Disney Plus deals and offers (October 2021)

Spend less on your Disney+ subscription service.

This streaming service from Disney launched on 24th March 2020 in the UK, added a ton load of grown-up TV and movies in February 2021.

You can read more about how it compares to Netflix and other streaming services here.

I’ll share the best ways to pay less when I spot them, including special offers, free trials and discount codes.

Disney+ Price

Sadly there’s no free trial for Disney Plus. Though a 7-day trial was initially available you’ll now need to pay to access the service.

It costs £7.99 a month, and you can cancel at any time. Or if you pay upfront for a year it’ll cost £79.90, saving you 17%. You’ll essentially get two months free.

Disney+ offers

Beat the Disney+ price increase (Existing customers)

On the 23rd February 2021 prices increased for new customers. However, if you are already on an annual pass and it ends before 21st August 2021 you’ll be able to renew at £59.99 for another year.

Annual pass: Two months free

Paying for an annual subscription to Disney+ offers you two months free. This works out at £79.90 rather than £95.88, a saving of £15.98 which is just under 17% off.

However, it’s possible to save even more if you’re new to Disney+ as the next deal shows.

Cashback: Up to £27 off annual plan

Users of Quidco and TopCashback can get £10 back when they take out a year-long subscription to Disney +. You’ll still pay the full £59.99 but you’ll get £10 paid back to your account.

Even better, if you’re new to either cashback site you can also get a £17 or £10 new member bonus too.

This is only open to new Disney+ customers.

Andy’s analysis – is it worth paying for a year upfront?

If you know you want Disney+ all year round (hello anyone with kids!), the annual pass discount and potential cashback bring the price down.

But it’s worth thinking just how often you’ll actually watch it. Do you only want it for the big Marvel and Star Wars TV shows? If so, maybe you only need to get it when these are released.

And if you can cut Disney+ for at least two months a year (more if you get the cashback), then it’s exactly the same cost to go for the monthly price. So every month on top that you don’t subscribe you are saving cash.

Of course you do need to remember to cancel and not let it keep rolling over month to month.

£2 off a month with O2

If you’re already with O2 but not due an upgrade you can add it to your mobile plan (so you’ll pay alongside your bill) at £7.99 a month, and get £2 credited to your bill, effectively meaning you’ll save £24 a year.

Clubcard: Three months for £8

New and existing Disney+ customers can swap Clubcard vouchers for credit to use at Disney+. You need £8 worth of points which you can swap for three months’ credit. Since one month is £7.99 you’re getting the equivalent of triple value for your Clubcard points.

The offer ends 1 August 2022 and you must use any vouchers claimed by 10 August 2023.

10% off with Santander

If you have access to Santander’s Retailer Offers via a current account or credit card, you might see an offer earn 10% cashback on Disney+.

It says it’s on new purchases, though I reckon you’d get the money even as an existing customer. It’s certainly worth a try if you are already paying. Premier Access payments are excluded.

The offer expires 29 August 2021 and the most you can earn is £7.99 (10% of the annual price).

6 months free with O2

If you’re new to O2 or upgrading then you can claim either three or six months of Disney+ for free. This can be a great way to save, but you need to make sure you can’t get a cheaper SIM-only deal elsewhere.

This “Extra” is only available on certain deals, and most of the time O2 SIM deals are more expensive than elsewhere

However, sometimes you can find a bargain. For example, you can get 12GB of data for £9 a month via comparisons sites such as Uswitch, which comes with 3 months free Disney+ (Thanks to Jordan for pointing this one out to me in the comments).

So you’d pay £108 a year for your phone tariff, get three months free Disney, then get £2 off the Disney+ for the next nine months (and beyond). This means you’d pay £53.91 for a year of Disney+. Combined that’s a total of £161.91

Let’s compare this to the best alternative deal. You can get 12GB with Three for £8 a month, but when you factor in £30 cashback, the total for 12 months of your phone is £66. A year upfront for Disney would be £79.90. So in total, you’ll pay £145.90 this way – cheaper than O2 by £16.

2 thoughts on “Disney Plus deals and offers (October 2021)

  1. There is a pretty sweet deal with Uswitch for o2 sim right now….I’d have taken that myself if I hadn’t just got a new plan. Even better if you’re already using Disney+

    1. Thanks Jordan, that’s a good spot.


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