nero.

To do this you have to download the Caffe Nero app, go into the settings and link your MyWaitrose card to the app before making your purchase. You’ll have 45 days to use your free drink voucher.

There are other discounts available once you do this, including 25% off seasonal food.

Tastecard: 25% off Caffe Nero and Black Sheep

Tastecard holders can save 25% on barista-made drinks from Caffe Nero, Black Sheep, Kaspa’s, Coco Di Mama and loads of independent coffee shops.

You get unlimited discounts at all coffee shops except Caffe Nero where it’s two redemptions per day.

Money off if you bring your own cup

If you take in a reusable mug you will get a 50p discount on hot drinks at Pret and 25p at other chains. In fact you’ll pay 5p more at Starbucks for a paper cup, so bringing a reusable cup will save you 30p.

Costa: 50% off a hot drink (expired)

Costa are offering selected Costa Club members 50% off one drink through the app until 30 July 2023. Simply check the ‘rewards’ section of the Costa app to see if you’re eligible for the promotion.

Costa: Free £5 when you spend £20 (expired)

Costa is offering you an extra free £5 top-up when you buy a £20 gift card or e-gift card online.

You can earn a larger top-up if you load more onto the gift card.

Spend between £40-£59 and you’ll get an extra £10 added to the card. If you spend £60 or more you’ll get an extra £15.

This offer is running until 17 September 2023 and only applies to gift cards bought through Costa’s gift card website.

Costa: £5 free with £20 gift card (expired)

Buy a £20 to £39 Costa gift card by 18 June 2023 and you’ll get an extra £5 added. You’ll be able to get another £5 fee if the gift card is valued between £40 and £59, and another for those £60 to £75

It can be digital or sent in the post. Full terms.

Caffe Nero: £5 free with £20 gift card (expired)

It’s a similar offer for Caffe Nero, though it’s just one lot of £5 as a bonus voucher when you spend at least £20 on a gift card. Also ends 18 June 2023.


Pret: 50% off a month of coffee

For £30 a month you can get up to five hot drinks a day from Pret. Here’s more about how the subscription works, and how to get the first month half-price (replacing the first month free offer).


Costa: 5 free “beans” via app

Sign up to the Costa app with the promo code BPO1P and you’ll get a free “bean” and another five when you make your first Costa purchase and scan the app.

You’ll need 10 beans in total to get a free drink, which you’ll earn with future purchases. Or if you use a reusable cup you’ll only need four beans.

Greggs: Free hot drinks with O2

You can often pick up a free coffee from Greggs with the O2 Priorities app. The offer right now gives you a drink once a week after 7am Monday.

If you’re not with O2 or Virgin Media you can still get access with this trick as long as you add £10 credit.


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