NOW TV offers, free trials & deals (May 2023)

Get Sky Atlantic, Sky Cinema and Sky Sports without getting Sky – and pay less with these great NOWTV offers.

I’m a big fan of Sky’s NOW TV – or “NOW” as it’s been rebranded. I’ve been using it for years, saving me a fortune as I’ve been able to stop paying for TV via my broadband provider, whether that’s Sky, Virgin, BT or TalkTalk.

Despite recent price increases and fewer offers it is still the cheapest way to get big channels such as Sky Atlantic, Sky One and more.

Now TV deals

What is NOW TV?

NOW TV is essentially an on-demand video streaming service, just like Netflix and iPlayer. The big difference is it lets you watch Sky channels. Why bother when you can do this direct? Well NOW TV is so much cheaper. And you’ll see below there are always deals to bring the price down further.

Another great thing is that you can subscribe month by month, rather than tie yourself into a year-long contract as you would if you had satellite or cable TV. Here’s my take on whether it’s worth the money.

It works best if you don’t watch ALL the different channels. That’s because films, TV and sport are all on different packages. Very cheap if you get one or two, but it can be pricey if you get more. And of course you need to consider if you’d be better off picking Netflix or Amazon Prime instead – there’s not enough time to watch all three!

You’re able to watch it on two devices simultaneously and register on six different devices.

New NOW TV customer offers and deals

The best offers are pretty much always for new customers. If you’ve never used NOW TV before always start with one of these. If there’s a free or very cheap pass featured further down you can always add that at a later date. I’ve ranked them in the order of how good I think they are.

These offers are only for new NOW TV subscribers. Make sure you cancel before the prepaid package is up or you’ll pay full price for the following months.

Six months Entertainment for £6.99 p/m

This deal offers 30% off the standard monthly price for the NOW Entertainment passes. You’re locked in for a minimum of six months and then in month seven you’ll pay full price.

This offer could end anytime but there’s usually an immediate replacement (often worth 50% off but only for a month or two).

This offer includes a 7-day trial Boost, so you’ll need to pay extra for that after the trial if you want to keep it.

Reduced passes with Now Broadband

If you change your internet to NOW Broadband, you’ll be able to get discounted NOW passes. The cost varies depending when you sign up, but could be as little as £4 a month.

However, you are tied into the broadband and the NOW membership for 12 months. And it’ll go up to full price once the year ends.

NOW TV free trials

You can get a free 7-day trial on most NOW TV passes:

  • Entertainment membership
  • Sky Cinema membership
  • Hayu membership
  • Boost membership

You can take these out all at once or one at a time. The Boost free trial will probably be included along with your first trial. There’s no free trial for Sky Sports passes.

If you don’t want to keep paying then remember to cancel before the 7 days finish to avoid getting charged full price.

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Existing NOW TV customer offers and deals

Most of the special offers are only for new customers, but there are lots of ways existing customers can save each month. Usually this involved either buying a gift card pass, or buying a multi-month pass with a NOW TV box or stick when these are on offer (which happens quite a bit).

With the passes you will get a code which you can enter into your account. Go to the view passes page and you’ll see where to add the code. If you are buying the passes with a NOW TV stick or box then the newer ones have the passes preloaded and are added to your account when you activate the device and log in.

Here are the best deals:

NOW TV cancellation trick

If you go to cancel your NOW TV pass, you’ll be asked the reason you are cancelling. Select the option saying it’s too expensive for you and you might be offered a discount to stay.

If that’s as good or better than the existing customer deals I’ve listed above, then you can accept it and pay less. This will be for a limited time, often three or four months, so don’t forget to repeat this process.

Do keep an eye on your emails too. It’s not unheard of for NOW TV to offer a discounted price after you’ve cancelled. Here’s more on how this trick works and how to cancel.

NOW email offers

It’s also worth having your email preferences set to allow promotional emails from NOW. They will regularly send promotions with discounts – most recently I signed up to four months of Entertainment for £1 a month.

This will only be sent if you don’t have an active subscription, another reason to hit cancel at the start of each month.

Up to £17 cashback

Though you can no longer earn cashback by spending direct with NOW, you can still earn it when buying passes from other retailers (check out those listed below for the best prices).

If you’ve not signed up to Quidco you can get a £10 bonus when you first shop via the site. There’s a minimum spend of £5 for this added bonus with Quidco so you can get all the passes.

Or if you sign up for my newsletter, then there’s an increased £17 bonus from Quidco for new members. However the mininum spend for this offer is £10.

Meanwhile the new member bonus at TopCashback is £10 when you spend £10.

NOW Entertainment, Netflix and Freeview recorder for £10/m (ended)

If you have BT broadband (or sign up for it), you can add on a BT TV package that includes Netflix and NOW at a reduced price. For £10 a month for 24 months you will get:

  • Netflix Basic (rrp £6.99 a month)
  • NOW Entertainment (rrp £9.99 a month)
  • 1TB 4K YouView recorder

A similar model box will cost you £250, so if you are looking at ditching pay TV elsewhere, this would be a cheaper way to get hold of it, with the streaming services thrown in (though you won’t keep it if you leave BT in two years time).

However if you want HD Netflix you’ll have to pay extra – and it’s not clear how much more this is. The difference in price between the two packages when paid direct is £4 a month, so expect the cost to be the same.

Similarly if you want HD and no adverts on your NOW pass that’s another £6 a month. And it’s often possible to get cheaper NOW packages direct with NOW – that might not be the case if you pay via your BT bill.

You’ll also need to factor in if you can get broadband for less elsewhere, and that you’ll be tied in for two years. Oh, and prices will go up by 3.9% in March 2023!

Offer ends 28 February 2023.

Gift card offers (Expired)

A popular way to save, I think these might be on their way out. But with NOW TV rebranded to NOW it could be they return. I’ll update if they do.

In the past I’ve spotted the lowest prices over on Amazon, though they’ve been far higher in recent months, and not always cheaper than the cancellation trick (see below).

Deals at Currys used to be good but now stock seems to come and go. But if available you can get two months Entertainment for £10 and two months Cinema for £15. You might have to collect though as delivery seems to rarely be available.

CD Keys has also offered similar passes at lower prices, usually £3.49 each, but these have been out of stock for a long time.

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NOW TV stick & pass offers

Even if you don’t need the NOW TV box or stick, buying them on offer with a pass included is often cheaper than paying full price.

Though in the past there have been different boxes and sticks, there’s now just the NOW TV Stick. With it you can also watch NOW TV, Netflix, iPlayer, All4 and ITV Player on your TV if you don’t have a smart TV. You can even play premium Spotify through one. 

Options tend to include:

  • Three months entertainment
  • Two months cinema
  • One month cinema, one month entertainment & one day sports
  • One month sports

However in 2021 it was announced the sticks are discontinued, so when these final supplies run out that’s it.

Full price tends to be around £25 or £30, depending on the bundle. I tend to stock up on boxes and passes when I spot decent deals. You no longer get paper vouchers to add. Instead these are added to your account when you activate the stick.

Though it’s not always the case, the best prices are generally at Curry’s, Amazon and Argos. Around £20 is a decent price.

I’ll update this page regularly when I find these offers.

Day pass, movie pass, entertainment pass and smart stick for £29.99 (expired)

This offer at Argos will get you the following for £19.99. It’s marked as clearance, so I’d imagine stock won’t last long.

  • a smart stick (worth £15)
  • a Sky Cinema pass (worth £11.99)
  • an Entertainment pass (worth £9.99)
  • a Sky Sports day pass (worth £9.99)

If you’re new to Quidco and TopCashback then don’t forget to combine this with the cashback offer listed above, potentially getting you another £17 off the price.

Andy’s NOW TV smart stick hack

If you do buy a bundled stick and pass package and don’t need the stick, you can sell it. You can try eBay but I find the easiest is via CEX. You can do this online or at one of their shops.

Though prices vary at CEX, you should expect to get £9 for a brand new one in perfect condition. You’ll get more if you swap for vouchers but they do have to be spent at CEX.

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Latest Sky Sports NOW TV deals

Check out the cashback offer at the top of the page for the best deal, but if you’ve already signed up to Quidco you often can save between 10% and 50% on month, mobile and day passes.

There are usually quite a few of these so I’ve listed them on my bespoke deals page for Sky Sports.

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How much is NOW TV

Here are the full price costs for all the different NOW TV passes – but of course you don’t need to pay this. Check out all the deals further down the page for ways to save.

  • Entertainment Pass costs £9.99 a month
  • The Sky Cinema Pass costs £9.99 a month
  • The Hayu pass costs £4.99 a month
  • There are three Sky Sports NOW TV passes
    • A Day Pass costs £11.99 for 24 hours
    • A Month Pass is £34.99 a month
    • A Mobile Month Pass is £9.99 a month
  • NOW TV Boost cost £6 a month

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84 thoughts on “NOW TV offers, free trials & deals (May 2023)

  1. Gutted, no offers showing up for now tv at the moment (will be a new customer), trying to hold out and see if there are any more offers coming soon. When I first looked the three months offer was available but wasnt ready, hopefully black friday will bring some offers.

  2. Hi can you advise we got virgin tv monthly package with a BT sports channel & a sky sport also have prime I want to watch Sky Atlantic !how do we do this for the cheapest way????? Very confusing and already paying over £80 a month I think we need BT sport for Motogp,prime for Tennis ATP all tournaments but have Euros port in virgin package,also get discovery .want to watch hbo channel????

  3. tl;dkr: Some timely advice to get hold of a NowTV device at a big discount with Amazon’s July annual sale. They’ve cut the price of a £100+ product to £55 already, with more to follow, so it’s worth checking out Amazon if you don’t have NowTV on your TV.

    Amazon are having their annual sale this month; they’ve already started cutting some products to their lowest price yet (Chrome users, I recommend an extension called “Keepa”; it adds a new section to every Amazon product page that shows a graph with the product price history – it’s amazing).

    This is a great time to get a Fire Stick… my built-in TV apps were quite sluggish, so I decided £15 for a Fire Stick is a pretty good deal to bring my TV up to date. It’s much better than I expected, the remote control works with your voice and it’s surprisingly good. You can just say ‘alexa now tv’ to launch the NOW app….or ‘alexa, search for nature documentaries on youtube’ and it will go ahead and launch YouTube with search results.

    I have the Fire TV Stick Lite – it’s £29.99 but I guarantee the price will be heavily discounted in the coming days. The Fire TV Cube is their super high-end streaming device, it’s usually over £100… it’s discounted to £55 right now, so if you want one of the best streaming systems on the market, now’s the time! (no pun intended).

  4. I am trying to find out details about joining Nowtv as I live in Guernsey which does not have comet, Currys ecetera.

    1. You could use a Fire Stick from Amazon (they have a big sale coming up in the next week). You could also install the Now app on your phone, and use your TV with the phone (using an “OTG Hdmi cable”) – which plugs into your phone and gives you a HDMI port to connect to your tv.

  5. So with the Now TV sticks being end of life i recommend buying a Roku TV stick it supports Now, Netflix, Amazon, Disney, Apple TV and all the British TV On demand channels like BBC, ITV, C4 and C5 the stick for HD is like £40 but we’ll worth it and often they have deals on Amazon and Currys

  6. Hadn’t had ‘Now’ for about 6 months, but in the last 2 months we’ve received ‘come back’ email offers of ‘Entertainment’ £1 per month for 6 months and ‘Cinema’ £1 per month for 6 months, so really cheap at the moment!

  7. 3 friends share NOW at different addresses. We pay £30 per month for all sports including boost. We live 30 miles apart/ no distance limit. Cost each £10. Watch different channels any time. No restrictions

    1. Do you have the boost too?

      1. Yes we pay £5 per month for boost. Excellent picture. All 3 get boost.

        1. Special discount. I now pay £20 for sport, £5 for boost.
          Split 3 ways…. £8.33 each
          I rang them and said I couldn’t afford any more, going to leave
          They quickly gave me £10 off. Easy
          30 down to 20

    2. Hello
      I’ve been with sky TVs for years paying nearly £150 pm. Plus Disney prime and Netflix. I’m wanting to cancel my sky and broadband. Please give me some advice or deals. Thank you

      1. Hi Lesley. Wow, that’s a massive bill. You’ll definitely be able to save. I’d shop around for the best broadband deals (look on a comparison site), then see if you can earn more on top via a cashback site. Then for TV channels, you could pick and mix each month rather than have them all at once.

        1. I was told by BT today they pay up to £300 for any early cancellation fees you may come across it you wish to leave a contract early. sky are way too expensive now.

  8. Hi Andy,

    Thanks for all the great tips and advice.

    Here a couple I have come across from Now TV recently. First one a biggie if your a sports fan, last week I purchased a Now TV One day sports pass anyway I received a email from Now TV about 3 days later saying that they were giving 5 Month FREE of Now TV Mobile Sports!!!

    Apparently, they have offer were if you buy a Sports Day Pass they will give you Now TV Mobile for 5 months free!!

    Also the 6 months Sky Cinema Offer is also available to existing customers I gone though the options and could add to my account if I wanted to

  9. Jayne Crampton May 28, 2021 at 6:22 pm

    Can I ask how does the two month offer work as paid £9.99 for two months from this site and nothing bis showing ony account

    1. As long as you selected the promo for that offer when you signed up on Now it should say something in your account about when the next payment is due.

  10. With the Sports 3 months at £25 deal can I cancel after just one month?

    1. Yes, you can!

  11. Formula one on Now Tv
    What’s the cheapest way to watch ?

    1. You can buy a week pass or a month pass and you’ll get all the channels

      1. So £33.99 a month do you expect any offers before the F1 season starts

        1. It’s hard to say. Usually there is a F1 season pass offer but there’s no guarantee it’ll be back this year.

  12. Is it still the case that you only need to purchase one HD pass if you select multiple passes such as the entertainment and cinema passes?

    1. Yes, the Boost is across all your NOW TV passes

  13. Hi Andy, Do you happen to know if i try and cancel my sports pass thats £25 a month will they offer me a cheaper rate?

    1. It’s worth a try as there are enough steps before you click that final confirmation of cancellation for you to not complete the process. But I think it’s less likely with a sports pass than with the Entertainment and Cinema deals. Let me know how it goes.

      1. Hi Andy. I received the following from NOW TV on Sunday 10th Jan 2021.

        “Hi K,

        We hope you’re enjoying your Entertainment Month Pass.

        We wanted to remind you that your current offer will shortly be coming to an end. But as a thank-you for choosing NOW TV, we’re giving you a fantastic new offer: 6 months of Entertainment Month Pass for just £3.99pm (instead of £9.99).

        You don’t need to do a thing – we’ve already applied this offer to your account, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy your NOW TV Pass. At the end of your offer, your Entertainment Month Pass will continue at £9.99 a month unless cancelled”.
        Back in Aug 2020, I bought NOW TV (Ent) for the 1st time for £42 for a 6 months voucher (£7pm) from an Amazon vendor. I love “Only Fools, Dad’s Army, Friends and Sky Atlantic”.

        I like Consumer champions, so please keep up the excellent work.



        1. That’s a great offer! I’ll make sure people check their emails too.

  14. I’ve had the Entertainment package for virtually free for ages. The last period I was paying £1.80 per month. I just went to cancel and I see they have automatically given me a new offer of £1 per month for 3 months. I suspect they price they offer is based on your usage – I’ve barely watched it so would never pay close to full price, and I think Sky know that and price accordingly. It’s actually quite a clever model.

    1. That’s a bargain price!!

  15. I have never paid more than £3.99 per month for Cinema (often less) and have had it on and off for many years. I last cancelled my Cinema 3 months ago (after having a completely free month that they offered me to come back) and have not paid for any other passes with Now TV.

    Last week they emailed me offering me another completely free month of Cinema, which I took them up on yesterday. Today I received an email from them saying they had automatically applied a 6 month extension of Cinema for just £2.99 per month. Although they have automatically applied it and say I don’t have to do anything, I am still free to cancel at any time.

    I was expecting them to most likely make me a cheap offer when I cancelled my free month in a couple of weeks time (as they always do), but this is the first time they have automatically applied a cheap offer without me doing anything and I was particularly surprised that they did so just 1 day into the free month!

    1. Same; I signed up for Now trials a couple of times over the span of a few years, after forgetting login details etc. This has resulted in a rotation of accounts that always have offers to pay 99p per month etc..

  16. I bought a combined Now TV entertainment and cinema pass for 6 months that ends on 27th September. When would be the best time to cancel both to ensure I don’t roll onto the monthly payments?

    1. Hi David, I’d cancel early in September. Do it too early and you might have issues watching until the end of the prepaid period, but do it within the final month and it’ll be all ok.

  17. Now TV boost does not seem to be an option for me, as broadband customer, is there no way I can get boost

  18. My B A Amex has a current cashback deal- make 2 x £5+ Now TV pass purchases, get £5 cashback. Might be worth checking out.

  19. Can I take the Currys two month deal for the Entertainment Pass every two months throughout the year? I.e. buy a two month Entertainment Pass for £10 then cancel just before it expires, then buy another two month Entertainment Pass at £10 and activate it the day after the previous one expires.

    1. Yes! You absolutely can. Though when you cancel see if Now tv offers you a better discount. You can cancel at the start of month two and still get it for the full month. So if you don’t get a decent offer there’s time to pick up a discounted card

    2. I got a good deal on Now TV when I switched my broadband to Now Broadband earlier this year. Firstly I found a Now Broadband deal on Quidco paying £100 cashback which including broadband, line rental & free anytime calls for £18/month. The offer also included half price Now TV for 12 months so I’m paying £4.99/month for the Entertainment Pass.

  20. I found that you can use Tesco club card vouchers for now tv credit. This at 1.50 per 0.50 p

    I then did the cancellation trick and had the movies for less than £5 for 3 months without spending a penny I will have had it for 6 months.

  21. Hi

    I took out a monthly Sports Pass for December to watch the football. I am on vacation for all of January and planned to cancel before end of month.

    Sky billed at 15:45 on 24 December and I received bill on 27 December for JANUARY.

    Called Now TV and they said nothing could be done!!

    If I want to cancel today then I cannot watch rest of DECEMBER.

    Not good way to retain customers!


    1. That doesn’t sound right at all. I think get back on their live chat and try to talk to a different person.

  22. Free entertainment pass worked for me thanks ☺️

  23. diane baverstock August 29, 2019 at 6:01 pm

    hi Andy
    i see you have lots of savings for sky tv
    eurosport is the channel my husband watches mostly for superbikes british and world
    We pay over £80 a mnth and i am fed up with the bill being so high can you help at all. ??

    1. Yep, you can watch it online. An annual Eurosport pass is just £40. More here

  24. Robert Paterson May 15, 2019 at 10:07 pm

    I requested and payed for a now TV smart stick yesterday but have not heard anything about this can please check this out please

    1. Hi Robert, you’ll need to contact whoever you bought the stick from. Andy

  25. Gillian Griffiths July 16, 2017 at 1:00 pm

    Hi, existing customers may already have discovered this, but if you’re on the full price £9.99 per month cinema pass, or your existing deal is about to end, it’s worth clicking the ‘cancel’ button to see if they will offer you a deal to stay.
    I’ve just been offered 4 months at £3.99 per month for Sky Cinema, just because I opted to cancel my renewal. You get a couple of those ‘Are you sure? Look what you’ll miss’ type pages, but carry on cancelling and when you reach the page that asks your reason for leaving, choose the ‘I can’t afford it at the moment’ option. Continue to the next page (which looks like they’ve accepted that you’re going, but stay strong!) and click cancel on that one, too. Then if they offer you the deal.

    Obviously I have only done this for myself, so I can’t guarantee it works for everyone, but so far I’ve always been offered a discount whenever I’ve cancelled my renewal.

  26. Day passes for sport.Are they strictly 24 hour passes or do they recognise non use at night?

    1. 24 Hours I’m afraid, But they don’t start until you decide to

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  29. Hey Andy, Do you know if the £10 bonus is only for when you buy a pass? Can I buy the Now TV Box ONLY and still get the cashback? That would make the Box £4.99!

    The terms say “£10 cashback bonus is awarded on transactions on or over £5.99 at Now TV only.” and “You must make a minimum order value of £5.99 to qualify for this cashback offer, including any cost of delivery.”

    That makes it sound like you get £10 cashback on ANY purchase from NowTV as long as it’s over £5.99.

    It’s the rest of the info that refers to buying ‘passes’ and ‘packages’ which makes it confusing as to what you have to buy to get the cashback:

    “Sign up to Quidco and get 3 months of Sky Cinema or Sky Entertainment for FREE!
    Earn 100% cashback on selected 3 month passes until 12th January!”

    “Here’s how to claim your £10 bonus…
    1. Join Quidco, for free
    2. Once directed to Now Tvs website, simply pick the package you wish to purchase- whether that be Entertainment, Cinema, Sports or Kids- sign up to the trial or purchase your pass.
    Current Now Tv Deals:
    3 months Entertainment for £6.99
    3 months Cinema for £9.99
    Sky Sports 1 month for £20
    3. We’ll credit a £10 cashback bonus to your account (on top of any cashback you will earn from Now Tv) by the 14th February 2017.”

  30. Hi I’ve bought now TV box with 6 months entertainment pass and free sky sports if I registered by November 30 but I can’t access the sky sports

    1. Was this at Argos? Have you tried contacting NOW TV? I think they only have live chat but they are generally quite helpful

  31. Hi,
    Have bought the Now TV box with 4 month cinema pass. Haven’t signed up to Now TV before.
    If I buy the 2 month cinema pass from Now TV (in their Black Friday sale) for £5, can I use that first then use the 4 month voucher that came with the box?
    Thanks for any guidance!

    1. Yes you should be able to. And use the Quidco cashback deal below too to get even more money!

      1. Hello I am about to leave sky after 10 plus years and am totally confused (doesn’t take much) about what to buy. What’s the difference between them all? I have an Amazon fire stick upstairs but was recommended now ? Is now tv box something you can record on? Or has that been discontinued? Would you recommend now over another brand or Amazon fire stick? Also my broadband has been changed over from sky to utility warehouse .
        Also I only need an entertainment package – no sports or movies. Possibly kids channel but my kids usually spend their time watching other kids play the PlayStation. Thank you

  32. ** by my reckoning ….

  33. Hi
    You state I can get a 6 month Entertainment Now package for £24.95 from Amazon but when you click your feeder link the Amazon price is £28.95.

    By my resigning – that is over 10% more than you information????

    1. Hi Linzi,

      Prices change daily, so it looks like it’s gone up a little. I’ll update the page this week with the latest offers.

  34. Hi. I’ve picked up a box with a 4 month movie pass from Argos. Haven’t signed up yet. Can I sign up with the 6 months of movies at £35.99 and add the pass to get 10 months of movies?

    1. Hi Neil, yes you should be able to add the second code when there is less than one month left on the pass. These normally last for a year, and I’ve stacked them in this way for the last two years. It’s worth checking there aren’t any new terms and conditions on the pass though, just in case.

      1. Cool. Thanks Andy 🙂

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  38. In the future, join NOW TV’s community forum and look out for trials. I’ve had free films and entertainment passes for doing them.

    1. Sounds good! Thanks for this Martin

  39. francoismarieseiffert June 16, 2015 at 4:46 am

    Thanks for the article. For those who live outside UK and want to access NowTV, you can use UnoTelly as I do to get around the geo block.

  40. 3 months for £10 has now expired on 10th May.

    1. Thanks Kevin

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