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Spend less on your Disney+ subscription service.

The new streaming service from Disney launched on 24th March 2020 in the UK. It has all the old Disney movies as well as new series in the worlds of Star Wars and Marvel.

I’ll share the best ways to pay less when I spot them, including special offers, free trials and discount codes.

Disney+ Price

Sadly there’s no free trial for Disney Plus. Though a 7-day trial was initially available you’ll now need to pay to access the service.

It costs £5.99 a month, and you can cancel at any time. Or if you pay upfront for a year it’ll cost £59.99, saving you 15%. You’ll essentially get two months free.

From 23rd February 2021 the monthly fee increases to £7.99 a month. The annual price jumps up to £79.90.

You can read more about the increase to Disney+ and Netflix here.

Beat the Disney+ price increase

New annual customers

If you want to beat this then it’s worth considering purchasing an annual subscription before that date. The £59.99 price is the equivalent of paying £7.99 for seven and a half months.

If you get the £10 cashback (more on this below), then it’s the same as paying full price for six months and one week.

Combining the bonus cashback for new Quidco members, brings the total down to £32.99 for the year, the same as just over four months at the new higher monthly price.

You can change your subscription from monthly to annual at any time.

Existing annual customers

If you are already on an annual pass and it ends before 21st August 2021 you’ll be able to renew at £59.99.

But if it ends after that date you will auto-renew at new old price. But I’ve spotted a possible workaround. A Disney+ gift subscription provides 12 months of Disney+ and costs £59.99. It’s only for new subscribers, so you’d need to still need to get someone to create a new account.

But the key difference here is that you should be able to activate this once your current subscription year ends.

I can’t see any details about expiration dates in the terms & conditions, so you should be able to do this whenever your current annual pass ends.

And, since you’re buying a 12 month subscription and not £59.99 of credit, it’ll activate a full year despite the price increase.

You can also combine this with the cashback offer listed below.

Disney+ offers

Up to £27 bonus from cashback sites

Users of Quidco and TopCashback can get £10 back when they take out a year-long subscription of Disney +. You’ll still pay the full £59.99 but you’ll get £10 paid back to your account.

Even better, if you’re new to either site you can also get a £17 or £10 new member bonus too.

> Sign up a cashback site

Buy an annual pass

Paying for an annual price offers you two months free. At the pre-increase rates it’s the equivalent of 15% off. At the higher rates from February 2021 it works out slightly higher at roughly 17%.

However it’s worth thinking just how often you’ll watch it. If you think you could go without for at least three months a year (and will remember to cancel), then it’s cheaper to go for the monthly price.

6 months free with O2

If you’re new to O2 or upgrading then you can claim 6 months of Disney+ for free. This can be a great way to save, but you need to make sure you can’t get a cheaper SIM-only deal elsewhere. Most of the time O2 SIM deals are more expensive.

However, deals come and go. You can get 10GB of data for £8 a month via comparisons sites such as Uswitch. (Thanks to Jordan for pointing this one out to me in the comments).

So you’d pay £96 a year for this, get six months free Disney, then six months with £2 off (paying a total of £35.94). So in total you’d pay £131.94 over a year.

Let’s compare this to the best alternative deal. You can get 12GB with Three for £8 a month, but you can add in £30 cashback. A year upfront for Disney would be £79 at the new price, (£59 if you get it before the price increase). So in total, you’ll pay either £139 or £119.

So you can see it’s not as simple as getting the free Disney with O2.

> Check out O2 SIM deals

£2 off a month with O2

If you’re already with O2 but not due an upgrade you can add it to your mobile plan (so you’ll pay alongside your bill) at £5.99 a month (£7.99 from late February), and get £2 credited to your bill, effectively meaning you’ll save £24 a year.

> Sign up to Disney+ via O2

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