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The best offers and promotions for credit cards from 0% interest through to introductory bonuses.

Used responsibly, credit cards can help you earn money on purchases, give you stronger consumer protections, make holidays cheaper, help you clear debts or spread the cost of a big purchase. 

Everyone’s situation will be different, so these are just the best cards out there – you might have to settle for a shorter deal or lower rate of cashback.

This list is updated at least every month – check the published date to see when this last happened.

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Credit card rules

Why eligibility is more important than offers

I’m sharing here the cards which I think offer the best deals – the market-leading ones. But there’s no guarantee you’ll get accepted for these top cards so always do an eligibility check beforehand. Here’s more on why this is important and how these work.

I recommend going via Money Saving Expert’s own eligibility calculator as the results won’t be distorted by which companies pay them. You also have the advantage of seeing other options.

You can also check directly with the card providers (and some make you do this before applying) but you miss out on seeing your chances for success with other companies if you skip the comparison site.

Why I’ve not listed interest rates

You’ll notice I don’t mention interest rates at all below. And the big reason is I don’t want you to get a credit card if you are going to get charged interest.

That means clearing the balance in full every month, or in the case of 0% interest cards, clearing the balance before that special offer ends.

If you think that you will have to pay interest some or most months then very simply you need to look for the lowest rate you can and ignore things like cashback.

The key rules with credit cards

One: Pay at least the minimum balance every month so you don’t get hit with extra charges or lose offers like 0% interest. A direct debit will make sure you don’t forget.

Two: Ideally pay the full amount each month to avoid interest. If you can’t clear it all then as much as you can afford minimises the interest you’ll be charged.

Three: Don’t spend what you can’t afford. Credit cards have uses, but they’re not an excuse to spend what you don’t have. Cashback cards, in particular, are pointless if you get charged interest.

Four: You often can’t transfer between credit cards with the same bank.

Longest 0% Balance Transfer card deals

Before you get a 0% balance transfer card make sure you read my guide to how to properly use them to reduce the cost of debts.

Sainsbury’s Bank: Up to 29 months at 0%

Right now the longest 0% balance transfer deal is for 29 months with a fee of either 3% or 4% from Sainsbury’s Bank. The length is “up to” so you might get 25 or 21 months instead. You’ll get 750 Nectar Points if you also use this to spend £35 in Sainsbury’s in the first two months, up to 10 times – potentially earning you 7,500 points worth £37.50.

TSB: Up to 28 months at 0%, plus £20 cashback

You can get £20 cashback via Quidco for the slightly shorter TSB’s Platinum Balance Transfer, which comes with a fee of 2.95%. If you don’t get the full 28 months, you’ll get either 25 or 22 months. However, there’s no eligibility checker for this card.

Virgin Money: Guaranteed 28 months

Virgin Money offers a guaranteed 28 months with a lower fee of 2.7%.

Barclaycard: 21 months and £30 cashback

Barclaycard’s Platinum card offers 21 months interest free with a low 0.9% – but if you transfer £2,500 or more within 60 days you’ll get £30 cashback (offer ends 29th March 2021).

No-fee 0% Balance Transfer credit cards

Santander: 18 months interest-free with no fee

Santander will give any successful applicant for its Everyday credit card 18 months at 0% interest with no fee to move the money over. Go via Money Saving Expert before 19th April 2021 and you can get a £20 Amazon voucher bonus

Best 0% Purchase card deals

Sainsbury’s Bank: Up to 20 months at 0% and Nectar points

The card from Sainsbury’s Bank is “up to” but worth looking at if you do your shopping at Sainsbury’s. There are 750 bonus points each time you spend £35 or more at the supermarket in the first two month (so that’s up to £37.50 worth).

Virgin Money: 20 months at 0%

Once again Virgin Money is a decent bet and offers a guaranteed 20 months.

M&S Bank: 18 months 0%, earn points and free £15 voucher

Though it’s a few months shorter, it’s a guaranteed 18 months at 0% with M&S Bank. You’ll get a £5 voucher when you first use the card and applicants before 31st March 2021 who choose paperless billing will also get a £10 voucher. This card will also earn you M&S points at the equivalent of 0.20% back for every £1 you spend.

Best 0% Money Transfer card deals

You can read more about Money Transfer cards in my guide.

MBNA: Up to 18 months at 0%

MBNA is offering up to 18 months with a 2.99% or 3.49% fee. You might get offered a shorter 14 months.

Tesco Bank: Up to 15 months at 0%

Tesco Bank offers up to 15 months with a 3.99% transfer fee.

Virgin Money: Guaranteed 12 months 0%

Virgin Money offers a shorter but guaranteed 12 months.

Best American Express cashback & reward credit card deals

I’ve got a full guide to cashback and reward credit cards, but here are the top picks

Amex Preferred Rewards Gold: Up to £184 in bonuses

The new top pick is the American Express Preferred Rewards Gold credit card if you haven’t already had an Amex welcome offer.

This card offers 2,000 bonus points if you spend £3,000 in the first three months, plus the equivalent of 0.5% back in rewards for each £1 spent.

You can swap these bonus points for a £100 gift card, or if you are happy to swap your points for Nectar points, these are boosted to £160. Factor in the additional points you’ll earn with spending that first £3k this adds up to £184.. Read more about the card here.

Amex Platinum Cashback: Up to 1.25% cashback

The American Express Platinum Cashback credit card offers 1% on the first £10,000 you spend and then increases your rate to 1.25%. This is the best card if you’re not eligible for a reward bonus.

It comes with a £25 annual fee though you can cancel that out by going via a cashback site.

There’s also a 5% bonus for the first three months up to £125. This is capped at £125 and includes the standard 1% rate. You can’t have had an Amex in your name in the last two years to get this welcome bonus.

If you don’t think you’ll get to £10,000 in a year then the American Express Platinum Everyday card offers 0.5% on the first £5,000 spend, and then 1% afterwards. There’s no fee with this one.

Here’s my comparison of the two options.

There’s also a 5% bonus for new customers that’s capped at £100. Same conditions as above.

The best Visa and Mastercard cashback & reward credit cards

Not everywhere takes American Express so if you want to earn money on your other spending then you’ve got limited choices.

Barclaycard: 0.25% back

This Barclaycard Rewards credit card is a Visa and my top back up to Amex as the credit is given in full every 12 months. It’s also fee free to use abroad.

John Lewis: 1.25% at John Lewis & Waitrose / 0.25% elsewhere

If you regularly shop at John Lewis or Wairose then the John Lewis & Partners Mastercard is worth a look. It offers 0.25% on most shopping, but increases to 1.25% for John Lewis/Waitrose spends. You’ll be paid in £5 vouchers each time you reach 500 points.

Amazon: Up to 1.5% at Amazon / 0.25% elsewhere

Or there’s the Amazon Platinum card. This also gives 0.25% at most retailers, except at Amazon where you get 1.5% if you have Prime, 0.75% if you don’t. You’ll get paid in Amazon vouchers worth £10 when you earn 10,000 points. It’s issued by Mastercard and New Day.

There’s usually a £10 gift card when you get accepted, but at times it’s boosted to £20, and £30 for Prime members.

Best travel credit cards

Here’s more on the best cards to use overseas – including debit cards.

Barclaycard: Fee-free spending, withdraws and 0.25% cashback

The Barclaycard Rewards credit card is a good all-rounder to use abroad as there are no charges – not even interest on cash withdrawals. You’ll also earn some cashback!

Best credit building credit card

If you’ve got a poor credit rating then spending on a credit card and then clearing the debt completely each month can help boost your score.

I’ve written in detail about this type of card, so make sure you check it out.

Barclaycard Forward: £20 cashback

Go via cashback site Quidco to get £20 cashback. Not joined Quidco yet? Get an extra new member bonus here.

Amazon Classic card: Free £10 voucher

The Amazon Classic credit card works like other credit building cards but also comes with a £10 Amazon voucher. There’s also three months 0% interest on purchases.