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It’s rare to find deals to save money on your Netflix subscription, but it is possible to pay less.

Some articles on the blog contain affiliate links, which provide a small commission to help fund the blog. However, they won’t affect the price you pay or the blog’s independence. Read more here.

50% off your first two months

New users can save 50% when they first sign up to Netflix. After the first two months at this discounted price you’ll pay the full price for the level you’ve chosen..

It’s possible you’ll see a different offer, such as buy one month, get a second free. It works out you’ll pay the same amount overall, but do let me know what you see.

> Sign up for two months Netflix at half price

Chromecast and Netflix bundle

For the combined price of £89.99 you’ll get the new Chromecast and credit to use at Netflix.

The Chromecast is Google’s streaming device. You plug it into your TV’s HDMI and use it to stream film & TV. This new version comes with a remote control, but you can still use your phone or computer to share screens to your TV.

This launch offer essentially gives you £53.94 credit for Netflix for £30 when buying a full-price Chromecast (for £59.99).

Or the other way to look at it is you’ll get the new Chromecast for £36. Either way you’ll be saving £24 on the full price for both.

The six months Netflix applies to the mid-range “standard” subscription, where two people can stream at the same time and you get HD quality. You can use it how you like, so if you had the basic £5.99 option it’d last for nine months. If it’s the pricier 4K version it’d only cover just over four months of your subscription.

The offer ends 31st December 2020 and it’s open to new and existing Netflix customers.

> Pre-order your Chromecast and Netflix bundle

Watch Netflix for free

Sadly Netflix stopped the free trial in the UK in late 2019. It’s now added a page with a limited selection of content you can watch without an account.

This includes:


  • Murder Mystery
  • The Two Popes 
  • Birdbox

TV (1st episodes only

  • Stranger Things
  • Grace & Frankie
  • Our Planet
  • Love is Blind
  • When They See Us
  • Boss Baby Back in Business
  • Elite

> Watch Netflix for free

Switch your subscription level

There are three levels of Netflix. The basic package costs £5.99, but you don’t get HD and you can only stream on one screen at a time.

If you do want HD and two have two screens usable at the same time this standard package is £8.99.

The premium package is £11.99. For this you get 4K quality (if the content you want to watch is actually available with that version) and you can stream or download to four devices at the same time.

Personally I think most people will be happy with the first two options and very few people will get the full benefit of the top tier. Switch and you could save yourself between £3 and £6 a month.

Share your subscription

Officially you can split your subscription with anyone at your address, which can really cut down the cost each month. 

Technically it’s possible to do the same with others outside your household, though Netflix could decide to clamp down on this in the future.

If you do split this then make sure you’re clear with friends and family who is paying what and how they’ll pay the main account holder.

Here’s more on sharing your subscription.

Pay with a cashback credit card

You can use a cashback credit card to earn money back on your subscription. We’re not talking huge amounts here, but even the 1% from American Express will add up.

Discounted Netflix gift cards

I’ve not seen one of these for a long time, but in the past I’ve been able to save 4% at CD Keys and more at the now-defunct Zeek.

If I spot any new offers I’ll share them here.

Try a different streaming service

Netflix is great, but there are other options with plenty of content – and plenty of deals. So pause your subscription for a month or two and try out free trials from the likes of Amazon Prime Video and Disney + or get dirt cheap passes for Sky channels via NOW TV. Here’s my guide to the latest offers.

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