Amazon vouchers & deals (May 2023)

From Amazon vouchers and free trials of Amazon Prime to flash sales and tricks for free delivery.

Let’s face it, Amazon is probably the one website that most people will use at some point each year, so it helps to have a voucher or discount stored up. Here are the best deals at the moment.

If you’re thinking of reducing how much you use Amazon, then check out my article looking at why it can be good to cut back.

There are some decent offers throughout the year to watch out for. You won’t be eligible for all of them but it’s worth a look.

Amazon gift card and voucher offers

Snoop: £5 Amazon Voucher

Snoop is an app to help you track your spending. It also analyses your bank date to suggest ways you can save money. Right now there’s an offer to get a £5 Amazon voucher.

You must go via the link below for the offer to track.

Once you’ve downloaded the app and signed up you need to connect a bank or credit card account and stay connected until the end of the following month. The voucher will then be paid.

TikTok: £15 Amazon Voucher

If you’ve not yet joined TikTok, then ask a friend for a code to earn points that’ll be worth £15 when converted into an Amazon voucher. The offer comes and goes, as does the value of the voucher, but it’s always worth a look.

Here’s mine (CF55045041), though it looks like each code has limited redemptions so if that or your friends’ have run out, or you don’t know anyone with an account, I’m sure you’ll find one online.

You’ll need to

  • download the TikTok app
  • create an account, and enter the code
  • go to the Rewards page (tap profile, then the gift icon) within 24 hours
  • Check-in once a day for 7 days

You can also share your own code with friends and earn £15 for yourself on top.

Free credit when you buy a gift card

It’s worth trying even if you’ve used a similar promotion. However you can normally only qualify once every couple of years. Check the offer is displayed when you click through. The latest offer I’ve seen runs offers £6 extra when you buy £60 of gift cards. 

If nothing is displayed, it could mean it’s ended or you’re not eligible. These deals are often extended or return after a short absence.

£6 extra when you top up by £60

Similar to the gift card promotion, here you top up your Amazon account and get some extra credit added. The promo value changes but is normally £6 when you add £60.

If it is running it’s only for any people who haven’t topped up their account in the last 36 months. Again, this deal can come and go, so it’s worth checking.

Amazon offers

Check eligibility for promotions

Head to this page here to see your personalised Amazon offers. It’ll show you trials and discounts you are eligible for. However, I still think it’s worth looking at the offers above and below in case they don’t show.

Amazon: £5 off £15 spend (for some)

Until 30 April 2023, Amazon customers who are invited or see a banner on screen can get a £5 discount on a £15 spend on the usual Amazon sold items (i.e. not fulfilled by Amazon or sold by third parties). You need to save the offer first.

This is the same offer that ran in previous months, but it seems different customers can get this one. See if you’re eligible here.

Amazon pickup: £5 off £15 spend (for some)

If you order an Amazon purchase (not fulfilled by or sold by an third party) and get it delivered to an Amazon Pickup location you might be able to get £5 off a £15 order.

Only those invited or who see a banner can access it. You can see if you’re eligible here. If so, hit the “apply promotion” button before shopping.

This offer runs until 31 July 2023, but could be extended.

£5 off £20 when you create a wishlist (for some) (expired)

Click here to see if you’re eligible for this offer where you’ll get £5 credit to use on orders over £20 after adding three items to an Amazon Wish List. You’ll see the expiry date on the email voucher sent by Amazon.

Amazon Fresh offers

Amazon Fresh: £5 off (expired)

Click this link to receive £5 credit to spend at Amazon Fresh stores. You can use it one go, or spread it out over a number of small purchases. Expires 22 February 2023.

If the link doesn’t work try entering the code IBU2HAHAZWQO in the Amazon Fresh promo wallet.

To use it in store you’ll need the Amazon app, and you’ll find it in your account and then In-store promo wallet.

It’s only valid in London branches and one in Sevenoaks, Kent. You’ll be able to see the full list and terms once you apply the offer.

Amazon Prime membership offers

Amazon Prime is Amazon’s big membership scheme. I’ve got it thanks to the deals listed below and use it a lot for free delivery and to stream film and TV. You can learn more in my comprehensive Amazon Prime review.

30-day free Amazon Prime trial every year

You know the drill here. You get free next day delivery, Amazon Prime Instant Video, access to Amazon Prime Now and loads of other goodies. It’s normally £79 a year but you can get a free 30-day trial.

You will hopefully be able to do this every 12 months, but it’s unclear if this is guaranteed for all customers. You can always try your luck (you never know), but if you’ve not yet taken out a trial, I’d wait until you’ve got a lot of spending coming up, or a big sale such as Prime Day or Black Friday (more on these below).

99p for one week of Amazon Prime

If you’ve previously had Amazon Prime but aren’t yet eligible again for a second free trial you might be offered a week for 99p. After this you’ll pay full price unless you cancel.

£2 off Prime via O2

If you have an O2 SIM you can now add Amazon Prime to your bill and receive a £2 discount each month. You’ll find the details here.

Amazon Student: six months free, then £39 a year

If you have a student card you should also be able to join Amazon Student. This is essentially Amazon Prime. You get six months free, then 12 months half price. It’s possible Amazon might ask for additional proof you are a student.

Prime member offers and sales

Free Kindle book every month

There are lots of ways to save on Kindle books, but Prime members can also nab one of six titles every month for free via First Reads. There’s normally a mix of genres and once you pick your book you can send it to your Kindle.

Amazon device deals

There are offers most months, so if it’s at full price you should wait. If you’d rather not shop at Amazon then do check other retailers as they often price match the bigger discounts.

Amazon Business offers

Every now and then there are offers such as £50 off for new Amazon Business users. I’ll update here as and when.

It can take time to set up the account but you should be approved in around two days.

Amazon Business Amex: £125 credit and no annual fee

For a limited time Amazon has removed the annual fee of £50 and offered a £125 statement credit when you successfully open up an Amazon Business American Express credit card and spend £1,000 in the first three months.

Black Friday 2023

The Black Friday week of deals is at the end of November (in 2023 it’ll be 24 November), but the sale starts before this and carries on after.

You need to have a Prime membership to get early access to the best deals, but the 30-day free trial will give you that.

If you’re after an Amazon device (Echo, Kindle, FireTV, Eero, Ring) then this is likely to be one of the cheapest times to buy.

Prime Day 2023

Prime Day is Amazon’s big sale just for Prime members. In 2022 it takes place on 12 and 13 July.

It’s important to remember that not all the deals are the best price. Some are simply old stock that needs clearing, while other items are often as cheap throughout the year. I’d recommend using to see the price history before making any purchase

Most offers are product specific, and I’d encourage you to check for price matching elsewhere, especially on tech like Echo speakers and Ring doorbells.

I’ll share the pick of 2022 deals here, and some early deals here.

October Prime “early access” sale (ended)

Amazon is running a special two-day sale on 11 and 12 October 2022 just for Prime members. Whether it’s as big as Prime Day in the summer remains to be seen, and it could be the start of a long Black Friday sale.

There are already big discounts on Amazon devices, including the standard Echo down to £19.99. Of course, there’s often a new range of things like Echos and Fire Sticks around Black Friday so these are likely stock clearance prices.

My top Amazon money saving tricks

I’ve written a separate article about how to save even more money at Amazon, including the following:

Hundreds of vouchers to use at Amazon

This page lists loads of coupons you can use to save at Amazon. You “collect” the voucher and the discount is automatically added to checkout. When I added this there was a typically random collection of products including chocolate, WD40 and hair straighteners.

27 thoughts on “Amazon vouchers & deals (May 2023)

  1. TikTok is only paying £3 in Amazon vouchers to referee and referer right now unfortunately, not £17 or £7 as it was in late November – December 2022 as you still have listed. I just signed up and noticed.

  2. This info is very helpful thanks. I have a question though. Amazon keep inviting me to take out Amazon Prime Student which is obviously a lot cheaper than the full membership. But I’ve graduated from university and am no longer a student. Is it fraudulent if I take up their Student Prime offer? Maybe it’s best to be honest and go for the full price package…?!

    1. If they are offering you the discount then I’d take it. I had the student price for about six years!

  3. Hi Andy, I have topped up £50 with my Visa card but where do I find the £5?

    1. Hi Ray, the Ts&Cs say it’ll automatically be applied at checkout.

  4. I went to use the £5 off £25 purchase last night and it was finished 2 days before the deadline! How often does it get extended or come back

    1. They come and go so it’s hard to say but if I spot new offers I’ll update them here on this page

  5. Does anyone know if you can get a top up offer again by using a different email address? I assume you can’t but worth asking, though I suspect Amazon track it by address rather than email address so you can’t do this.

    Would be nice to use a new email address to make a new Amazon account to take advantage of the £10 credit with first £40 top-up promotion again.

    1. Yes
      I opened one for my wife in nov as i couldnt get prime as already had the trail twice. Worked for me! Worth a go anyway nothing to lose

  6. I was interested in buying a couple of Echo’s with the deal stacking but I noticed that Amazon Prime and Amazon Student doesn’t apply the same for more than 1

    One Echo
    £89.99 for £51.99 – 42.23% discount

    Two Echo
    £179.98 for £123.98 – 31.11% discount

    It’s still a great deal but unsure how the more than 1 Echo discount applies?

    1. I think you can do it twice as separate transactions

  7. Hi Andy, I can’t work out how to apply the £5 promotion for using Amazon Assistant. I have installed it and a message came up about the code. But when I checkout (with Amazon only items) the £5 desn’t come off. Can you help?

    1. First check there isn’t a box to tick below the payment choices lost. If not, try emptying your basket, closing down amazon and clicking through again. It might work then.

    2. Or get on live chat and see if they’ll help!

  8. Hi Andy, just to let you know that the section on this blog where you tell people about Amazon Prime for 30 days free, you have put the cost as £79 per month instead of per year! Thought you might want to rectify this.

    1. Oh right! Will fix it now

  9. Wow that is so helpful Andy! Thanks for sharing. I tried to avoid it as I don’t want to spend any money at all, but it’s certainly helpful for presents etc.

    1. Yes, the temptation is huge isn’t it. I was quite subdued though ended up with two bottles of vodka, some lint rollers and a Friends box set. Not sure what this says about our life…

  10. If you’ve got kids….when they’re invited to friends birthday parties, buy a CD for the present then your own child has access to the digital content via Amazon Music…..bonus

    1. Right, everyone is getting a CD from me at Christmas then…

  11. Tried to use the £10 off £40 code to buy whisky. Wouldn’t let me. Not valid on alcohol. ☹️

    1. Ah rubbish. I stocked up on loads when I got it.

  12. You didn’t use the code last year to get gin. You can’t use the code on alcohol. Pure lies

    1. Hi Jane, they must have changed the terms of the code. Good for people still to use the code to know! Thanks.

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  15. Andy,

    Thank you so much! I’m glad I caught this just in time for xmas! Will definitely be signing up!


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