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If I spot a great mobile phone or SIM-only deals, or decent offer on a contract, I’ll add it in here.

Where would we be without our mobile phones? Well, probably having better conversations and interacting more meaningfully with friends and family. Even so, these gadgets are pretty much extensions of our arms and for most of us they’re essential for our day-to-day lives.

I’d recommend you ditch the contract and go SIM only, but however you want to pay your bills, getting a great deal is the best way to pay less.

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24 months at 0% on iPhones

Apple’s smartphones aren’t cheap. The iPhone 11 Pro starts at £1,049. STARTS. Crazy money. That’s why people tend to buy these on contracts with their network as it spreads out the huge cost. However you do pay a premium for this. Hidden in there are extra charges making it more expensive than buying the phone separately. If you don’t have the savings you could look at a 0% credit card, or there’s a new offer direct from Apple where you can get 24 months at 0%. Make sure you can afford the monthly payments, and do clear it before the two years is up.

Three – 8GB of data SIM Only deal for £5.66 a month

This is a cracking deal. You can get an 8GB SIM only deal with Three for £9 a month(it’s gone up from the £8 on offer last month). This is really cheap and more than enough data for most people. It’s unlimited minutes and texts. You also get roaming in countries outside of Europe such as the USA making it my top pick for people who are often on holiday. It’s a 12-month contract.

And the price gets even lower as you can currently get £40 in cashback too! This makes the total cost for a year just £65.50, the equivalent of £5.66 a month. (Update: that deal seems to only be via Quidco or TopCashback, so you’ll have to click through to get it).

And if you’ve never use Quidco before you can get a new user bonus of up to £17!

Free Amazon Prime Video with EE

If you have a 12-month contract with EE you can get six months of Amazon Prime Video for free. You just need to text PRIME VIDEO to 150. After six months you need to cancel to avoid paying

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