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Selling or recycling your old iPhone or Samsung could get you hundreds of pounds! Here’s everything you need to know to sell your old phone.

I’ve stayed clear of the last few iPhones, mainly because of the lack of headphone socket, but also because my iPhone 6 is still working fine. Yet last year I made the jump to an iPhone 7 Plus (I didn’t see the point in getting the 8) on a trip to America (saving £200!). Part of the decision was factoring how much money I can make from selling my old phone.

The money on offer isn’t to be sniffed at. When I switched from my 5C to the 6 in 2014 I made a whopping £340, with £200 of that coming because I listed it on eBay rather than using a recycling site.

The best prices are for newer handsets, where you can get over £300 for the latest models. But even older phones have a decent return. My three-year old iPhone 6 could potentially have picked up £230 plus on eBay at the time, but I ended up selling it to a friend for just a little less to save the hassle and cut out the fees.

Here’s me talking about selling your phone on Channel 5’s Shop Smart Save Money:

Here’s what you need to know to get the most money recycling and selling your mobile.

1. eBay is usually best

It’s more hassle and you’ve got to figure out fees and packaging costs, but do it right and you’ll normally get the most money for your old phone through eBay.

Research what other handsets have gone for recently (choose completed listings in the filters) and see how your phone’s condition compares. Make sure you charge for postage that is insured as it’s an expensive thing to lose!

I went for a buy-it-now listing, though you might get more if you want to risk a standard auction.

>> Sell your phone on eBay

2. Get a quote from CEX

How much you’ll get really varies according to the phone, condition and how many they have in stock. However, it’s possible to get a really decent price on more recent handsets. You won’t know how much you’ll get until they’ve assessed it, so it might be best to pop into the shops to get a more accurate quote.

You’ll get more if you exchange for credit, but only do this if you are sure there are things you want to buy.

>> See what you’ll get at CEX

3. Compare recycling sites

If you can’t be bothered with eBay, then try one of these. It’s the easiest way to sell your phone. Generally you won’t know how much you’ll get until the phone has been received.

Compare and Recycle, Compare my Mobile and SellMyMobile are all good comparison sites of the leading buyers. Check reviews of the companies as a higher price might not be worth it if people have had problems.

O2 Recycle often has lower but still decent prices. I’ve used them before and been happy with the service.

Carphone Warehouse is also worth a look.

4. Sell to a friend

Of course you can avoid all that hassle and fees if you’ve a mate who will buy it. Just hope they don’t start moaning if it breaks!

5. Get your handset unlocked

If you’ve bought your phone through a mobile network, it’s probably locked so that it can only be used with it. Unlock it so it can be used on any network and you’ll probably get a better price.

Some phones might be locked for a year, but it’s actually pretty easy to do. You can find more information on unlocking different handsets at Giffgaff’s Unlockapedia.

To check the unlocking has worked you can buy a £1 sim card from most pound shops.

6. Look after your phone

I always keep my phone in a case. That means I’ve no chips or scratches, no broken screen. And that means I can sell it for a far higher price. It might be too late now, but think about it for your next phone.

There you go! Best of luck selling your handset, and if you haven’t upgraded yet, read my guide to getting the best value when you upgrade.


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