Where to watch the best drama box sets online this Christmas – and how to get them free

Strictly’s finished and you’ve already seen the movies on the TV? Time to work through those box sets you’ve been meaning to watch! Here’s my guide to the best dramas on each of the main online streaming services, and the cheapest prices to get them.


If you’re going to use time off at Christmas to finally watch Breaking Bad or The Wire, you’re looking at paying around £7 for a month of unlimited viewing. But if you’ve not done it before, can sign up with another family member’s email or take advantage of some special deals, you can even do it for nothing!

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Read on for my picks of the best shows, and the cheapest ways to get them. Or jump to Netflix / NOW TV / Amazon Prime Instant / 4OD

Best drama box sets on Netflix

COST: 30 day free trial, then stream for £5.99 a month (one device and SD), £6.99 (two devices), £8.99 (three devices).

  • House of Cards (US remake)
  • Breaking Bad
  • The Killing (Danish version)
  • Homeland (series 1 – 3)


LINK: Subscribe to Netflix

Best drama box sets on Now TV

COST: Stream the Entertainment package for £6.99 a month (first timers get a £10 voucher), or get a deal for a three month pass via this link.

  • Mad Men (series 1-7)
  • True Detective
  • Broadchurch
  • Game of Thrones (series 1 now, 2-4 soon)
  • The Wire


LINK: Subscribe to Now TV

Best drama box sets on Amazon Prime Instant

COST: 30 day free trial every 12 months, then stream for £6.99.

  • Mad Men (series 1-4 only)
  • Transparent
  • The Walking Dead (season 1-3 only)

LINK: Subscribe to Amazon Prime Instant

Best drama box sets on 4OD

COST: Free!

  • Utopia
  • Southcliffe
  • Teachers
  • Shameless

LINK: Watch 4OD

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