Amazon Prime Video deals

Pay less for Amazon’s film, TV and sport streaming service.

Like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video has a huge range of original content mixed in with classic boxsets and movies. It’s also increasingly influential in sports broadcasting with some Premier League fixtures, ATP and WTA tennis and more.

Prime Video subscription deals

30-day free trial

If you’re new to Amazon Prime then it’s well worth taking the 30-day free trial. Just make sure you cancel before you get charged the full annual amount. If that does accidentally happen you should contact Amazon ASAP to ask for a refund.

It’s also worth checking even if you’ve had this in the past as Amazon regularly offers this again. It used to be once every 12-months (or 12 months since you last had Prime), but I’ve seen it available months after cancelling.

99p for a week

Ex-Prime users might also see an offer for a week for under £1 to sign back up. There’s no commitment beyond this time – as long as you cancel before the next full month begins. You’ll find this if you go to the Prime tab on the menu.

£2 monthly discount

Though Amazon Prime costs £95 a year or £8.99 a month, you can get a video-only subscription for £5.99 a month.

Don’t be fooled by advertising on the site that says Prime Video is £8.99 – the cheaper price is still there and you can select it when you activate your subscription.

Channel add-on offers

Amazon often runs offers to save money on add-on channels such as Starzplay and Eurosport. You must have Prime Video already to add channels. I’ll share below if any decent offers appear.


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