Deliveroo service fee hike: how much more you’ll pay

Free delivery threshold also lowered on Plus membership.

Thanks to a couple of changes to takeaway app Deliveroo, it’s possible you’ll be charged an extra £1 for every order you make, though some of that could be offset for those with the Deliveroo Plus subscription. Here’s what you need to know.

Deliveroo service charge change increase

From 31 January 2024, the service charge is doubled on every order you make via the app. This is a fee that goes towards Deliveroo itself rather than the restaurant or rider.

The minimum has increased from 5% of the order, capped at £1.49, to 10% of the order, capped at £2.49. There’s a minimum of 99p which hasn’t changed.

So if you were previously spending £25 or more, you’d have paid between £1.25 and the £1.49 cap. Now you’ll pay £2.49 regardless. That means most people will be paying £1 more on every order they make.

Order valueOld service chargeNew service charge

Deliveroo Plus free delivery threshold reduced

At the same time, anyone who has Deliveroo Plus Silver will find they now get free restaurant delivery on orders over £15, down from £25. You’ll still need to spend £25 to get free delivery on groceries.

There’s no change for anyone with Deliveroo Plus Gold which remains at £10 minimum for all orders.

The big winners here are going to be single people or anyone able to find a super cheap takeaway (unlikely following all the recent price hikes we seen thanks to high food inflation).

However, even someone ordering a meal for one might find £15 just a little more than they would like, so beware the temptation or order more just to save on delivery.

Deliveroo Plus costs

MembershipDeliveroo Plus SilverDeliveroo Plus Gold
Cost£3.49 a month£7.99 a month
Free delivery threshold£15 for restaurants
£25 for groceries
£10 (all orders)

Should you get Deliveroo Plus?

If you are paying £3.49 a month in delivery costs (perhaps two or three orders) then the Silver Deliveroo Plus membership will at least cover your costs. The Gold tier is harder to justify at a massive £7.99 a month. We’ve written a full analysis of Deliveroo Plus here.

It’s possible to get the Silver tier for free via Amazon Prime. If you already pay for Prime then it’s worth activating your free Deliveroo Plus membership.

However, do think about whether you’re really getting value for money from Amazon Prime itself. You might be better off cancelling that and only paying for the odd month where you need to use it. Here’s more in our Amazon Prime review.


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