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Downloads, DVDs and streaming – here are the best TV and movie deals to help you enjoy a cheap night in!

I’ve hunted out ongoing offers, the best prices to buy DVDs and any short-lived deals.

*Cheap movie rental vouchers and offers*

Amazon Instant Video:

Between 4th May and 3rd June you can rent new release movies from Amazon for £1.99. New titles are announced every Monday, and at the moment you can pick from the likes of It, Lego Ninjago and Call Me By Your Name. You’ve 30 days to start watching the film.

>> Rent a movie from Amazon Prime
>> Not got Prime? Sign up for a free trial  

Google Play:

Keep an eye on the top banner of the Google Play store for special deals. I recently managed to bag all the Harry Potter movies for £3.99 – to keep!

>> Rent a movie from Google Play


If you’ve got Three’s Wuntu app you can pick up a free rental practically every two weeks. If you don’t have the app, there’s a trick to nab it – whichever network you’re on.

>> Rent a movie at Ratuken 

TalkTalk store:

This used to be Blinkbox, which was full of fantastic offers. Sadly now there aren’t many decent offers.

>> Rent at the TalkTalk store

*Google Play, Amazon and iTunes vouchers*

The clever app Zeek lets you buy reduced gift cards. Some are delivered by post, but Google Play, Amazon and iTunes codes are usually electronic and emailed straight away.

You don’t know what’s available and the discount on offer until you log in, but follow my link below and use the code CLEVERCASH to get a £5 discount on your first order (min spend £45)!

>> Get a £5 voucher for Zeek, then save even more on gift cards
>> The latest iTunes discount codes and offers

*NOW TV deals*

There are so many NOW TV offers and tricks I’ve written a separate page with the best offers.

*Free 30 days of classic, cult, arthouse and European cinema*

You can get a 30-day trial of each of these two new movie streaming services. Both have cult, classic and European cinema.

>> Get a 30 day trial of Mubi
>> Get a 30-day trial of BFI Player +

* Free 7-day Eurosport trial*

To watch you Eurosport without a subscription there’s a free seven-day trial of the online Eurosport Player. To get this trial you also need to be an Amazon Prime member – but that too comes with a free-trial lasting 30-days.

Follow the links below to sign up.

>> Sign up for a free trial of Amazon Prime 
>> Sign up for the Eurosport Player free trial with Amazon

If you don’t want to sign up for Amazon, you can buy a month pass direct with Eurosport. This costs £6.99. Cancel before it ends if you don’t want to carry on for another month.

>> Get the month-long Eurosport pass for £6.99

*Amazon, Now TV and Netflix streaming deals and free trials*

Good movie choices are pretty limited on, but Netflix in particular has some great TV. You can get a 30 day free trial for Netflix & Amazon Prime and a 14 day trial for NOW TV. I’ve compared the different services in my blogpost Nothing on TV? How to choose between Netflix, Amazon Prime and Now TV.

I love NOW TV, particularly if you want Sky Atlantic but don’t want Sky. There are often some great deals on its streaming packages.


*Get the cheapest DVDs and Blu-rays*

If you want it as soon as it comes out, you’ll probably pay a premium. I can’t guarantee these sites are the lowest prices for every release, but pretty much every time I look these have the best prices.

>>Shop at Amazon
>>Shop at


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