Best Lifetime ISAs for 2024

Our picks of the Cash and Stocks & Shares LISAs

Lifetime ISAs are a great way to save up for either your first home or towards your retirement as you get a 25% boost from the government. Here are some of the top-paying accounts at the moment.

What is a Lifetime ISA?

A Lifetime ISA is a type of savings account that lets you save for your first home or retirement. With a LISA, you can deposit up to £4,000 per year and you’ll get a cheeky little 25% added by the government. Who doesn’t love a bit of free money? We have more on how they work and some of the account restrictions in our full guide. You can get two types of LISA: Cash and Stocks and Shares.

Best Cash Lifetime ISAs – earn up to 5.09%

Cash LISAs work the same as Cash ISAs, as you save up cash into them and earn a set rate on it. You can also sometimes earn interest on uninvested cash within a Stocks and Shares ISA, which we’ve also listed here.

There aren’t many Cash LISAs on the market, but here are some of the top-paying ones available.

Lifetime ISA deals

These Lifetime ISAs might give you a cash bonus for opening one or transferring in an existing LISA.

  • Tembo (4.3% AER variable): min £1
    • Earn up to £300 when you transfer your existing Lifetime ISA to Tembo. More on this here.

Top-paying LISAS

Dodl: 5.09% AER variable on uninvested cash

ProviderDodl (by AJ Bell)
ISA typeStocks and Shares LISA
Interest rate5.09% AER variable on uninvested cash
Minimum deposit£100 cash or £25 direct debit
Fee0.15% account fee - min £1 per month
Other detailsThis is a Stocks and Shares LISA, so it's designed for buying investments, but you don't strictly have to. Any money not invested can earn 5.09%, making it the highest paying "Cash" LISA available. You can make as many transfers in from other LISAs as you like.

Moneybox: 5% AER variable

ISA typeCash LISA
Interest rate5% AER variable
Minimum deposit£1
Other detailsThe rate includes a bonus of 1% for one year, then it'll drop to 4%.

Tembo: 4.3% AER variable

ProviderTembo (formerly Nude)
ISA typeCash LISA
Interest rate4.3% AER variable
Minimum deposit£1
Other detailsYou can also earn up to £300 when you transfer your existing Lifetime ISA to Tembo. More here.

Stocks and Shares Lifetime ISAs

Stocks and Shares LISAs don't have an interest rate - instead, you invest your money into stocks or funds to attempt to earn even more on your initial deposit, although that's not guaranteed.

You can broadly get two types of Stocks and Shares LISAs — ones where you're fully in charge of your investments and ones where you're offered a range of "ready-made" portfolios to choose between. You can sometimes get a mix of the two.

There are a few available to choose from so we've listed some of the ones with the lowest fees and given you several choices of investment strategy with these ones.

ProviderFeeMinimum depositType of investmentsInterest on uninvested cash
Dodl0.15% account fee - min £1 per month£100 or £25 direct debitAJ Bell funds, themed investments and shares5.09% AER variable
Moneybox£1 per month (waived for three months) + 0.45% platform fee£1Ready-made portfoliosN/A
Tembo0.35% platform fee + 0.17% fund provider fee£1Ready-made portfoliosN/A
Hargreaves Lansdown0.25% fee£100 or £25 direct debitFunds, individual shares and ready-made portfoliosN/A


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