Disney Plus deals and offers (May 2024)

Spend less on your Disney+ subscription service.

This streaming service from Disney saw prices go up in November 2023 – but there are plenty of ways to save.

We’ll share the best ways to pay less when we spot them, including special offers, free trials and discount codes.

Disney+ Price

Sadly there’s no free trial for Disney Plus. Though a 7-day trial was initially available you’ll now need to pay to access the service.

You can pay monthly (and cancel at any time) for three of the options ranging from £4.99 with adverts, £7.99 for the “standard” option and £10.99 for “Premium”. The latter two tiers can also be paid for annual for a small discount.

You can read more about the new tiers and price changes in our news story and analysis.

Standard with AdsStandardPremium
Subscription Price £4.99 per month
(No annual bundle)
£7.99 per month or
(£79.90 per year)
£10.99 per month or
(£109.90 per year)
Video QualityUp to Full HD 1080pUp to Full HD 1080pUp to 4K UHD & HDR
Concurrent Streams224
Audio5.1 and Stereo5.1 and StereoDolby Atmos

Disney+ offers

Annual pass: Two months free

Paying for an annual subscription to Disney+ normally offers you two months free.

For Standard it works out at £79.90 rather than £95.88, a saving of £15.98 which is just under 17% off.

Premium will set you back £109.90 rather than £131.88, saving around 17% too.

You can pay this yourself in your account or buy it as a gift card.

Up to £30 off annual plans with cashback

Users of Quidco and TopCashback can get £10 back when they take out a year-long subscription to Disney +. You’ll still pay the full £79.90 but you’ll get £10 paid back to your account.

Even better, if you’re new to either cashback site you can also get a £20 or £15 new member bonus too.

This is only open to new Disney+ customers.

Uber One: free annual Disney+ pass (pay £59.99)

If you sign up to an annual Uber One pass at £59.99, you’ll get a free year of Disney+ Standard, worth £79.90 at full price (already £16 less than paying monthly).

You’ll also get discounts on Uber rides and Eats. Here’s more in our Uber One review.

Andy’s analysis – is it worth paying for a year upfront?

If you know you want Disney+ all year round (hello anyone with kids!), the annual pass discount and potential cashback bring the price down.

But it’s worth thinking just how often you’ll actually watch it. Do you only want it for the big Marvel and Star Wars TV shows? If so, maybe you only need to get it when these are released.

And if you can cut Disney+ for at least two months a year (more if you get the cashback), then it’s exactly the same cost to go for the monthly price. So every month on top that you don’t subscribe you are saving cash.

Of course you do need to remember to cancel and not let it keep rolling over month to month.

One year free via Lloyds

This was our top way to get Disney+. The Club Lloyds current account is giving away a year of Disney+ as one of the Lifestyle Benefit freebies.

Sadly, since 1 November 2023 the included tier is Disney Standard with Ads – and there’s no way to upgrade it to a different option at the moment.

Not only is this worth less than before (£59.88 a year rather than £79.90), but you’ll have to watch adverts.

It’ll take a month from opening the current account until you will get access to the service.

Clubcard: 50% off

Swap £12 in Clubcard vouchers for three months of Disney+ Standard, which would cost £24 at full price.

There’s a cheaper option for Disney+ with Ads, which requires £7.50 in Clubcard points for three months, worth £15.

You don’t need to redeem your voucher until 1 May 2025.

£2 off Standard with O2

If you’re on a pay-monthly refresh tariff or a SIM-only 12 or 18 month contract, then you can add any Disney+ tier to your mobile plan (so you’ll pay alongside your bill) at full price.

But you’ll get £2 credited to your bill every month, effectively meaning you’ll pay £5.99 a month for Standard and £8.99 for Premium.

Thats’s a decent saving each month, however there is a minimum term of six months.

And if you keep it for a full year, then the savings are smaller as you need to compare them to the discounted annual plans. Versus the annual Premium plan cost of £109.90, the total saved will be £9.15. For Standard it’s a saving of £8.12 a year versus the annual cost of £79.90.

You can get this offer until 30 September 2025. It’s not available for existing Disney+ subscribers but isn’t specifically for new ones, so you could cancel and then sign up through O2 to get the discount.

Up to 6 months free with O2

If you’re new to O2 or upgrading then you can claim either one, three or six months of Disney+ for free. This can be a great way to save, but you need to make sure you can’t get a cheaper SIM-only deal elsewhere.

This “Extra” is only available on certain deals, and most of the time O2 SIM deals are more expensive than elsewhere.

However, sometimes you can find a bargain via a comparison site. For example, a two minute search found 50GB of data for £12 a month via MoneySuperMarket, which comes with 3 months free Disney+.

So you’d pay £144 a year for your phone tariff, get three months free Disney Premium, then (via a deal listed below) get £2 off the Disney+ for the next nine months (and beyond). There’s also currently £10 cashback via TopCashback for SIM-only deals at MoneySuperMarket. This means you’d pay a total of £188 for your SIM and Disney+ for one year.

Let’s compare this to an alternative deal. You can often get 15GB for under £7 a month so the total for 12 months of your phone is £84 and that’s before any cashback or other deals. A year upfront for Disney Premium would be £109.90. So in total, you’ll pay at most £163.90 this way – a little pricier than the O2 deal. Though of course that’s assuming you don’t use the other deals listed here to reduce that Disney+ cost.

Disney+ with Ads: Three months for £1.99 a month (expired)

For a limited time, new and returning Disney+ users can get a three-month subscription for £1.99 a month, so you’ll save a total of £9 versus full price.

After the three months, your subscription will auto-renew to the Disney+ with Ads price of £4.99. So be sure to set a reminder to cancel your subscription if you don’t plan on paying.

You’ll need to sign up by 14 March 2024 to get this offer.

Discounts via banking cards

it’s worth checking apps for your debit and credit cards to see if there’s a discount on Disney+.

15% off with American Express

If you have an Amex card then check the offers tab in your account to see if you can add a deal to save 15% on Disney+.

You’ll need to activate the offer in the app first. The offer comes and goes with different expiration dates, and you’ll get the discount on all transactions that are on your card in that time.

15% off with Monzo

Digital bank Monzo regularly offers customers 15% back when you spend at least £79.90 – so effectively it’s one of the two annual plans.

You’ll need to activate the offer in the app and pay with your Monzo card. It comes and goes, so if it’s not there, check when offers refresh each week.

Plus Disney+ newbies can stack this with the Quidco or TopCashback offer mentioned above and it brings the annual Standard price down to £58 – a total saving of 28%.

15% off with Curve (expired)

The multi-bank app Curve is offering 15% off Disney+ until 19 March 2024, though it could well return or be extended.

You’ll need to activate the offer in the app and pay with a card connected to Curve and spend at least £4.99. The biggest discount you can get is £11.99 (if you pay upfront for a year of standard at £79).

15% off with Santander (expired)

If you have access to Santander’s Retailer Offers via a current account or credit card, you might see an offer earn 15% cashback on Disney+.

It says it’s on new purchases, though I reckon you’d get the money even as an existing customer. It’s certainly worth a try if you are already paying. Premier Access payments are excluded.

The offer comes and goes and the most you can earn is £7.99 (so that’s really only 10% off the annual price).

Disney+ deal stack

Stack £20 off + £15 off + 15% off

There’s a way for new Disney+ users to get a huge discount, by combining three different offers. Not everyone will be eligible for each step.

  • Join Quidco as a new member by our special Be Clever With Your Cash newsletter subscriber offer to get £20 bonus cashback
  • Sign up for Disney+ via Quidco for £15 cashback
  • Activate cashback offer on partipating bank cards, such as American Express, Monzo and Curve for 15% off the full price (potentially capped at £11.99)

This would bring the price of the annual Standard membership down from £79.90 to £32.91, and Premium (assuming no cap on the 15% offer) from £109.90 to £58.

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11 thoughts on “Disney Plus deals and offers (May 2024)

  1. I got a Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra phone last October, and they said I’ll get a year Free, but when I tried to claim it, I got refused, I told Samsung and they said they didn’t understand why Disney wouldn’t except it, their suggestion was to delete my Disney Account and sign up again, but being Grossly Dyslexic I couldn’t. I cannot recall well enough to do something like that, So my disability stopped me from having the offer I should have been allowed. I shan’t buy another phone that offer something like Samsung did as for someone like myself, with recall and concentration disabilities because it’s left me feeling like I’ve been ripped off, because I’m disabled, it makes me think that the big companies know there’s people like me who won’t be able to get the offer, so they won’t have to cover the offer for those and therefore cheaper for them. I’ll be leaving Disney as soon as I can remember to cancel my subscription and I’ll not get another Samsung phone as I feel they haven’t considered anyone with my type of concentration and recall disability, so I shouldn’t support those companies and tell others to be aware of the false promise made by a company who don’t care about those with Neuro Diverse minds.

  2. Hi
    Disney+ T&Cs say vouchers can’t be used concurrently but can’t find mention of if I could use multiple 3 months offers in a row. For example, I have my Tesco 3 month deal which I can use til 2024. If use the current Disney+ Day offer (3 months at £1.99) can I then go back after it ends and apply the Tesco 3 months deal ?

  3. Hi
    Do any of these, other than the clubcard vouchers, work with Disney+ on Sky Q? I know the Tesco vouchers work.
    Many thanks

    1. Personally, I wouldn’t pay for Disney via Sky. You don’t save money and you can still use a separate Disney+ log in.

      1. With the ability to use Tesco vouchers, of which I have more than I need, its the best deal

      2. Hi I saw your message about Santander. I have my mortgage and bank and credit card with them . How can I get Disney plus with out a retail account. Can you please advise me

        1. The offers come and go and might not be on every account, but check the offers tab of your app or online banking

  4. Can we purchase multiple vouchers with clubcard? So long as they’re used before August 2023?

  5. There is a pretty sweet deal with Uswitch for o2 sim right now….I’d have taken that myself if I hadn’t just got a new plan. Even better if you’re already using Disney+

    1. Thanks Jordan, that’s a good spot.


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