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Downloads, DVDs and streaming – here are the best TV and movie deals to help you enjoy a cheap night in!

I’ve hunted out ongoing offers, the best prices to buy DVDs and any short-lived deals.

Cheap movie rental vouchers and offers

Here’s my guide to the cheapest ways to rent movies, including how to get them by post. Below are any current deals I spot.

Amazon Instant Video

You have a month to start watching rentals, and then 48 hours once you first press play.

£1.99 new releases for Prime members

Amazon often has new rentals for £1.99 if you’re with Prime. You’ve 30 days to start watching the film. 

> Rent a movie from Amazon Prime

> Not got Prime? Sign up for a free trial  


in 2019 Chili has been had lots of offers, I assume to help build up a customer base. Rentals last for 28 days before expiring, or 48 hours once you start watching.

First movie free

Until 3rd September you can get your first movie free at Chilli. 

> Join Chili

50% off codes

Most weeks, Chili has a code that’ll get you 50% off up to two rentals or purchases. The latest code (9th October) is CHILI83. It’ll hopefully last a week.

> Get 50% off Chili video rentals or purchases

Free rental via Snatch app

A game called Snatch, a bit like Pokemon Go, is giving away a free Chili rental when people sign up and go through “training”. It launched last week and I signed up to give it a go. It took a couple of minutes to download it to my phone, set it up and complete the tasks required. And once finished, and I opened my parcel, I had a £5.49 credit to use at Chili. You need to add it to your Chili account within a few days, but it remains valid on there until the of the year.

There’s the potential for more prizes, including additional free rentals if you then continue to play the game where you need to collect and then protect virtual parcels. These parcels open after six hours, and you’ll get your reward. However, having tried this for a week, and collected or snatched 73 parcels, I only got one other rental. And all the other offers I got were very poor indeed. So I’m not going to carry on. However, these could improve as time goes on, so let me know in the comments if you have any success.

> Download and sign up to Snatch to get a free Chili rental

Free credit on Vodafone

If you have Vodafone’s VeryMe loyalty app there is often a credit for a rental or sometimes £10 to spend on a selection of movies. Here’s more about VeryMe and how anyone can get it.


Free rental every month with Times+

Subscribers to the Times newspaper’s digital service can get various freebies, including a free Rakuten rental every month. You actually get 350 points, worth £3.50, so that won’t fully cover HD movies and some new releases. There’s currently an eight weeks for £8 trial of Times+. Make sure you cancel before it renews at full price.

Free credit from Three’s Wuntu app

Until May there was a free Rakuten rental on Three’s Wuntu app practically every two weeks. There hasn’t been a deal for a while, but it could return. If you don’t have the app, there’s a trick to nab it – whichever network you’re on.

> Rent a movie at Ratuken 

Google Play

Google Play offers are few and far between nowadays, but it’s worth keeping an eye on your account for special promos.

> Rent a movie from Google Play

iTunes / Apple Video

If you choose to rent or buy via iTunes then check out the latest iTunes discount codes and offers.

Eurosport streaming deals

It’s possible to watch Eurosport online without an annual subscription or service like Sky or Virgin.

Free 7-day trial with Amazon

There’s a free seven-day trial of the online Eurosport Player. To get this trial you also need to be an Amazon Prime member – but that too comes with a free-trial lasting 30-days.

Follow the links below to sign up.

> Sign up for a free trial of Amazon Prime 

> Sign up for the Eurosport Player free trial with Amazon

Month pass for £6.99

If you don’t want to sign up for Amazon, you can buy a month pass direct with Eurosport. This costs £6.99. Cancel before it ends if you don’t want to carry on for another month.

> Get the month-long Eurosport pass for £6.99

Streaming deals and free trials

Good movie choices are pretty limited on, but Netflix in particular has some great TV. You can get a 30 day free trial for Netflix & Amazon Prime and a 14 day trial for NOW TV. I’ve compared the different services in my blogpost Nothing on TV? How to choose between Netflix, Amazon Prime and Now TV.

NOW TV deals

I love NOW TV, particularly if you want Sky Atlantic but don’t want Sky. There are often some great deals on its streaming packages.

Netflix deals

It’s harder to save with Netflix, but there are a few deals, which I’ve listed on this page.

Free 30 days of classic, cult, arthouse and European cinema

You can get a 30-day trial of each of these two new movie streaming services. Both have cult, classic and European cinema.

Get a 30 day trial of Mubi

> Get a 30-day trial of BFI Player +


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