Cashback site welcome bonus offers (July 2024)

Get new member bonuses of up to £20.

If you want to boost your savings when shopping online, there’s a simple way to make money – cashback.

If you’re new to cashback sites, you can nab sign-up offers giving you up to £30 in free cash when you first buy something.

How cashback sites afford to give you money

Retailers often pay a commission to websites that help them make a sale. Cashback sites simply pay you a cut of this money if you shop with them.

How to get even more money from the cashback sites

Since there are a few of these sites, they’re all competing for you to shop via them – which means they all give incentives to get you to sign up.

So even if you’ve already registered with one, you can sign up with another and shop away.

They all have different custom cashback rates at different shops, so it’s worth signing up for them all and shopping around for the one which will give you the most money.

Right now you could earn a free £20 for doing your shopping as normal, and get further cashback on top. Here are the best ones:

New customer offers

Quidco: £20 back when you spend £10

Quidco is usually the highest paying of the two sites to make some free cash. The most you can get is a huge £20 back when you spend £10. This is an exclusive deal that Quidco will only let us share with our newsletter subscribers.

After signing up, there are 4,300 retailers listed including the likes of BT, ASOS, iTunes and NOW TV. Each retailer has its own cashback rate. For example, you’ll get up to up to 9.9% on Nike purchases and 4.4% on TU items. And as long as you spend over the minimum amount, you’ll also get a free bonus!

These new customer deal runs most months but check the expiry date and terms when you click through.

TopCashback: £20 bonus when you spend £10

You can get a £20 new member bonus. You need to spend £10 via one of the retailers listed on TCB to get this bonus (excluding takeaways). You must go via this link or the button below.

Read the full terms and conditions when you click through. Ends 30 September 2024.

Quidco: £12 cashback when you spend £5

If you don’t want to sign up for our newsletter, this short term offer that can get you £12 cashback on any purchase, as long as you spend £5 or more. So if you spend £5 at any of the 4,300 retailers listed on Quidco – which is pretty much all of them –  you’ll get this bonus back plus whatever the cashback rate is. This ends 31 July 2024.

Quidco: £10 back when you spend £5

If you’d rather not get our newsletter then you get £10 back with a £5 spend via the sign-up link below.

Cheddar: £4 for signing up

You can get an exclusive £4 when you sign up for cashback app Cheddar using the referral code CLEVER4 and buy your first prepaid card.

You have to make the purchase within 15 days of signing up using the invite code to get it.

JamDoughnut: Get £4 for signing up

We’ve managed to snag a cheeky boosted welcome offer for Be Clever With Your Cash readers. You can get £4 extra cashback – double the standard welcome bonus.

It’ll be paid as two sets of 200 points when you make your first purchase.

The first 200 points you get are standard for first-time users of JamDoughnut, while the extra 200 points are for coming through our link. The first 200 points will be instant, while the second ones will take a few days to be added by the JamDoughnut team.

You might be prompted to enter a code. You don’t need to do this as the link will track. But if you want to, then add BCWYC.

Airtime Rewards: £1.50 when you sign up

Another decent site is the app Airtime Rewards. New member bonuses are much smaller. You’ll get 50p for signing up with code H9HJCPAY and another £1 when you spend within seven days. Sometimes these are boosted.

Existing customer bonuses

From time to time both Quidco and TopCashback offer an extra bonus. You need to activate these deals and they generally only run for a short period of time – often just one day.

Airtime Rewards tends to have promo codes you need to enter on the app to get the extra offer.

The best are generic promos which you can gain with any spending. Sometimes they might be for specific retailers or types of service (eg travel or broadband). I’ll share any decent ones I spot here.

Things to watch out for

Cashback is never guaranteed. If your purchase doesn’t track (i.e. there isn’t a record of you buying the item via the cashback site) you won’t get the money.

Here’s how to increase your chances you will get the money:

  • Read the (short) terms and conditions for the sign-up deals, and also the individual shop promotions.
  • Be careful using voucher codes. If they aren’t listed on the cashback page they might stop you getting cashback.
  • Make sure you don’t already have a browser window open for the retailer.

41 thoughts on “Cashback site welcome bonus offers (July 2024)

  1. Hi Andy,

    With regardless to the £30 back for spending £25 on quidco, does it have the be specifically things they are actually offering cashback on? For example their 2% Amazon offer is on Echo/Kindle/FireTV products but I want to spend the £25 on a powerbank and other bits instead. Would it qualify as long as everything I bought was in the same basket?


    1. Never mind, they have now added a pop up saying they only track Amazon purchases which they offer cashback on. The question stands for other retailers though?

  2. Hi Andy,
    The JamDoughnut link doesn’t seem to work by itself anymore, as the app asks me to enter the referral code when signing up. What should I write there?

    1. There’s no need to enter a code, it’ll track via the link

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  4. I wouldlikegomopen a saving account with you and earn on cashback

  5. My bad Andy. Relise now you already covered this 🙂

  6. Hi, I’ve signed up but the email received does not contain any subscription link to Quidco!!

    1. Hi Kevin, there was an issue with the company that send the emails so you might have got a newslettter before the welcome email with the link. That should be sorted now. Let me know if you still haven’t got it

  7. Hi there,
    I did sign upto the newsletter less than a week ago and the link is already expired ? “We’re sorry, this offer is no longer available. But you can still join today to check out the fantastic cashback rates and promotions available.”

    Is it possible to get a fresh one ?


    1. Hi, yes! Sorry! Someone shared the link externally and lots of people signed up, so Quidco had to give me a fresh link, and sadly it’s dropped to £17. But if you can get in touch via the contact form with the email you signed up with and I’ll send a fresh link

    2. Hi Andy, I signed up for your newsletter and also for quidco. As I got the direction that I have to make a purchase of £10, to get £17 Bonus. So, I made a purchase of £18 via quidco link.
      But, sadly , I have not receive any confirmation of £17 from quidco yet

      Please help me dear.

      – Robin

      1. Hi Robin, have you contacted Quidco?

  8. Hi Andy I’ve tried subscribing to your newsletter and I haven’t had the promo come through

    1. Sorry, I’ve had to change my sign up system. What page did you sign up from? Was it on the page or a pop up?

  9. Update: I didn’t receive the exclusive link for a £16 new customer bonus at Quidco. Please could you send it if it’s still active? Thank you.

    1. Sorry, I’ve had to change my sign up system. What page did you sign up from? Was it on the page or a pop up? Will try to sort it out!

  10. Hello, is the exclusive link for a £16 new customer bonus still active? I just subscribed to the newsletter. Will I receive the link soon? Thank you.

    1. Yes you should have got it… let me know if not

  11. Hello. Just to let you know I too have subscribed to your newsletter and the Quidco link does not come through. I have checked SPAM. After clicking “I am human/Captcha” it say you are subscribed. Then that is it.

    1. Have you got it now Ste?

  12. Hi, what are the condition for the £20 (I thought I had to spend £10+ and then I would get it, which I did), or do I have to spend £20+ to be able to get the £20 cashback? Thank you

    1. It should be spend £10, get £20 back. Does it say differently when you click through?

      1. That’s what it said, but I made the order on the 14th of Oct. and it still has not tracked (it tracked the order but not the bonus). I was just wondering was is something on my part

        1. Have you asked Quidco about it? If you’re not getting any luck contact me using the contact form and I’ll see if I can find out more

      2. How long does it normally take to get The £17 from Quidco? It says mine is still pending although my purchases are showing on my dashboard. Many thanks

        1. Hi Kathy, sorry, I’m not sure I’m afraid. You’ll need to check with them.

  13. Hi Andy, just came across your article and noticed that you referenced TBSeen as another cashback site option. I have used this for a while now and have always had terrible problems getting my cashback from them. Currently I’ve been waiting since August for a payout of over £30 which is due. Their online helpdesk ignores my messages, and I’ve tried tweeting them and posting messages on FB but they don’t reply. I’m not sure they are even still active when you look at the fact that their latest posts on Twitter and FB are back in August. It’s really frustrating and I’ve resorted to messaging them weekly in the hope that they’ll get fed up and just pay me what they owe me!

    1. Thanks for sharing this with me Anna. I’ll add a warning in for readers. Have you tried contacting Kate Thornton via Twitter?

      1. Hi Andy, I’ve messaged TBSeen on both their Twitter accounts as they have a helpline one and the normal one, but no response. I’ll try messaging Kate direct. Many thanks, Anne

  14. Hi, just signed up to the newsletter. How do I claim the £20 on Quidco (is there a link I haven’t received?)

    1. Hi, you should have got the link in a welcome email. Have you got it now?

  15. Hi, I subscribed to the newsletter the other day, but haven’t received an email or anything to confirm that I’ll get the £20 cashback. From where am I supposed to register with Quidco so that they know I’m coming from your blog?

    1. Hi Jacob when did you sign up? I’ll investigate when the email was sent

  16. I signed up for the previous Quidco bonus offer and spent nearly £20 on two items via Ebay. As seems to usual when I sign up for these offers (at least the last 3) my bonus was declined. Not sure why as the explanation not clear.

    1. Hi Terry, can you contact me via the contact form at the top of the website with a bit more info and I’ll see if my contacts at Quidco can investigate. Andy

    2. Nathan McCarthy June 28, 2020 at 5:29 pm

      Hi Andy, how long should it take for the £17 bonus to associate with a transaction?

      1. Hi Nathan,

        I’m not sure, though there is a section in your Quidco account that’s called Bonus Cashback and I’d assume it’d appear there

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