Uber One review: is it worth the money?

You can get discounts on takeaways and taxis with Uber One, and now a Disney+ subscription

Uber One is a subscription you can get with Uber for both its Uber Rides and Uber Eats products, but it’s also got a few additional benefits, including a Standard Disney+ subscription and various discounts. But is Uber One worth the money? Here’s what we think. 

What is Uber One?

Uber One’s a pretty new subscription, having only launched in 2022. It’s similar to Deliveroo Plus, however as Uber’s got both takeaway and taxi services — Uber Eats and Uber Rides — you can benefit from it with both.

In addition, Uber’s partnered up with other brands to offer discounts and freebies for its subscribers, which we detail more below. 

Uber One benefits

You can get discounts on Uber Eats deliveries and rides with Uber One, but there are also other benefits. Here’s what you get with Uber One:

Uber Eats and Uber Rides discounts

These are pretty good if you use Uber often – especially if your local restaurants are a little slow – I can think of a few recent deliveries where I’d have been able to snag that £5 cashback —  although with one I complained and got a full refund, so you don’t necessarily need a membership to benefit.

Don’t fall for the grocery orders discount, the prices are often ramped up and aren’t worth it, even with 5% off.  

Uber Eats discounts

  • £0 delivery fee (for orders over £15)
  • 5% off delivery orders over £15
  • 5% off grocery orders over £25
  • £5 cashback if your order arrives later than the “latest arrival by’” time
  • Better promotions than non-members to your favourite restaurants

Uber Rides discounts

  • 5% off Uber Rides
  • 10% off Uber Exec and UberLUX rides

Free Disney+ Standard (with annual plan)

You can get a free annual Disney+ Standard subscription with an annual Uber One plan. 

This is a great offer if you’re paying for a full year of Disney+ anyway, as it’s around £20 cheaper than paying for a year upfront for Disney and £36 cheaper than paying monthly. However, don’t rule out other offers and discounts that could also bring down the price of Disney+, such as a free year of Disney+ with ads via a Club Lloyds or simply paying month by month and cancelling when you don’t use it.

However, if you’re also interested in Uber One already, you basically get that added on for free (despite DIsney technically being the add-on). 

If you cancel and resubscribe to Disney+ as and when you want it, you might be able to save money with this offer, depending on how many months you typically pay for. Eight or more and you’re better off going for this one. You can’t cancel and resubscribe to Uber One month by month to get access to Disney.

To get it, you just buy the Uber One annual membership and you’ll get a code within 48 hours to sign up for Disney+. If you’re already a Disney+ member, you need to cancel your current subscription and then sign up again using the code after your existing billing cycle has ended.

Save on Disney+

All the latest offers in our dedicated Disney+ article

VIP Experiences and additional discounts

There are some things you can get in addition through competitions or regular promotions, but don’t count on any of these, as they’re not guaranteed.

  • Access to some VIP experiences, like tickets to the Brit Awards, All Points East, Disney premieres, and the Rugby World Cup
  • 2-for-1 cinema tickets
  • Avios double points window
  • £25 off Booking.com purchases

How much is Uber One?

Uber one is £5.99 per month, or you can get a year upfront for £59.99 – getting you two months free. You can only get the free Disney+ subscription with the annual plan, we talk about the potential savings of this above, as well as in our summary below.

You’re not tied in with the monthly subscription, so you can do the odd months here and there, if you want.

Is there an Uber One free trial?

Yes, you can get a free trial of Uber One — you can get it for four weeks for free. You don’t get the Disney subscription with the free trial, though. 

Other Uber fees

You’ll still have to pay fees for your Uber Eats order, even with an Uber One subscription. This depends on the size of your order, and isn’t waived or discounted with the membership. When I looked at a few orders, this was often up to 5% of the cost of the order.  

Summary: is Uber One worth it?

Whether Uber One is worth it depends mainly on how often you order takeaways or take Ubers. If you’re spending more than £120 per month on Uber, you could well save some money with the monthly plan, based on the 5% discount. Plus, you’ll get delivery fees waived, which can go up to £3.  

Before Disney+ was added to the benefits of the annual plan, we’d have said that Uber One likely isn’t really worth it. However, with the news that you can get a year of Disney+ with a subscription for Uber One, it might be worthwhile. 

For example, with the annual Uber One plan, if you’re spending more than £100 per month on Uber, you’d likely save money, plus you get the Disney+ subscription on top. 

If you’re already paying for a full year of Disney+, you’d definitely save money this way by buying a year of Uber One upfront. 

You can find out how much you spend on Uber within the Uber app, by clicking “Activity” and filtering by a category. This lists your orders or rides, so you can add up a month’s worth to see what you tend to spend. 

It feels a little mean to offer the £5 cashback for late deliveries as part of a paid subscription. Regardless of if you have the Uber One membership, you should raise an issue with Uber if you’re regularly getting orders late. 

If you’re often ordering for one, you should also be aware that the free delivery and 5% discount is limited to orders over £15. This could lead to you spending more than you planned to in order to waive delivery fees, thus not really saving money at all. 

Remember that Uber isn’t necessarily the cheapest app to make your order from. I’ve had issues checking out in the past and switched over to Deliveroo or Just Eat, then found that I’m spending significantly less. This is usually because restaurants will up the prices to allow for additional fees they have to pay to use Uber Eats. The same happens with Deliveroo, too. Calling the restaurant directly can be the best option, sometimes.

In addition, Uber Rides might be more convenient, but when prices surge, which is when there’s more people trying to book one, sometimes a traditional taxi is a lot less expensive.

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How to cancel Uber One

If you want to cancel Uber One, you go to your account in the Uber app, scroll down and select “Uber One”, then choose “Manage membership”.

Here, you can change your plan and payment method, as well as cancel. 

If you’re on the free trial of Uber One when you cancel then your membership benefits end right away. If you have a monthly or annual membership, you keep access until the end of the billing period.

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