Mobile phone and SIM-only deals

If I spot a great mobile phone or SIM-only deals, or decent offer on a contract, I’ll add it in here.

Where would we be without our mobile phones? Well, probably having better conversations and interacting more meaningfully with friends and family. Even so, these gadgets are pretty much extensions of our arms and for most of us they’re essential for our day-to-day lives.

I’d recommend you ditch the contract and go SIM only, but however you want to pay your bills, getting a great deal is the best way to pay less.

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SIM-only deals

Lebara: 12GB for £3.46 a month

This deal via MSE will get you a 12GB Lebara SIM for 1p a month for the first six months, then a decent £6.90 per month after this. That brings the 12 month average down to £3.46.

It’s a 30 day rolling SIM so you can move away at any time. It’s also got free roaming in EU and India.

Three: 20GB SIM-Only deal for £4.67 a month

This is a cracking deal. You can get an increased 20GB of data with Three for £8 a month – it’s increased from the usual 8GB offer, which is now £7 a month.

This is really cheap and more than enough data for most people. It’s unlimited minutes and texts.

And the price gets even lower as you can currently get around £40 in cashback too from Quidco or TopCashback! This makes the total cost for a year with 12GB just £56, the equivalent of £4.67 a month.

And if you’ve never use TopCashback or Quidco before you can get a new user bonus of up to £17

Smarty: 30GB for £10 a month

Though I don’t think anyone really needs 30GB of data, this 30-day SIM-only deal is a decent bet if you want a short-term back up for your broadband. Obviously it’ll carry on at that price each month so don’t forget to cancel. Smarty operates on the Three network.

You can also get £10 back from cashback sites, making it £9.17 a month.

Mobile phone deals

As I often say you’re better off buying your handset outright rather than get in in a contract. Here are some deals that’ll help you save money or spread the cost. They sometimes come and go, so it’s important to check the financing is at 0%!

24 months 0% on Samsung phones

As with the Apple promotion below, you can get Samsung’s new S21 range at 0% for up to 36 months. This helps you spread the cost of the handset out into affordable monthly installments without getting hit with extra charges (well, more affordable, it is still very expensive!).

This is usually a better option than getting it in a contract with your network as you’ll almost always pay extra in hidden charges this way – though if you’ve got five minutes do check there aren’t special launch deals.

Make sure though that you have selected the 0% offer and not the standard credit payment option. And don’t use this as an excuse to get the phone – only do it if you can afford it and need a new handset.

24 months at 0% on iPhones

Apple’s smartphones aren’t cheap. The iPhone 13 Pro starts at £949. STARTS. Crazy money. That’s why people tend to buy these on contracts with their network as it spreads out the huge cost. However you do pay a premium for this. Hidden in there are extra charges making it more expensive than buying the phone separately.

If you don’t have the savings you could look at a 0% credit card, or there’s a new offer direct from Apple where you can get 24 months at 0%. Make sure you can afford the monthly payments, and do clear it before the two years is up.

12 thoughts on “Mobile phone and SIM-only deals

  1. I’m going on a cruise to the Caribbean in January, are there any Sim Only deals I can sign up to for 1 month that would give me coverage and a generous amount of Data?

  2. Andy lebara is pretty good sim only. Especially for calling abroad. No midterm charges and 3 months half price 100 mins International 15 gb and unltd texts and uk calls Cost 4.50 3 months then 9 pound. 1 yearly contract. Can also go monthly for a little bit extra

  3. Andy
    Can you send me your articles to just once a week please?
    Overwhelmed with emails

    1. I think you must be signed up via WordPress rather than the newsletter. Not sure how you unsubscribe from that, maybe it’s on the emails you get? Once you’ve done that just head to to sign up again

  4. Hi Andy – it says 8Gb with no mention of 12Gb on your link

    1. Hi Amit, the 12GB offer was linked at the top, that was the 8GB offer, but I’ve added both to the end of that section now.

  5. Thanks for all your efforts for us Andy
    I may be wrong but when checking the deal specs I noted 070 personal numbers are not included in your allowance
    The rest of deal is very good
    Also was not sure how personal hotspot can work with another device connected?

  6. Hi I went through the link in May. Set up an account with Top cashback. I never received any cashback from 3 and I used a Halford’s link too. Nothing!

    1. Hi Steven – have you raised this with TopCashback?

  7. Hi Andy & Team

    This link is going nowhere!?(from today email)

    Three – 8GB of data SIM Only deal for £4.46 a month

    1. Hmm… you might have to go via Quidco then to get the offer. I’ve just tried it and it brings the SIM deal into the basket to buy.

      p.s. I wish there was a team!! It’s just me I’m afraid 🙂

    2. BT SHOP Offer 18,24,36 months interest free via PayPal credit for new mobile phones


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