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If you haven’t started earning cashback, these offers could be the ones to get you started!

I’ve earned around £1500 through TopCashback and Quidco in the last two and a half years – and that’s just by doing some normal shopping.

You can read more about how cashback works in this guide, and see some of the special sign up offers for Quidco here (currently £17 via my newsletter).

Some articles on the blog contain affiliate links, which provide a small commission to help fund the blog. However, they won’t affect the price you pay or the blog’s independence. Read more here.

New member sign up deals

From time-to-time, there are sign up bonuses such as takeaways, M&S or Amazon vouchers. I prefer the more open-ended offers where you can get cash no matter what you spend. You can only get one new sign-up offer.

Free £15 bonus

Sadly my exclusive £15 offer ended on the 30th November 2020, so the best generic – i.e. spend where you like – is now £10 (see link below).

There are sometimes other deals that will pay a similar amount but they are restricted to specific retailers or require a higher minimum spend (eg £30). I’ll share these below if they are running.

However there’s a free £17 by signing up to Quidco, another leading cashback site.

Have you tried Quidco?

£17 bonus for new customers

Get this huge bonus when you sign up and spend £10 via this cashback site.

It’s an exclusive offer for subscribers to Andy’s newsletter, sent every Thursday with the best articles and deals from the blog.

Free £10 bonus

You can get £10 back if you spend £10 or more when you sign up to TopCashback via the link below.

Sign up to TopCashback

Free £5 bonus when you sign up

This offer is for a free £5 bonus. Go via this specific sign-up link to register. Again, you need to spend at least a tenner.

> Sign up here for TopCashback

Terms and conditions for this offer – and a few exclusions for earning the first £10 – can be found here.

New to Quidco? Get a £17 sign up offer via my newsletter

Existing customer deals

From time to time there are special bonuses you can activate. Often it’s £2,50 when you spend a tenner, though sometimes they are higher or linked to a specific type of purchase. Any good ones I’ll add here.

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