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The best referral offers, welcome deals and extra savings.

There are loads of ways you can get more from an American Express credit card other than the ongoing cashback rewards. And they start when you first apply.

First is either a referral bonus or cashback site bonus. These generally are worth between £10 and £25, depending on the card and where you get the link.

Next is the welcome bonus for those who haven’t had an Amex in 24 months. These come with cashback, reward and points based cards. These can easily be worth £100 or more, depending on the card.

Finally there are extra offers available every month on the card, with the Shop Small promotion among my favourites.

Here are some of the special deals running right now.

American Express deals

Referral & cashback site offers

Here are the top ones to consider.

Boosted Referral welcome bonuses

Most Amex cards will give an extra bonus for signing up via a referral link. From time to time these are boosted, and there’s one for the Preferred Rewards Gold card until 19 July 2022.

CardReward typeNormal bonusBoosted bousOffer ends
 American Express® Preferred Rewards Gold Credit Card Membership Rewards Points22,00032,000  19 July 2022

In total, this boosted welcome bonus (if converted to Nectar points – more on this below) will be worth £280.

Obviously you can ask your friends and family if they have a link they can share with you, which you can use for any Amex you like – not just the one they have. They’ll also get a kickback for sharing their link.

If you don’t have anyone then you can use this link here. I won’t get the money on this as there’s a limit to how much one person can earn in a year, but you’ll still get the increased offer.

To see all the different referral options click the “see all cards with a referral offer” button at the top of the page when it opens.

Cashback site welcome bonus

An alternative to referral bonuses which can sometimes pay better is to go via Quidco or TopCashback. It’s worth checking both sites to see which one pays more, and then comparing the rate to the referral bonuses.

If you’re not with either cashback site then you can also nab an extra welcome bonus on those too!

Welcome offers

These deals come and go, but I’ll share here the best welcome offers, including those that are boosted from time to time. For more details check out my list of the best credit card promotions and offers.

Amex Preferred Reward Gold: Up to £280 welcome

The American Express Preferred Rewards Gold credit card listed above is the best ongoing welcome deal as long as you can spend £3,000 in three months. You’ll get a 20,000 Amex Membership Reward points bonus, and another 3,000 for your spending.

However this is boosted to 30,000 points until 19 July 2022 (note this is 2,000 points less than the refer a friend offer above). Plus you’ll get 3,000 points you’ll earn for spending £3,000.

Convert those points into Avios points and then into Nectar points (here’s how) to get the £264 valuation (it’s £184 without the referral link). You won’t get the bonus if you’ve had an Amex in your name in the last 24 months. Here’s more on the Preferred Rewards Gold card.

Extra offers

Shop Small 2022: £5 credit with £15 spend

This is my favourite Amex offer and usually runs in June and December. In 2022 it’s running 20 to 26 June. You’ll get £5 back with each £15 spend at participating retailers, up to five times per card. More details of how to maximise your returns are in my full Shop Small guide here.

Deliveroo: 2 x £5 credit each month with Amex Gold

If you hold the Preferred Rewards Gold Amex then every month you can get £5 back on up to two Deliveroo orders. Make sure you save the offer to your card. There’s also a £5 minimum spend per order.

Nectar: Swap Amex and Avios points

It’s possible to swap Amex Reward points for a number of different options, including gift cards. But the most valuable option is going to be swapping them for Avios points and then swapping these points for Nectar points.

You’ll get the equivalent of 0.8p per point, so roughly 0.8% cashback. And you can do the same if your Amex card earns Avios points directly. Here’s more on how to convert your points.

Harvey Nichols: £100 free credit a year with Amex Platinum card

If you have the Platinum American Express card (which comes with a huge £575 annual fee) you can now get £50 back twice a year from spending at Harvey Nichols.

The spend can be cumulative and there’s no minimum spend. So buy something for a tenner and you’ll get £10 back to your card. The offer resets on 1 July each year and you can earn up to £50 again for the second part of the year.

It’s only for primary card holders and you need to activate the offer in your account before spending. It’s due to run until December 2024.

Up to £200 back at restaurants with Platinium (expired)

This offer is for people with the full Platinum Amex, not the cashback versions. Until 31 December 2021 you’ll get £200 dining credit to use at some top restaurants. Most do seem to be in London but there are a few around the country (mainly the Ivy chain).

As with most Amex offers, you’ll need to add it to your card. It’s limited to the main cardholder only so can’t be added to supplementary cards.

The card comes with a massive £575 annual fee so I wouldn’t apply just for this offer (indeed there’s no guarantee it’ll be available to newbies) – but if you do go for it, the fee will be prorated if you cancel.

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