Airtime Rewards promo codes (July 2021)

Earn money back on your shopping to put towards your mobile bill.

The cashback site Airtime Rewards can be a great way to stack different offers. Here’s my full review.

Welcome promo code

Up to £1.50 welcome bonus

Use the code FGUHNUQH when you first sign up to Airtime Rewards to earn a 50p reward, and another £1 if you spend with a linked card at a participating store within seven days.

Bonus offers

You can only use one promo code at a time, so if there are multiple codes, make sure you add the one which ends soonest or best suits your spending first.

£2 off £8 spend

Enter the code BECLEVERWITHYOURCASH in the app and you’ll get £2 back on a spend of £8 or more – as well as the cashback rate listed by the retailer. You need to spend with an attached card with one of the retailers within three days of entering the code.

At the moment this as an ongoing code I’ve blagged direct with Airtime Rewards and you won’t see it anywhere else.

One thought on “Airtime Rewards promo codes (July 2021)

  1. I used the Airtime Rewards Promo Code last weekend. Thank you!


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