Latest TopCashback deals: £10 for new members (December 2022)

If you haven’t started earning cashback, these offers – including a £10 welcome bonus – could be the ones to get you started!

I’ve earned around £1500 through TopCashback and Quidco in the last two and a half years – and that’s just by doing some normal shopping.

New member sign up deals

I think the best welcome bonuses are the ones that aren’t linked to a specific retailer. These open-ended offers mean you can get cashback no matter where you shop.

There are sometimes other deals that will pay a similar amount but they are restricted to specific retailers or require a higher minimum spend (eg £30). I’ll share these below if they are better than the generic offers.

You can only get one new sign-up offer.

Free £18 bonus (expired)

This £18 new member bonus is the highest paying offer right now – and it’s only available via Be Clever With Your Cash! You need to spend £15 via one of the retailers listed on TCB to get this bonus (excluding takeaways). You must go via this link or the button below. Ends 23:59 on 28 November 2022.

Read the full terms and conditions here.

Free £10 bonus

You can get £10 back if you spend £10 or more when you sign up to TopCashback via the link in the button below.

Terms and conditions for this offer – and a few exclusions for earning the first £10 – can be found here.

Free £5 bonus when you sign up

This offer is for a free £5 bonus. Go via this specific sign-up link to register. Again, you need to spend at least a tenner.

Existing customer deals

From time to time there are special bonuses you can activate. Often it’s £2.50 when you spend a tenner, though sometimes they are higher or linked to a specific type of purchase. Any good ones I’ll add here.

Free pumpkin (expired)

Until 31 October you can claim back £2 on the purchase of a pumpkin at any UK shop. You’ll need to take a photo of your receipt and upload it. All the details can be found here.

£2 bonus when you spend £5 (expired)

This offer is running Monday 29 August 2022 only. You’ll get £2 on top of the listed cashback. Make sure you activate the offer first. I usually use these for gift cards such as National Book Tokens or John Lewis voucher via TopGiftcards.

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16 thoughts on “Latest TopCashback deals: £10 for new members (December 2022)

  1. Hello, I registered to Topcashback from you link, now I have 15£ in pending, On 06/13/22 I made my first trade of 15£ on Phemex via Topcashback to have 50£ and for the 15£ welcome bonus, but I still can’t see the Phemex cashback so the 15£ bonus is still in pending.
    Please let me know how to do

    1. It’s worth checking with TopCashback

  2. Hi there Andy,

    When will the £15 general bonus be back? I have been waiting for it to come back before I sign up.

    Look forward to your response


    1. Hi Halik, afraid I can’t say if it will or not. I thought it was just end-of-financial-year changes but all TCB offers so far this year have been capped at £10.

  3. Sorry if this is a silly question but which is better of the two?

  4. Miss CLAIRE WILSON October 11, 2020 at 6:59 pm

    When you earned your cash back is there a set limit for u have to earn before u can get the money back and how do you get it does it come in vouchers or cash just asking as I’m new to this i did try it 1s b4 and earned 6.50 but couldn’t get it back

    1. Hi Claire, it depends on the service but both TopCashback and Quidco have a 1p minimum payout level so there’s no problem cashing out. You can choose between cash to your bank or gift vouchers. The latter often come with a slight additional boost on top.

    2. No not normally, you get the amount of cash back you earn on that product you bought, you can then take vouchers with bonus cash on or have the money in your bank account. Really good. It takes time for the money to be cleared it should say with each shop etc so some maybe six weeks some nay be three onset its all different and set by the shop on when they will pay cash back back.

  5. Where is the link for the 15 pound bonus for topcashback?
    Many thanks

    1. Hi, it’s there in the article!

      1. Hi andy,

        Is there any chance in renewing the £15 topcashback bonus link? I didnt get a chance to use it whilst it was active

        Look forward to your reply

        1. Sadly I’ve asked and the answer for now is no. But there are a few £15 offers with specific retailers you could try. If not, it’s the £10 generic deal.

  6. Hi there how long should the topcashback bonus take to come through? I followed the link in November, but my sign up bonus still not payable. Thanks, Abi

    1. Have you spoken to TopCashback? Get in touch and see what they say. I’d expect you to have had it by now

  7. For people’s information, I always DID wonder about Top Cashback and their PLUS! account as I got charged for it twice, even though I was sure I’d selected not to have it.

    Well it turns out that they AUTOMATICALLY override any choice you make when you sign up – whatever the site tells you, at the end of the “grace” period, you’re automatically signed onto their PLUS! Membership and will be charged £5 for it, which is great if that’s what you want, but shitty if you specifically didn’t want it.

    To get out of this, you have to submit a support ticket complaining, and they reset your membership level and remove the £5 charge.

    TC are a good site, but this is bloody cheeky imo!


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