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Use these new offers to get even more cashback.

If you want to boost your savings when shopping online, there’s a simple way to make money – cashback.

I’ve been using cashback sites Quidco and TopCashback for around five years, making thousands of pounds simply by clicking through them every time I buy something online.

Plus, each of them has sign-up offers giving you up to £17 free cash when you buy something.

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How cashback sites afford to give you money

Retailers often pay a commission to websites who help them make a sale. Cashback sites simply pay you a cut of this money if you shop via them.

How to get even more money from the cashback sites

Since there are a few of these sites, they’re all competing for you to shop via them – which means they all give incentives to get you to sign up.

So even if you’ve already registered with one, you can sign up with another and shop away.

They all have different custom cashback rates at different shops, so it’s worth signing up to them all and shopping around for the one which will give you the most money.

Right now you could earn a free £17 for doing your shopping as normal, and get further cashback on top. Here are the best ones:

Quidco new customer offers:

Quidco is best of the two sites to make some free cash. Not only can you get £10 back with a £5 spend via the sign-up link below, you can also get a huge £17 back when you spend £10. This is an exclusive deal that Quidco will only let me share with my newsletter subscribers.

After signing up, there are 4,300 retailers listed including the likes of BT, ASOS, iTunes and NOW TV. Each retailer has its own cashback rate. For example, you’ll get up to 7% on Marks & Spencer purchases. And as long as you spend over the minimum amount, you’ll also get a free bonus!

These new customer deal runs most months but check the expiry date and terms when you click through.

£17 back when you spend £10

> Sign up to the Be Clever With Your Cash newsletter and you’ll get an exclusive link for a £17 new customer bonus at Quidco

£10 back when you spend £5

> Sign up to Quidco for a £10 bonus (£5 spend)

TopCashback new customer offers

TopCashback is the other big cashback site and it also offers a bonus for new customers.

Sadly my exclusive £15 offer has ended, so the best generic – i.e. spend where you like is now £10.

There are often other deals that will pay a similar amount but they are restricted to specific retailers or require a higher minimum spend (eg £30). I’ll share these on my TopCashback deals page.

£10 back when you spend £10

This standard offer is not as good as Quidco but it’s still decent. You can get £10 back if you spend £10 or more when you sign up to TopCashback via the link below.

> Sign up to TopCashback

Existing customer bonuses

From time to time both Quidco and TopCashback offer an extra bonus. You need to activate these deals and they generally only run for a short period of time – often just one day.

The best are generic promos which you can gain with any spending. Sometimes they might be for specific retailers or types of service (eg travel or broadband). I’ll share any decent ones I spot here.

Things to watch out for

Cashback is never guaranteed. If your purchase doesn’t track (i.e. there isn’t a record of you buying the item via the cashback site) you won’t get the money.

Here’s how to increase your chances you will get the money:

  • Read the (short) terms and conditions for the sign-up deals, and also the individual shop promotions.
  • Be careful using voucher codes. If they aren’t listed on the cashback page they might stop you getting cashback.
  • Make sure you don’t already have a browser window open for the retailer.

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