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You don’t need a Sky subscription to watch Sky Sports! Here are the latest deals for pay as you go passes on NOW TV and Amazon Prime.

I’m a big fan of NOW (or NOW TV as it was called). It’s a cheap way to watch Sky channels, and if you are a fan of the Premier League, golf, cricket Formula 1 or dozens of other sports but can’t afford Sky, it can be a real money saver.

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Sky vs NOW TV

If you get your TV via Sky, or even Virgin or BT, then you will likely have to commit to a long contract with your TV provider, probably 18 months. And it can be really expensive.

In terms of TV programmes and film channels, it’s almost always going to be cheaper to get those exact same channels via NOW TV instead.

It’s slightly more complicated for Sky Sports channels. The Day passes are perfect for occassional users at under £10 a go (or less if you use a deal). Sadly it looks like the week pass is no longer offered.

The monthly passes however can be expensive. At £33.99 a month, you’ll probably pay more via NOW TV for this channel than with Sky if you have it every single month of the year.

But there are regular deals which bring the price down, often to £25 a month. This makes the price much more comparable and you have the added advantage that you aren’t committed to a contract. You can stop it or pause it at any time.

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What is NOW TV?

Think of NOW TV as a pay per view iPlayer for the Sky TV channels. The sports pass give you access to all 11 Sky Sports channels without a contract, so you can watch per day or per month.

NOW TV can be streamed on your computer, tablet, some smart TVs, Chromecast or via special NOW TV stick.

The passes don’t include TV or movie channels, which you need to buy separate passes for – though there are plenty of discounts to be found and I’ve summarised the best on my  NOW TV deals page.

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Extra savings on NOW TV passes

I’ll start with these extra savings as they can usually be combined with some of the other deals further down the page. Most involve cashback from cashback sites or your bank.

The best are usually via cashback sites TopCashback or Quidco, which offer money back on purchases at thousands of retailers, including NOW TV and sites that sell NOW TV passes.

And what does generally make this way of buying a pass unbeatable is the sign-up bonus if you are a new user of either of the cashback sites. This could be worth at least £17 off the price you pay.

I regularly update the best offers for both TopCashback and Quidcobut here are the best right now.

£17 bonus cashback from Quidco

If you sign up for my newsletter, then you can get an increased £17 bonus for new Quidco members (min spend £10), or you can get a smaller £10 bonus by going direct to Quidco.

Though there are currently no offers on Sports passes direct from NOW TV right now (do check in case it’s changed), you can also use this new member bonus if you buy a pass stick bundle from Currys for £30.

Check out the latest new customer offers for Quidco

£10 bonus cashback from TopCashback

New users of TopCashback can get an extra £10 bonus when they spend £10.

At the moment there are no offers at TCB for Now TV, but you can use it at other retailers selling NOW TV stick and pass bundles.

> The latest TopCashback new customer promotions

Extra savings via bank rewards

A number of current accounts and credit cards have extra cashback features when you spend using your card – and NOW TV often appears on these lists.

Recently I’ve got 15% back on a purchase via Natwest and £5 back for spending £5 twice with American Express.

You need to spend directly with NOW TV, so do check that the other offers below aren’t better.

NOW TV Sky Sports Day pass offers

Far better than a Sky contract is a £9.99 Day Pass. Despite recent price increases, I think this pass represents decent value for money for occasional viewing.

There are often discounts to be had, such as 20% off or free passes and I’ll share any I find on this page.

> Buy a day Sky Sports pass for £9.99

Day pass, movie pass, entertainment pass and smart stick for £30

This offer at Currys will get you a smart stick (worth £15), movie pass (worth £11.99) and entertainment pass (worth £9.99) for £30. If you sell the stick at CEX for £10, you’re getting an extra saving. It’s better to wait for this to reduce to £20 and buy a couple.

> Get a NOW TV sports bundle at Currys

Month-long Sky Sports pass on NOW TV

If you are going to watch a lot of the action on Sky Sports it’s probably cheaper to get a subscription via Sky, Virgin or BT. But if you want to dip in and out month by month you can buy a month pass for £33.99.

There are often discounts on the first month or two, sometimes as long as nine or 12 months. I’ll share any here when they are live. Don’t forget to cancel the month sports pass (which you can do any time) if you don’t want it to renew at full price.

Month passes also start from the moment you pay, unlike week and day passes which you activate when you want them to start.

> Get a Sky Sports Month Pass 

Six months of Sky Sports at £25 a month

This offer is a rolling contract for Sky Sports via NOW TV. You’ll save just over 25% on the standard monthly price. Importantly you aren’t tied into the full three months. You can cancel at any point. But you’ll pay full price if you restart at a later date.

The offer ends 11th April 2021 and is open to new NOW TV customers and existing customers who either don’t have a pass or are in the last 30 days of a previous offer.

Get four months of Sky Sports at £25 a month

One month NOW TV Sports pass for £24

You used to be able to pick up a gift card that covers a full month. It did cost £23.99 at CDKeys, or £25 from the likes of Curry’s, Amazon and Argos though the stock has been non-existent for the last few months.

If you do find one for sale see if can use the cashback new member bonus offer with these passes, potentially bringing the cost down to less than £7.

Mobile Sky Sports passes

NOW TV has a mobile passes which you can only watch via an app on your phone or tablet. This makes them a fair bit cheaper.

The mobile pass is only £5.99 for a month. It only has five sports channels – Sky Sports Premier League, Sky Sports Action, Sky Sports Arena and Sky Sports News.

> Get a Sky Sports Mobile Month Pass 

NOW TV Sky Sports Week pass offers

It looks like NOW TV no longer offers the week pass. Whether this is permanent or temporary remains to be seen. Occasionally you can still get the offers which I’ll share below, but chances are slim.

Sky Box Office on NOW TV

You can get Sky Box Office on NOW TV but you’ll need to download the app and register. There are currently no deals to reduce the prices.

Sky Sports on Sky

You don’t have to get all the Sky Sports channels direct with Sky as you can pick one channel for £18 a month. You do however need to also have a Sky TV subscription, which is probably around £20 a month with a 18-month commitment.

£18 for football channels on Sky

You can sign up on a rolling 31-day contract for Sky Sports Premier League and Sky Sports Football at £18 a month (down from £22 a month).

Other sports broadcasters

Amazon Prime Video

As with last season Amazon is showing all the fixtures from two weeks.

Prime costs £79 a year, or £7.99 a month – which means you can pay just under £8 if you only want to watch the games. There’s also a free 30-day trial – just remember to cancel it if you don’t want to keep paying.

As well as being able to watch the football, you’ll get access to loads of movies and TV shows, as well as other Amazon benefits such as free delivery and early access to sales.

If you’re not bothered about the extras you can get just Prime Video for £5.99 a month.

BT Sport

You can now buy month passes for BT Sport. More details on this and other deals here.


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