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99p albums, free tracks, cheapest new release MP3 and CDs

Here are the best MP3, CD and music-related deals I’ve found. Right now you can get some brilliant discounts on MP3s at Google Play! Plus get Spotify Premium for three months for just 99p.

Make sure you read my Ways to listen to music for less blog for more savings and tricks.

Music streaming deals, offers and vouchers

*Half-price Spotify Premium every month*

Students can get Spotify Premium for half price at £4.99 a month – but there’s a perfectly legitimate trick so you don’t have to be a student to get an get it.

>>Read more about how to get hold of an NUS Card

*99p Spotify Premium for three months*

If you’ve never used Spotify Premium before, you can get three months for 99p, though this runs out on the 26th June 2017. Just remember to cancel before the trial period or you’ll be charged £9.99 a month.

>> Get Spotify Premium for 99p


 MP3 Download deals, vouchers and offers

*iTunes code and card deals*

From time to time you’ll be able to get a discount on iTunes cards and codes. I’ve a dedicated page for these deals so keep checking it. You can usually get between 15 and 20% off, if not more.

>>   Save on iTunes codes

*Music freebies with Google Chromecast*

Chromecast often offers owners bonus deals such as free Google Play credit.

You can access them via your computer, phone or tablet that is connected with the Chromecast.

>> Buy a Google Chromecast and see what other offers are available 

*Free track of the day on iTunes*

Each day there is a new release for nothing on iTunes. You’ll need to download iTunes on your computer, phone or tablet first.

Google Play also have a free track of the week.

>>  Head to iTunes to download the song of the day

CD and Vinyl deals, discounts and offers

*Get the cheapest new releases*

If you want it as soon as it comes out, you’ll probably pay a premium. I can’t guarantee these sites are the lowest prices for every release, but pretty much every time I look these have the cheapest.

Best for CDs:





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