Times Plus trial offers – get 2-4-1 Everyman cinema tickets & free e-books

Get 2-4-1 cinema tickets, free e-books and more from The Times’s digital membership, Times+.

When you subscribe to The Times you not only get to read the digital version of the newspaper (which is usually behind a paywall), but also access to its reward programme Times+.

This has had a recent revamp, so I’m sure it’s still finding it’s feet, but right now the offers aren’t as good as they used to be. But it’s certainly worth a look.

At full price I think this is too much, but if you can take advantage of the special trial offers that run throughout the year you’ll be able to get access to some great savings.

Time subscription deals and trials

The standard trial is one month free, but throughout the year there’s often a three months for £3 deal which is far better waiting for. Occasionally you can also get a month free trial. I’ll share the best deal below.

Times+: one month free trial

The usual offer is a one month free trial. Start the offer in the middle of a month and you’ll be able to claim the monthly freebies twice! Just remember to cancel (more on this below).

Times+: 3 months for £3

This deal appeared via a pop up, so I’m not sure how long it’ll last! You’ll pay just £1 a month for the first thee months. Make sure you check the offer is showing when you click the link, in case it has changed.

Times Plus offers

Two for one Everyman tickets each week

It’s rare to see discounts for Everyman cinemas, so this offer is a winner. You’ll be able to claim a code each week that’s valid for Wednesday only.

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Free ebook every month

Every month a select title is available to download, sometimes two. This used to be Kindle books via Amazon but has now moved to a different service called Glose. You can read the titles via apps for iOS and Android.

Fee audio book every month

You also get a selected audio book for free from Glose.

Cancelling Times Plus

This can be a bit of a pain as you have to phone up to cancel your trial and they will try very hard to persuade you to stay. The last time I did this it took 15 minutes! But if you have your phone on speakerphone you can do this while you’re doing something else! 

Also, it’s important to do this early. I call up at least two weeks before the trial ends to make sure no early charges are made.

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One thought on “Times Plus trial offers – get 2-4-1 Everyman cinema tickets & free e-books

  1. The trial period subscriptions are indeed worth it, but as you rightly point out, cancelling can be painful – but don’t give in! As Andy says, make sure you call long enough in advance too.


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