Get 2 for 1 cinema tickets all year for just £1 with Meerkat Movies

This hack will get you cheap tickets every Tuesday and Wednesday for a one-off fee – giving massive savings to film fans. Even better, it could cost as little as £1.

One of the best ways to get cheaper cinema tickets is via the Meerkat Movies 2 for 1 cinema tickets deal – and you can bring the price down even more by stacking it with other deals.

In this blog, I’ll explain how it works, how to get the code, and whether you can use it at Odeon, Vue, Cineworld, Picturehouse and other cinemas.

Meerkat Movies 2 for 1

How Meerkat Movies works

Once a week you can access a code on the Meerkat Movies app to get you “buy-one-get-one-free” tickets at most UK cinemas all year.

You can then use this code on either Tuesday or Wednesday for standard cinema seats – not all cinemas allow you to use it for 3D or premium screens, or they might charge extra to do so.

All the big chains except Picturehouse let you use the code to book online a week ahead – though watch out for online booking fees.

You have to use the code for the same film, so you can’t do a solo double bill, and you can only use one code each week.

And it’s the cheapest ticket which is free. So if you’re one adult and one child, you’ll pay just for the adult ticket.

With your £1 travel insurance policy you also get two for one discounts at restaurants with Meerkat Meals. I’ve taken a look at what you get here.

How to get Meerkat Movies membership for £1

To get your one year membership you need to buy an insurance policy through the Compare the Market comparison site.

That’s great if you’re looking to sort out insurance for your car or home, but if not there’s a sneaky trick to get you access for just a few quid. Prices vary and normally sit around the £1.20 point – but right now it’s possible to get it for just £1.01!

All you need to do is get a quote for travel insurance and choose the following options.

  • UK
  • Single trip
  • One night
  • One person
  • No extra cover
  • No pre-existing medical conditions

Follow this and you should be offered a range of policies – just go for the cheapest one. You’re not going to use this insurance so you don’t need to read into any of the terms and conditions. Buy this and you’re now eligible to get 2 for 1 cinema ticket codes every week!

Which cinemas allow Meerkat Movies codes

You can search for cinemas in the app, or in this Meerkat Movies map. it looks like you’re less likely to find an independent cinema that accepts the codes, however the following big chains all let you use Meerkat Movies codes:

  • Odeon
  • Vue
  • Cineworld
  • Picturehouse
  • Empire
  • The Light (some locations)
  • Reel

Cinema chains that don’t allow Meerkat Movies include:

  • Curzon
  • Everyman (though you can get 2-4-1 via a Times subscription)
  • The Light (some locations)

How to get your 2-4-1 code

The easiest way to get your weekly code is via the Meerkat app. If you don’t have a smartphone you can log into and print your voucher from there, or just write down the code.

You need a new code every week, and these are released on a Thursday.

Stacking other savings with Meerkat Movies

Two for one is already a great deal, but you can often save even more by combining the Meerkat Movies code with other promotions.

One way to stack is to pay with a discounted gift card. These aren’t that common, but it’s worth keeping an eye out for deals such as 10% off the likes of Odeon, Vue and Cineworld.

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Meerkat Movies by cinema

Meerkat Movies at Odeon

Odeon seems to let you use Meerkat Movies with any type of ticket. Look out for discounted locations, with some cinemas charging just £5 a ticket midweek – meaning you’ll pay £2.50 per person with your Meerkat code.

Meerkat Movies is also a great way to save money at the posher Luxe screens, or the refurbished Odeon Leicester Square. You’ll still pay more for these locations though.

Officially the Odeon Limitless card doesn’t work with your Meerkat code, but it’s worth a try. These let you go to as many films as you like, potentially bringing the cost of two people to see a movie every week down to as low as £2.30 per ticket – IF you go every week, and only on a Tuesday or Wednesday.

Meerkat Movies at Cineworld

Again, some Cineworld locations are really cheap mid-week – so check the prices near you. You can use Meerkat movies with child, student and senior tickets alongside normal adult ones.

Though it’s not an official policy, regular Cineworld goers with an Unlimited Card seem to have no problems with combining their membership with the code to get 2 for 1 cinema tickets. To save even more, Tesco Clubcard points can be used to save you money on the annual price.

Meerkat Movies at Vue

The supercheap Vue day is now on Mondays, so you can’t combine it with Meerkat anymore.

Meerkat Movies at Picturehouse Cinemas

In my experience, you can use your reduced membership price with a Meerkat code – though officially the chain says you can’t.

I’m a big fan of Picturehouse memberships. You get free tickets to cover around half the fee, then you save around £2 or £3 per ticket on top of that and get 10% off at the bar, plus most will have a cheap ticket day and member previews.

Meerkat Movies at Empire

Empire says the 2 for 1 code is on adult and child tickets only, but it works with senior and student prices on their website. 

16 thoughts on “Get 2 for 1 cinema tickets all year for just £1 with Meerkat Movies

  1. I managed to also track it through Quidco, and should get a £2 cashback on my £1.01 transaction

  2. Just bought travel ins for £1:01 (ERGO) and got the Meerkat 2 for 1 Movies and 2 for 1 Meals for a Year. Whole process took 20 mins. Brilliant.

  3. You are a legend! haha it worked!

  4. Hey Andy, love the post. Do you know if Picturehouse membership allows £2 off the already discounted price on Mondays?

    1. Hi Maria, it certainly used to! You can check the ticket prices for your local Picturehouse on their website and it’ll say prices for non-members and members

  5. Update to my earlier comment…I made some tweaks to some of the additional information and got back to a quote of £1.01…from ERGO or Coverwise. To get this I set: Maximum excess £250, Baggage cover limit £400, Medical cover limit £4 million, Cancellation cover limit £750 and Single Article Limit £200. These are in general the worst options that you can select in the drop down menus.

    1. Thanks this helped me

  6. I do not have a smartphone to download app so can 2-4-1 cinema & meal tickets be printed from my laptop to show at cinemas & restaurants.

  7. Worked for me thank you so much 😉

    Paid £1.05… 31/07/2019

  8. Worked 02/07/2019! Thank you!

  9. Just tried this and it worked! Brilliant, thanks so much!

  10. Just tried to book super Tuesday’s & meerkat promotion at Vue but would only allow one promotion.

    1. Was this online? I’ve used it in person at a couple of Vue cinemas, though they probably have the right to refuse it even if they technically can do it.

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