Amazon Prime review: Is it worth the money?

Wondering whether you should shell out for Amazon Prime? Here are the pros and cons.

I was an Amazon Prime member for around seven years (before ending it in 2021), so I’ve made enough use of most of the services to give a decent assessment. Below I’ve outlined what you’ll get if you sign up, along with my thoughts on whether it’s worth getting and when it should be avoided.

Amazon Prime review

What is Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime is a paid for membership to the online giant that gives you a series of benefits normal customers don’t have access to – or pay more for. There’s a long list of these extras further down the review.

How much does Amazon Prime cost?

The free trial

Everyone can try it for free for 30-days. It’s best to time your trial for when you think you’ll most need free delivery or when there’s a big promo event such as Prime Day (in June/July each year) or Black Friday (the fourth Friday in November each year).

Since any adult in the household can take out a trial, if there’s more than one of you it’s possible to double up – or more. We used the first of our trials a few months before our wedding for last minute supplies, and then our second in late November/ early December for Christmas gifts.

You can repeat your trial a year after a trial has finished, so there’s the potential to do this every 13 months. And sometimes there’s even an offer earlier. I’ve been offered two free trials a year in recent years.

The annual membership: £95 a year

Amazon Prime costs a hefty £95 a year. This is a lot so you’ve really got to use two or three of the perks for it to represent good value.

There used to be a couple of times a year where you could get the membership for around £59. These were usually in the run-up to Amazon Prime Day and Black Friday, though they’ve not happened in recent years. I always list these on my Amazon deals and discounts page (so bookmark it and check back!).

The monthly subscription: £8.99 a month

If you don’t want to pay for the full year, then you can opt instead for an £8.99 monthly subscription which you can cancel at any time. It will work out as cheaper than the annual plan if you pay for nine months or less, or practically the same for 10 months.

There’s a cheaper £5.99 option but this is just for the Prime Video streaming service and not the other features.

The student discount: £47.49 a year

There’s an option which will give students six months free, then three years at £47.49 a year. A monthly option costs £4.49.

To get this you need to have a student card. Sadly, the loophole where anyone could get a student card is closed, though you might be able to get an alumni card.

Again, each household member can have the trial, so you once more can double up. We did this, giving us a full year for free, before moving on to the half-price deal.

What you get with Amazon Prime

Here are the key extras you’ll get as part of your subscription.

Free next-day, possibly same-day, delivery

There’s no minimum spend for delivery from Amazon when you’re with Prime. This can be really useful if you order from Amazon a lot.

Normally you’d have to pay extra to get things sent through if the order is under £25 (£10 for books). And they will take a few days. Generally non-Prime delivery will cost £3.99 for media (books, CDs, DVDs and games) or £4.99 for everything else. You can knock these down to £2.99 if you get your order sent to an Amazon “pickup location” such as a locker or newsagent.

So if you’re mainly thinking of Prime for delivery, you’ll need to make 20 orders under £25 in a year to break out even with the pickup deliveries, or 16 at the higher £4.99 charge.

However, since not everything on Amazon is sold by Amazon, there will still be items that aren’t eligible for Prime delivery.

Exclusive access to flash sales such as Prime Day

In the middle of July (11 and 12 in 2023), Amazon marks its birthday with Amazon Prime Day. This usually features some big discounts on Amazon products like Kindles, Echos and Fire TV, as well as all sorts of other items. And these deals are only open to Prime members.

The Black Friday sale (which essentially runs for about 12 days, if not longer!!) is another big sale with extra offers for Prime members.

I find most of these deals are stock clearance or encourage you to buy things updated don’t need. However, there are bargains to be found, especially if you utilise some of the extra vouchers to buy things you do actually need.

Early access to “lightning deals”

Personally I don’t check these out very often, but as a Prime member you can buy the daily deals 30 minutes earlier than everyone else. Since stock is usually limited, this could be the difference in getting the item and missing out. Here’s more about how Lightning Deals work.

TV and movies with Prime Video

This is probably what I’ve mostly used my past Prime memberships for. There are some good exclusive TV shows such as The Boys and The Marvellous Mrs Maisel, and plenty of other box sets.

There are also some decent recent and classic movies. Amazon is also making more original movies, and has purchased legendary studio MGM – so we’ll see even more films appearing just on Prime.

You can stream from your computer, smart TV or devices such as a Chromecast or Fire TV stick, or download to your phone. Don’t forget though that this costs £5.99 a month on its own, which might be a better option for you.

Pay less for your streaming

Find out which streaming service is the best value for money

pay less for streaming services

Live Premier League Football and tennis

Amazon is also increasing the sport you can watch exclusively via Prime Video. ATP and WTA tour tennis have been available to watch for a couple of years (though this ends this year), and for the last couple of seasons there’s also been live Premier League football too, with the Champions League coming from 2024.

The Premier League matches are only over two weekends, usually in December (in 2023 it’s 5/6 December and 26/27 December). This means you don’t need Prime for the full year if you only want it for football. Unlike on BT or Sky, you’ll be able to watch every single fixture on those dates. You can read more about how this works here.

Ad-free streaming with Amazon Music Prime

This included streaming service is better than it used to be. It’s ad-free and has grown to 100 million songs (similar to Spotify) so there’s plenty to keep you occupied if you don’t want to shell out extra for premium music streaming.

The problem is you can only shuffle your tunes. That’s ok if you’re mainly listening to playlists (which you can create), but annoying if you want to hear an album from start to finish.

You can also listen to podcasts ad-free – including my Cash Chats show!

There is an extra Music Unlimited service which you pay £10.99 for, and there’s an extra £2 discount for Prime members, thought there’s a trick to pay upfront for a year to get it even cheaper.

Digital books and magazine with Prime Reading

Every month Prime members get access to a few thousand ebooks and magazines to read via a Kindle, Kindle app, or even your computer. There are a few big titles, such as the Harry Potter series, but otherwise don’t expect to pick up the novels on your reading list.

The magazine offering isn’t bad, but the titles change every month. It’s better instead to see if you can get digital magazines from your library.

There’s also “First Reads” where you can pick up a free Kindle book each month from a selection of six or so titles. Don’t expect any future award-winners. You can see previous titles here.

Games via Prime Gaming

You’ll get a Twitch channel subscription each month, along with some free PC games to play.

Unlimited photo storage with Prime Photos

Amazon’s cloud-based storage will keep the photos you take safe if you had computer or phone gets lost or stolen. You also get 5GB of storage for other file types with Amazon Drive – the same you get with Apple iCloud, but less than the 15GB with Google Drive.

Free Deliveroo Plus

You can sign up for a year of Deliveroo Plus, which will save you money on delivery costs, worth £3.49 a month. However there’s still a minimum spend of £25 per order. Here’s more about the service.

Access to Amazon Fresh grocery delivery services

Prime members also get to order food from Morrison and Co-op via Amazon Fresh. It’s free on baskets over £60, but charges you £2 for orders between £60 and £40 and £4 if the total is under £40 or if you want the delivery within two hours.

What you don’t get included with Amazon Prime

You’d be forgiven for expecting Prime gives you all the extra services Amazon offers. But no, you need to pay extra for the following:

  • Amazon Music Unlimited – an extra £8.99 a month
  • Kindle Unlimited – an extra £9.49 a month
  • Audible audiobooks – an extra £7.99 a month
  • Amazon Channels – extra TV channels such as Paramount+ and Discovery+

What’s good about Amazon Prime

People obviously love the next-day delivery, and it’s certainly a service that other retailers find hard to compete with. And there’s much more you can get on top.

If you use most of the features that come with Amazon, you’re getting a lot for your money – effectively £7.92 a month if you pay for the year. Here’s a quick comparison of how this stacks up against some key competitors:

Prime MembershipCostAlternativesCost
Free next day delivery£95Paying for delivery charges elsewhere (three orders a month at £2 an order)£72
Prime VideoIncludedNetflix (standard) at £10.99 a month£131.88
Amazon Music UnlimitedExtra £79Spotify Premium (annual subscription discount)£99
Total £174Total £302.88

I’ve assumed three online orders a month with a charge of £2. Now, often you’ll get free delivery from other retailers, but charges will also vary. And you might order more or less, and delivery charges might be different too, but this gives you an idea.

With TV and film streaming, Prime Video is cheaper than Netflix, even when subscribed for via full Prime rather than on its own, and it’s the same price as a year of Disney+.

Even the extra charge with Music Unlimited is still cheaper than buying the same service with Spotify IF you are also using the other parts of the Prime.

Prime members can also get access to extra vouchers and discounts, which are great if you are going to spend the money anyway.

What’s bad about Amazon Prime

There’s a reason Amazon pack so much into the membership. They don’t want you to spend money elsewhere. If you’ve already paid for delivery with Prime, you’re not going to want to pay again elsewhere. So you don’t shop around. And you could easily end up spending more money as a result.

In part that’s because Amazon isn’t always cheaper. Across my year without Amazon in 2021 I actually saved money on my purchases – even when you factor in the delivery costs.

I think you’re also likely to buy more because you have Prime. Not just because you’re more likely to be on Amazon more often and open to more temptation, but also because those extra discounts, especially on Prime Day, encourage you to make unnecessary purchases.

You also lose the friction that added delivery costs can add to your purchase, which might make you think twice before buying something you don’t need.

Let’s also look again at the table above. Yes, it’s potentially a huge difference in spending, but that’s assuming you don’t also pay for the other services elsewhere.

If you do want Disney+ or Netflix, then also having Prime for film and TV won’t be saving you cash – it’s an extra cost. It’s only cheaper if you ditch the others.

And if you need to shop elsewhere (not everything is on Amazon) you’ll pay for delivery on top. So really I don’t think you’ll save as much as it first appears.

Is Amazon Prime worth it?

So does Amazon Prime offer good value for money? Well, it can be – as long as you use at least a couple of the services. Most people will get enough use from the free delivery, exclusive discounts on Prime Day and Prime Video to justify the £95 fee.

However, if you end up buying more and not shopping around because you have Prime, you’re likely to spend more money having Prime rather than not having it.

Don’t forget you can still shop at Amazon without Prime. Yes, you might pay between £2.99 and £4.99 for items under £25 (it’s under £10 for books). But you’d need to order something under that threshold roughly every fortnight to cover your £95 fee. Do you order low-cost items that often from Amazon?

And of course you need to consider where else you shop. I definitely found that when I had Prime I shopped much more with Amazon because I had the free delivery. And that’s not necessarily a good thing.

It really comes down to whether you are dedicated to Amazon or happy to shop and stream elsewhere.

If you don’t want to stop completely, then maybe you could cancel your annual membership and go monthly. And then pick and chose the months you need to use it. So perhaps it’s just around Prime Day, Black Friday and when you want to binge some new box sets. Just see how you go!

My year without Amazon

Why I cancelled my Amazon Prime membership

I actively chose to go without Amazon in 2021, so I obviously cancelled my Prime membership – even though I was paying just £39 a year.

This was largely a step to proactively support other retailers (ideally on the high street). But I also wanted to make sure my money didn’t help Amazon continue to grow its profits while it manages (legally) to avoid paying a fair rate of tax here in the UK and elsewhere.

Of course you might think that going without isn’t possible, but I’d urge you to give it a try. I found it so much easier than I thought I would, and I’ve been surprised how much less I bought and how much less things cost at the same time.

You can read more about how my year without Amazon went – and how much money saved.

How to cancel Amazon Prime

Watch this video to see how you cancel – and why you might want to think about using Amazon less.

Other ways to save at Amazon

Make sure you check out my Amazon deals and offers page. This is where I’ll list flash sales, gift card bonuses and other extras. For example, you can often get a free top-up when you buy a gift card. All this and more via the link below!

Save more at Amazon

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27 thoughts on “Amazon Prime review: Is it worth the money?

  1. Don’t know how it happened

    Was checking out and normally offered a 30 day trial but a month ago was offered student prime 6 month… email required I just clicked that I graduated in 2024.

    Wife got the same 18 months ago and at the end of 6 month trial took up the £39 a year student prime which has just renewed again at £39

    In both cases no student email was asked for it was just offered on the payment page instead of the normal 30 trial

  2. Took out free month prime which I cancelled within the month, discovered four years later they were still taking £7.99 a month, so cancelled again, this time cancelling my card number too, two months later I had my second request to update my card because they were having trouble debiting my account, surely thats fraud or malpractice, so have they legally managed to take £400 out of my account, or do I have recourse, its a scam!!!

  3. My Partner, I very recently discovered, has been paying Amazon Prime £7.99 a month for the last four years without her knowledge. All she can remember is purchasing a present and it being sent to her daughter in the US.
    She is now in Slovakia looking after her parents and is unable to return to the UK.
    We did manage to cancel her “subscription” and were promised a possible refund of £7.99. Is it possible to get the rest refunded? anybody know How?
    Many Thanks

  4. I’ve used free Amazon trials on and off and at the moment I’ve had a student membership for some reason. BUT, I can hardly find anything I want to watch on Prime Video and several orders that were supposed to be delivered next day went missing! Trying to get hold of someone to sort that out the first time was a pain in the backside.
    I’ve cancelled my student membership TODAY because I don’t want to give Bezos any more of my money. I’d rather support smaller businesses – I don’t know why I got sucked in. I tend to buy books and DVDs second hand from World of Books these days, and I use Etsy a lot.

  5. Colin Labouchere June 28, 2021 at 2:40 pm

    I have cancelled Prime, and they even refunded one month (back in January). Since then they have continued to take £7.99 per month from my bank account. ~The only way the bank can stop it is by issuing a new card. I’m 82, and they reckon they can get away with it. It seems impossible to contact anyone at Amazon.

    1. Try this contact page (I’m sure you already have)

      There’s an option that says “need help over the phone? We can call you”, which might help you get through to a real person!

      Good luck. Let me know how it goes

    2. Look up CEOEMAIL
      That lists the bosses of most big companies

  6. I take Amazon’s free trials when I can. Then I buy up my stuff within that month. I might then pay for a month and do the same. And I do find the Prime Video and Music services you get within Prime pretty good. But it’s nice to then “rest” for a few months without Amazing Prime – because, yes, there is that tendency to want to make the most of Prime when I do have it – more purchases, more video watching, etc, which can get tiring! Overall, though, I find it a great service package when I do use it periodically. But when I stop it, I find that All4+, just for viewing of course, very much suffices my viewing. There is so much on All4 and the £3.99 after the free month for All4+ is good value just to avoid the TV ads. It’s the TV ads that buffer, not the shows themselves.

  7. Great information Andy I am a priime member you used to be able to see your total spend for year before on Amazon but now its hidden as people spend more with easy 1 click

    do you know where you can find this information as lots of people asking on Google too, would be great to do an update on it.

    best regards Simon

  8. I like amazon prime, but what I really hate is the fact that you can only download up to 24 episods or 15 movies as the limit, which is poor compared to other streaming services.
    With youtube you can download as much as you want at anytime.
    I would download on youtube up to 40 gigabytes of content and maybe 20 gigs on netflix, which is 6 seasons of a tv show which is very good.
    if you had no internet service
    And had to relie on your downloads to entertain you on a dessert island, use youtube or netflix for your downloads,
    not amazon prime.

    Please amazon do something about your download limit.

  9. Amazon pushing people for a prime delivery, making it easy to make a mistake and a role to the membership. I made a mistake 3 times and I have to cancel the membership and I am thinking stop using Amazon altogether, very bad a practice by Amazon

    1. Spot on Mohamed, I’ve done exactly the same thing and let Amazon know what I think about it. I too have just cancelled for the third time. I’ve started to buy elsewhere for several reasons. First the one you have mentioned regarding coercing you into starting Prime membership; second I want to support the local High Street or other smaller UK businesses and the fact that Amazon don’t pay enough tax. I have to say though that apart from that their service is very good.

  10. Wow! After reading the review, then the readers’ comments, I have decided to steer clear of Amazon Prime and, since they were mentioned, the other movie streaming services.

    100% discount.

  11. Had student membership and cancelled. Got charged 10.99 dollars next month. Phoned up to complain and was told reason for charge was I had cancelled on the UK site and not on the US site

  12. I accidentally signed up for Prime, apparently. I decided to wait and see what it was like. The film streaming appealed to me. So far I have not found any film I can watch for free. No matter what I type in, the greedy bastards charge you more on top of the annual fee. I must remember to cancel this load of money grabbing shite soon.

    1. Yeah, I find it’s the TV offering which is stronger. But it’s often a similar case with Netflix. Very few recent releases on either streaming service


      1. Hi Pauline, you’ll need to go into Amazon and you can cancel it there. If you’ve been charged after the trial and not used any Amazon services get on the live chat with their customer service.

      2. Do in PC/Laptop to take screenshots as proof

  13. I have just CANCELLED THE USELESS trial PRIME MEMBERSHIP…..this is TOTALLY USELESS….AMAZON IS ASKING EXORBITANT SHIPPING FEE even with this promised benefits of free shipping. this is FRAUD! this is but a lie.

  14. After failing to deliver Prime services on multiple occasions following one of the worst experiences and rude customer service manager over the phone, Amazon further went ahead and decided to ‘reject’ my review on their website. Have now cancelled membership.
    I am hereby in the process of submitting an ombudsman complaint.

  15. I unwittingly allowed myself to be enveagled into Amazon Prime membership and the stress of extricating myself resulted in me avoiding Amazon forever

    1. Oh really. What happened?

      1. The films are after you pay your monthly fee amazon charge you a monthly fee as well as charge you for certain films, what’s all that about? Sky store is exactly the same second rate films that are free on now tv but have to pay on scamazon prime.

        1. Ah right. So which services have which films comes down to rights. Films come and go from each service, and the ones included with Prime could well be different to the ones included with Now TV/Sky or Netflix. Then there are extra films you can rent (as you can from iTunes, Rakuten, Chili, Google and as you say Sky Store). It’s going to get worse (i.e. more expensive) to see all the films once Apple and Disney launch their own streaming services.

    2. Are we paying for Mr amazons divorce. You can get films for free on now TV rather than pay £3:49 to rent or £8.99 to buy. Renting you are limited to 48hours to watch. This is a joke, at least Dick turpin had the courtesy to wear a mask when he was robbing people. Why is this called prime? I can only assume its because they reel you in and lube you up when thee pull your pants down.

      1. It’s a good point about Now TV. However it’s not free – the Cinema package costs £11.99 a month (full price) and the TV package is now £8.99 a month. With Prime you get lots of very good TV to watch and plenty of movie choice for around £6.60 a month. So it’s better value in that sense. Though personally I tend to choose the streaming service based on what I want to watch. And of course there’s Netflix too!


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