Lloyds to offer free Disney+

You’ll get a year for free as a “Lifestyle Benefit”

From 1 April 2023 new and existing Lloyds customers with a Club Lloyds current account can get access to Disney’s streaming service for free. Here’s how to get it.

How to get free Disney+ with Lloyds

In order to get the streaming service you’ll need to have the Club Lloyds current account. This has a £3 fee every month, but you can avoid this if you deposit £2,000 into the account every month. That money doesn’t need to stay there, or even be added in one go, so it’s a relatively easy step to take.

You will be credit checked as part of the application, as you would with most current accounts. There’s no need for you to switch existing banking over to get this account. In fact, you can just open it up as an extra account.

As part of this account, you have access to a “lifestyle benefit”, which now includes Disney+. You’ll receive an email or letter where you get to choose which one you want. You’ve then got 30 days to make your selection.

If you choose Disney+, you’ll get access for 12 months, though sadly it looks like this won’t start straight away. Instead it might not activate until the initial 30 days have elapsed. I’ve asked Lloyds for confirmation and will update it here.

Also if you make your choice after the first 30 days, the length of the benefit is reduced. So for example, if you do it after six months, you’ll only get the freebie for the remaining six months.

* Update 1/10/23 – With the Disney+ plan revamp, the included Disney+ has been changed to Disneyu+ Standard with Adverts for new and renewing account holders. This devalues the benefit from £7.99 a month (or a discounted £79.90 a year) to £4.99 a month or £69.88 a year.

What if you already have a Lifestyle Benefit?

If you’re an existing customer you can’t change your existing benefit until each year has passed. So one option is to wait for this to happen. You’ll usually get an email or letter a month beforehand to let you change your benefit or stick with your existing one.

However, though you can only have one personal Club Lloyds account, it’s possible to get another as a joint account. So you could access to Disney+ sooner by opening up one of these – that’s assuming your partner can’t just open up their own account instead.

What if you close your Club Lloyds account?

From time to time Lloyds offers a decent bank switching deal, and I know many of you will have joined up to get the cash, with the intention to switch away to receive a bonus from a different bank.

It’s not clear if closing the account will end your Disney+ subscription, but I think it’s likely. So I’d personally set up an extra “dummy” account you can use to switch and keep your Club Lloyds account active.

What are the alternative Club Lloyds Lifestyle Benefits?

Though the Disney+ offer is pretty decent, it’s not the only option. You can instead choose:

  • Six Odeon or Vue cinema tickets
  • A one-year magazine subscription
  • A one-year Gourmet Society membership

The Disney+ subscription replaces the 12 movie rental option, so if that’s your current benefit you’ll need to change this when your current year is up.

Andy’s Analysis: The best lifestyle reward

At nearly £80, I think the Disney+ offer is going to give you the biggest saving. Though that’s only if you you’ll use Disney+ every month of the year.

If instead you chose to subscribe for say four months out of 12 (not necessarily all at once) and binge watch everything in that time, the equivalent cash value would be £31.96 (based on £7.99 a month).

That might make the cinema tickets or magazine subscription a better choice (since you can usually pick up a Gourmet Society membership for £34.99 that’s probably not worth getting as a freebie).

Ulitmately though it comes down to what you’ll actually use.

Right now I’m only a few months into six months free Disney+, so I’m in no rush to change. And in fact I can’t as my Club Lloyds benefit doesn’t renew until November. I’d also like to keep my Empire magazine subscription.

And remember you don’t have to stick to just one benefit. What I’ll likely do is open a joint account in September and claim Disney+ then so I can benefit from both.

What else does a Club Lloyds account offer?

There’s also a decent 6.25% paying monthly saver just for Club Lloyds customers. You can pay up to £400 a month into the account, which could earn you £161 in interest over the year.

You’ll also be able to save into the standard Lloyds monthly saver, paying 5.25% with a monthly limit of £250. More on regular savers here.

There are also packaged versions of the Club Lloyds accounts that provide insurance and breakdown cover, but for a higher monthly fee.

Other ways to save on Disney+

There are often ways to pay less for Disney+, though these deals won’t be available to everyone. I’ve listed the best ones in my dedicated Disney+ deals page, including cashback from Quidco, free and discounted passes via O2 and reduced subscriptions from Tesco Clubcard.

Save on Disney+

All the latest offers in our dedicated Disney+ article

5 thoughts on “Lloyds to offer free Disney+

  1. I have just got a Sky Q box and cant open my Disney Channel could you give me some advice how to do this

  2. Chris Pattinson April 1, 2023 at 8:27 pm

    I’ve openned a joint account today, April 1st. I was offered Disney+ as an option and chose it. I have not yet been advised how to access Disney+, but the offer was there today. Chris

  3. I opened Club Lloyds current account on March 19th and my deadline to choose my lifestyle benefit is April 19th.
    I prefer Disney + but it appears it’ll be available from May 1st.
    I wonder if I opt out of the benefit which I chose now (6 cinema tickets) and try to opt in after May 1st will I be able to get Disney +

  4. Hi. It appears that this offer is actually from 1st May. I’ve just received an invite to renew my Benefit, which in my case has to be done by 29th April 2023, but Disney+ isn’t available until 1st May. The precise wording when I click through on the link I’ve been emailed by Lloyds is:

    From 1st May, you will be able to select 12 months of Disney+ and stream endless entertainment from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic; as well as a range of general entertainment.

  5. This starts May 1st, not April 1st, according to the Club Lloyds benefit selection page.


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