Best credit card offers and promotions (June 2022)

The best offers and promotions for credit cards from 0% interest through to introductory bonuses.

Used responsibly, credit cards can help you earn money on purchases, give you stronger consumer protections, make holidays cheaper, help you clear debts or spread the cost of a big purchase. 

Everyone’s situation will be different, so these are just the best cards out there – you might have to settle for a shorter deal or lower rate of cashback.

This list is updated at least every month – check the published date to see when this last happened.

best credit cards

Best credit card promotions

Barclaycard: £10 cashback via Apple Pay

If you’re an existing Barclaycard customer it’s worth checking your emails or post to see if you have been sent a promotion for adding your credit card to Apple Pay.

Then once you spend £1 or more via Apple Pay you’ll get £10 cashback added to your card. Ends 31 July 2022, and credit will be added to your next statement by 31 August 2022.

Sadly you won’t be eligible if you use a Barclaycard Avios credit card.

It’s possibly worth adding your card to Apple Pay even if you didn’t get the email. I received a confirmation that the offer was active once I had added it, so if you don’t get that you’ll know the offer won’t work for you.

Best American Express cashback & reward welcome offers

I’ve got a full guide to cashback and reward credit cards, but here are the top picks

Amex Preferred Rewards Gold: Up to £280 welcome bonus

The top pick is the American Express Preferred Rewards Gold credit card if you haven’t already had an Amex welcome offer.

This card offers 20,000 bonus points if you spend £3,000 in the first three months, plus the equivalent of 0.5% back in rewards for each £1 spent.

If you convert the 23,000 points earned in that initial period to Avios points, and then switch again to Nectar points, it’s worth £184.

A refer-a-friend link increases this to 32,000 points until 17 July 2022, worth £280 in Nectar points. Read more about the card here.

Referral bonus: Up to £30

Go via cashback sites Quidco or TopCashback and you can get a little more back when you apply, usually between £5 and £30 depending on the card you are applying for and which site you use (it’s worth checking both).

Or if a friend already has an Amex then ask for their referral code. Again it varies as to whether this will beat the cashback site rate. You can use my link here. To see all the different referral options then click the button at the top of the page.

New to cashback sites? Get an additional bonus of up to £17

Quidco new members can get £17 when they spend £10, while TopCashbcack new members can get £10 when they spend £10.

The best Visa and Mastercard welcome bonuses

Not everywhere takes American Express so if you want to earn money on your other spending then you’ve got limited choices. Don’t forget the Chase Bank current account pays 1% and is a debit card.

£30 bonus via M&S

If you apply for a new M&S Rewards credit card via this link you can earn a bonus £30 e-gift card to use at M&S. You will need to:

  • Spend at least £100 across three or more transactions in the first 90 days
  • Not had an M&S credit card in the last 12 months

Once you’ve met the criteria you’ll be sent the voucher via email within 45 days. Gift card purchases are excluded from the offer.

The offer ends 2 August 2022.

Lloyds or Halifax Cashback: £20 welcome bonus

The card is the same with both banks. You’ll get 0.25% on the first £4,000 you spend, then 0.5% above this in a calendar year. It’s a higher rate but still not as good as the best Amex cards. Here’s my review of the Lloyds card.

Amazon: £20 to £40 voucher

** The Amazon cards will close in January 2023**

Or there’s the Amazon Platinum card. This also gives 0.25% at most retailers, except at Amazon where you get 1.5% if you have Prime, 0.75% if you don’t. You’ll get paid in Amazon vouchers worth £10 when you earn 10,000 points. It’s issued by Mastercard and New Day.

There’s usually a £10 or £20 gift card when you get accepted, but at times it’s boosted to £30 or £40.

Best travel credit card offers

Here’s more on the best cards to use overseas – including debit cards.

Halifax Clarity: £20 bonus

The Halifax Clarity credit card is fee-free for spending, though you will be charged interest on cash withdrawals. But as an extra bonus you can get £20 cashback if you make a single purchase in the first 90 days of opening the account. You need to apply before 29 June 2022.

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Best 0% Purchase card deals

Bonus cashback: Up to £25

Cashback sites Quidco and TopCashback offer between £20 and £25 to successful applicants for credit cards from Santander, Tesco, TSB and Barclaycard. Rates can change, so check out both sites.

Best Balance Transfer card deals

Before you get a 0% balance transfer card make sure you read my guide to how to properly use them to reduce the cost of debts.

Balance transfer cashback: Up to £30

Rates can change, but here’s an idea of the rates and cards which offer extra cashback for people who successfully get a balance transfer card.

You can get up to £30 cashback via Quidco and TopCashback for Santander’s Everyday credit card.

There’s also up to £25 back for Barclaycard (24 months) and Tesco Bank balance transfer cards.

This could work out better than the no-fee option. So for example, the Barclaycard Platinum transfer fee is 0.9%. Transfer £2,222 or less and the cashback wipes out the fee.

These rates can change so it’s worth checking each site to see which pays first. And if you’re new to either then there’s a welcome bonus available for each.

Andy’s YouTube

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Best credit building credit card

If you’ve got a poor credit rating then spending on a credit card and then clearing the debt completely each month can help boost your score.

I’ve written in detail about this type of card, so make sure you check it out.

Bonus voucher: £20 Amazon voucher

** The Amazon cards will close in January 2023**

The Amazon Classic credit card works like other credit building cards but also comes with a free Amazon voucher. It’s usually £10 but is currently boosted to £20. There’s also three months 0% interest on purchases.

Bonus cashback: £20 cashback

If you’re eligible for the Barclaycard Forward card then apply via Quidco or TopCashback to get £20 cashback.

Get paid to switch bank

Check out the latest bank switching incentives, plus the current accounts with the best rewards, cheapest overdraft and highest interest.

best bank switching offers

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  1. Hi Andy, looks like there’s a new player in the Avios rewards credit card market which could become your top recommended. It’s also a Mastercard which has an additional bonus over Amex.

    1. Yep, going to write it up later this week and put a video on YouTube too. It’s got potential!

      1. Not sure if you’re able to ask Barclaycard press office in time for your article whether the Welcome bonus rules on Barclaycard Avios are the same as Amex in terms of the 2 year waiting period between welcome bonuses. Their terms are unclear on this:

        “3.2 We’ll only apply one Avios Welcome Bonus in relation to your card to your BAEC account during the lifetime of your card account. If you close your card account after you receive your Avios Welcome Bonus and then open another Barclaycard Avios card account within 2 years after you closed the original account, you will not be eligible for another Avios Welcome Bonus.”

        For me, this is unclear – does it mean the 2 year waiting period starts from 2 years waiting period starts from a) the date I last earned the welcome bonus during the previous period of card ownership or
        b) the date on which I cancel the card during the previous period of card ownership

        1. I read this as the same as Amex. So you’d need to cancel and wait two years before you can get another welcome bonus.

  2. The Amazon Card is now giving a 30 pond voucher

    1. Thanks!


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