Quidco bonuses: up to £24 welcome cashback (July 2024)

Get up to £20 back when you shop at thousands of shops or other bonuses with these Quidco sign-up bonus offers.

We’re big fans of cashback and – even better – you can often get a bonus when you sign up for the first time.

Quidco is one of the big cashback sites, and we’ll list the best deals here, as well as any other specific cashback deals we think you can’t afford to miss.

First time Quidco user offers

There are regular retailer-specific offers that come and go which could save you £10 or £15 if you buy at those shops. But the two generic offers below are far better as they mean you can spend your money wherever you want on whatever you want.

Plus, we’ve managed to blag the highest bonus for the last few years just for you – it can’t be beaten!

£24 bonus cashback when you spend £10

The best deal is for subscribers to our weekly newsletter who get access to an exclusive £24 first-time bonus when they spend £10. You’ll also get the cashback offered by the retailer on top.

Once you sign up, you’ll need to click on the sign up confirmation email that will be sent immediately. If you don’t see it please check your spam folders as it could be there, and then add our email address to your safe senders list.

Then look for a special email that will be sent to you with the exclusive Quidco sign-up link. Make sure to read the terms and conditions on Quidco’s website before making your first purchase to ensure it tracks.

Get £12 cashback when you spend £5, plus extra cashback

This short term offer that can get you £12 cashback on any purchase, as long as you spend £5 or more. So if you spend £5 at any of the 4,300 retailers listed on Quidco – which is pretty much all of them –  you’ll get this bonus back plus whatever the cashback rate is. This ends 31 July 2024.

Get £10 cashback when you spend £5, plus extra cashback

This is another ongoing offer that can get you the cashback on any purchase, as long as you spend £5 or more. So if you spend £5 at any of the 4,300 retailers listed on Quidco – which is pretty much all of them –  you’ll get £10 back plus whatever the cashback rate is. There are so many shops you’ll definitely find a way to get your cashback.

£30 bonus cashback when you spend £25 (expired)

This limited deal is for an exclusive £30 first-time bonus when you spend £25. You’ll also get the cashback offered by the retailer on top. It runs until 24 March 2024 or when 100 people have signed up.

You’ll know on the landing page if it’s still going or if the 100 limit has been reached. If that happens, check out our £20 offer instead.

Already with Quidco?

TopCashback also offers new member bonuses. Check out the latest here.

Existing Quidco customer offers

It’s worth looking for bonus cashback deals which can pop up from time to time. You need to click to activate these offers. We’ll add them below when I see them.

Quidco Flashback offers

Often Quidco has boosted cashback known as Flashback that runs for 24 hours. Sometimes we can share them in advance, although they could change or be cancelled. Always check the Quidco homepage for the full terms and conditions. You might also have to activate some offers.

Free cashback offers

Some deals will give you money without actually spending any money:

£3 bonus when you install Quidco reminder (expired)

If you use Chrome as your internet browser you’ll be able to earn a £3 bonus by installing the Quidco Reminder extension, then using it to activate cashback while shopping and spend at least £3. There are a handful of retailers excluded which are listed in the terms and conditions when you click through. The offer comes and goes.

96 thoughts on “Quidco bonuses: up to £24 welcome cashback (July 2024)

  1. I subscribed to the newsletter and followed the link to Quidco to sign up as new user but keep getting a message that says “there was an issue trying to register your Quidco account”. Is the link valid or was this just a way to get me to sign up to the newsletter? The newsletter seems useful but feel like I’ve been scammed because I have tried different browsers and can’t sign up to Quidco.

  2. the quidco offer as not come to my email

    1. You’ll need to click the confirmation email first

  3. so I signed up to the quidco 20 bonus from newsletter but have not got anything from you or quidco.
    what am I missing or do I need do anything else after submitting my information
    I’ve not got any emails anywhere so don’t know what I have missed

    1. Hi Kirk, I’ve checked and you’ve been sent an email you need to confirm – check your spam folder just in case. Once you’ve confirmed you’ll get the link for Quidco

      1. I only had emails come through about my post. nothing else.

  4. I have not received anything

    1. You need to click the sign up confirmation email first. Check your Spam folder in case it’s there

  5. I have not received anything in about 2 days. what do I need do. I’m sure details was correct

  6. I have not received anything. and I entered correct details.
    how long does it take.
    it’s been about 15 hours and I not got anything.

    1. Do you mean from Quidco, or from signing up to our newsletter?

      1. so I signed up to newsletter for quidco offer.
        but I’ve not received anything what so ever. I have no emails from you or quidco or any email that mentions anything about any of these things since I signed up.
        I think Saturday evening.

  7. Bonus not showing up in activity still not fixed.
    Maybe you should speak to Quidco about this?

  8. Question?

    The Nord VPN offer is showing 115% Cashback?

    How can that be right?

  9. not seeing no bonus after signing up.
    it takes me to quick saying sign up for 17 be clever with your cash sign up bonus then sign up and no offer anywhere
    I’ve looked everywhere on quidco

    1. It should show in your account under “activity”. If it’s not there, then contact Quidco

  10. Hi Andy, I’ve signed up to Quidco using your link but the bonus did not track (although signing up page did specify that I’ll get £17 bonus). I’ve contacted Quidco and they are saying that once my cashback is paid, they will add the bonus manually, which is not ideal… Is there some glitch on Quidco side? I think you will need to find out or many people who sign up via your link will be disappointed. thanks

    1. Thanks Jack. it should be ok – but well worth anyone who has a similar issue also contacting Quidco

      1. Thanks, Andy… but are you sure your bonus is still valid with Quidco?

        1. Yep it’s still valid

  11. Scam. I signed up with your newsletter, used the link provided and bought shoes via sports direct connected to my new quidco account.

    I expected to get a £17 + 5% cashback discount … In reality I spent £33 on shoes which I thought would cost me £18 in total, scam.

    Please give me the money you promised because you have basically lied and taken value.

    1. Have you contacted Quidco to find out what happened?

  12. Hi, I cannot see NordVPN 93.5% offer that you advertised in your newsletter…

    1. When I googled “NordVPN Quidco” it took me to their site with the 93.5% offer showing. When I logged in, it now only shows as 60something%. Dodgy tactics by Quidco.

  13. Tired multiple times to sign up to the newsletter nothing comming through

  14. Hi Andy,

    I’ve signed up for your newsletter and confirmed the subscription, but haven’t had any follow up emails regarding the Quidco offer yet? I checked my junk mailbox and was sure that nothing’s there. Thank you and look forward to your reply.

  15. Help please @Andy
    Affordable Mobiles have declined £20 cashback payment for Quidco for two years in a row.
    I met all of the criteria, followed the instructions and screenshotted the stages of the transaction.
    I’ve launched claims for both – unsuccessfully.
    Affordable Mobiles themselves don’t care.
    Options now?
    I think it’s misleading that Quidco say 98.7% of Affordable Mobile transactions are successful

    1. Hi Andy
      I’ve signed up to your newsletter but I can’t find the Quidco link?

      1. It’ll have been emailed to you. Have you checked any junk folders?

        1. is this still going.
          don’t seem to be getting no emails through.
          is it broken. or just not going no more.

          1. Yes it’s still live. Have you checked your Spam folder?

  16. Hi Andy, I signed up on 19th Sept 2020, but the Quidco cashback is not confirmed. Can you please check

    1. Hi Sham, you’ll need to check with Quidco direct on this. Let me know how it goes.

      1. Seems my previous message did not make it here. I contacted Quidco and they said that the £17 bonus is tracked but not confirmed by the retailer (Be Clever With Your Cash). Is there something you need to do at your end?

        1. Thanks for this Sham. I’m not the retailer, they’re talking here about whoever you shopped with via Quidco. It sounds to me like they’re saying the retailer is still to confirm your purchase, which can take some time (they need to make sure you don’t return the item for example). Double check in your Quidco account (https://www.quidco.com/activity/) that it says “tracked” and not “Declined”. As long as it says Tracked, you need to wait for it to turn to “Confirmed”.

          1. I am confused. I purchased NOW TV pass with this bonus and that cashback has already been paid. The £17 bonus says “Be Clever With Your Cash” bonus payment and the status is tracked since 19th Sept 2020.

          2. Right, you need to go back to Quidco. As I understand it they should pay you that bonus once the initial purchase was confirmed. So it sounds like they’ve messed up somehow

          3. Hi Andy,

            I have a similar problem, I’ve checked on the link and it’s not under confirmed tracked or declined but the money has left my account and I’ve also received the items, I have tried contacting Quidco multiple times but have got no response.

  17. Hi Andy,
    I did subscribe to your link regarding the Quidco Bonus and your Newsletter but I haven’t received anything yet.
    Tried twice.

    1. I’ve found your entry but you’ve mistyped Outlook as Outllok. Can you try again?

  18. Possible to get the 50quid from TSB as an existing customer?

    1. Yes, as long as they’ve not changed the terms and conditions over on Quidco so read them thoroughly!

    2. My £17 cash bonus hasn’t worked neither. The whole purchase hasn’t been acknowledged by Quidco, it’s as if I didn’t go through their site. This also happened with Swagbucks, promise of a bonus on top and your purchase isn’t even acknowledged even though you spent over the aquired amount. Funny thing is, my second purchase was acknowledged which was under the aquire amount and I received 15p. These cashback sites are not worth your time for a few pence.

      1. Did you contact Quidco to ask about the bonus?

  19. Hi Andy, Awesome offer! Many thanks for offering it!

  20. Hi Andy, I’ve signed up but no email yet. Thanks!

    1. Hi Darya, your email isn’t showing on the database. It could be you didn’t finish signing up or made a typo. Can you try again?

      1. Hi Andy, yes, I did it again and it says:Thanks, your signup was successful! but still no email… 🙁

  21. Hi Andy, I have subscribed to your newsletter however I haven’t had an email yet. Can you please help?

    1. Hi Jova, I can’t find the email you’ve supplied with your comment, so maybe you didn’t complete the sign up. Try again perhaps?

  22. Hi Andy I signed up for your £17 quidco offer i have made a purchase, when should it show on my quidco account ?

    1. I think it should show quite soon. Is it still not there?

      1. Hi Andy, I’ve had the exact same. Had your email and went through that link to sign up – looked fine, made my first purchase (breakdown cover) and still haven’t received the £17?

        1. Hi Laura, it’s best to check with Quidco on this. If it’s tracked OK it will show in your account under bonuses. Let me know what happens

          1. Hi Andy,

            The breakdown tracked perfectly but I still haven’t received the £17 signing up offer.

          2. Hi Laura, you’ll need to contact Quidco to find out more. There should be a chat / email option in your account. Let me know if you don’t have any luck

  23. Hi Andy,

    I’ve signed up for your newsletter but haven’t had any emails yet?

    1. Hi Elsie, my system says it was sent. Have you checked in your junk or spam folders?

      1. I’m afraid I can’t find it at all? Although I have received a weekly email on Thursday, I did not receive any sort of welcome email and it didn’t mention this offer at all?

      2. I have signed up for your newsletter but not received the Quidco £17 offer.
        Have already checked spam.
        Please could you send the link?

        1. Hi AK, it’s labelled in my email software as opened at 9.22 AM after you clicked the confirmation email so I assume you’ve found it.

  24. Hi, I signed up to your newsletter and haven’t received the Quidco £17 cash back link? thanks

    1. Hi Rory, my email software says you’ve had it and opened it. Can you confirm you got it all ok in the end? Andy

  25. Hi Andy, I just signed up to your newsletter but did not receive any follow-up e-mail. Could you please double check it? I really appreciate any help you can provide!

    1. Hi, Looks like there’s been some delay in the auto-sending of these emails since yesterday afternoon. I’ll sort it out now!

      1. hi there Andy. Thanks for this marvellous link! How long does it take for the cashback to confirm?

        1. Hi Edward, I’m not sure as it can vary depending on what shop you’ve used. You can track progress of cashback on Quidco, and also contact Quidco if it’s not tracked or have other issues

        2. Everytime I try to register it says too many requests

          1. Is that Quidco, Topcashback or my newsletter? If it’s the latter I can try work out what’s happening. If it’s either of the cashback sites you’ll need to contact them directly. Let me know!

    2. Hi Andy, do you have a link for the £17 terms and conditions? I can’t find it on quidco. I saw your post that included the chromecast at argos and curry’s. Bought it through quidco from argos and now apparently the £17 bonus is not available on that product!

      1. Hi Laura, do you still have the invite email? Put that link into an incognito browser (or just sign out of Quidco) and you’ll be able to click through to the Ts&Cs. Saying that, there’s no reason why that wouldn’t have worked at Argos. There’s a live chat option on Quidco you can go into and raise it with them. Let me know if it doesn’t get solved.

  26. Hi Andy ,

    I have just signed up with your newsletter but have not received a follow-up e-mail with “access to an exclusive £20 first-time bonus”. Did I miss anything?

    1. Hi Bob, the bonus is £18 now, but you should have got it. My email system says you’ve opened and clicked it. Have you checked your spam or junk folder?

  27. Hi I subscribed to you but the link to get the £18 Quidco bonus has not worked which I received in the subscription email?

    1. You normally have to opt in for the offer?

      1. Hi Peter, Have you contacted Quidco? Do that first and see what they say.

  28. Hi Andy,
    I’ve just signed up with Quidco for the £16 bonus but can’t see a link to redeem this on their website after signing up. Does QuidCo know automatically?

    1. Hey Rob,
      Quidco will track this automatically as long as you’ve signed up via the special offer page! Andy

      1. Hi Andy, just letting you know about my issue with quidco, maybe you might want to put your name to a better site. So I saw you great new member offer, so I signed up, I also told members of my family because it was a great deal and that’s what your about, great deals. So anyway I went to log into my quidco account to track my payment and to my horror my account stated blocked, I contacted quidco who said I personally have multiple accounts this is not true, because my family members also joined using my ip address quidco blocked me, so I have made a purchase in hope of the cashback but that is now blocked. I contacted quidco on twitter to ask if it is limited to one quidco account per house I was no it’s one per person. So people beware quidco may block you also and you will loose your money, if more than one person is using your IP address. This is do wrong especially when they stated one account per person not per household, so think before making a purchase there’s a chance you’ll loose money.

        1. Hi Jessica, that’s not on. Do you want to email me at Andy @ becleverwithyourcash.com and I’ll put you in touch with my contacts there to see if they can get it sorted. Andy

          1. Hi, I have emailed you at that email address.

  29. Hi Andy, I just signed up to your newsletter, but did not receive any follow-up e-mail with “access to an exclusive £20 first-time bonus”. Did I miss anything?

    1. It should be with you now!

      1. Hi Andy I followed your link for the new members £17 bonus on Quito . How long does it take to be confirmed as it just says tracked and retailer and purchased date says pending. How do I get my bonus as I made a purchase on eBay for £18 on the 30th August 2019.

        1. Hi Sylvia, afraid I don’t know as I think it varies depending on the purchase you made (it needs to be confirmed by the retailer as I understand it). Best to contact Quidco direct.

  30. Hi Andy, the first link (Join Quidco, spend £5 and get a £15 bonus until Monday 27th November) doesn’t work. :~

    1. Should be fixed now!

  31. the link for the 15 gbp is not working for me 🙁

    1. Sorry, small typo. Should be ok now!

  32. When we spend £5 or £10?

    1. Spend £5 for Quidco, get £15 cashback – plus whatever the cashback rate is on the selected retailer

  33. I did not get my 12 sigh up offer

    1. Hi Kirsty, have you contacted Quidco?

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