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If you’re still paying for premium pay-TV via satellite or cable you’re paying too much.

Sky TV isn’t cheap. The basic Entertainment package costs £27 a month and could go up to a massive £67 a month if you add in Sports and Cinema, coming in at £804 a year. You might even be paying another £30 a month if you add on things like Box Sets, Kids channels, HD viewing and multiroom. That’s nearly £100 a month and £1,164 a year.

These are prices before adding in broadband costs. And the amount could go higher still if you’re still on an old Sky package. Costs are similar with Virgin Media, and both BT TV and Talk Talk also let you add on extras such as sport and movies to whack up the cost.

Yes, being a savvy bunch you probably don’t pay full price. These companies are notoriously easy to haggle with and freebies are often thrown in – especially if you bundle your TV packages with your broadband and even your mobile phone.

But it’s possible to get all the channels you want to watch, alongside other services, for far less by ditching these subscriptions. On average, my total TV bill every month (including extras such as Netflix and Amazon) comes in at less than a tenner, saving me a fortune.

Ok, so I don’t have sports or cinema, and I manage to find all sorts of deals and offers to help me get that price. But even if you pay full price, and get all the different services, you’re still looking at paying no more than £65 a month, saving close to £400 a year.

Here’s why and how you can do it too.

Before you do anything

Make sure you are out of contract. It could be that you have different dates for TV and other bundled packages such as broadband or phones. If so, make sure you know what the effect on cancelling your TV could have on the price of those services.

If you have any time left to run you’ll be charged an early exit fee, which will pretty much be all the money you owe until that contract is due to end. 

If you’re not out of contract for a while, make a note in your diary a month before it’s due to end to start the cancellation process in motion.

You can also listen to Andy talk about cord-cutting over on his Cash Chats podcast

Why you don’t need TV from Sky or Virgin

You’re paying for more than you can possibly watch

There more than 300 entertainment channels and over 1,000 movies available with a full Sky or Virgin subscription. There is no way you are able to watch even a fraction of these. 

And there’s a good chance you’re also paying for Netflix and / or Amazon Prime, and maybe even a few other services, on top of your monthly Sky or Virgin payments. You might even prefer them, meaning there’s less chance you can watch everything Sky has to offer.

Plus, most of the major channels you want to watch – from BBC One through to Dave through to the Food Network – are all available for FREE via Freeview or Freesat. 

Suddenly that £27 a month (minimum) with Sky for the basic package seems like a lot of money.

You can watch ALL the major Sky channels elsewhere

There are actually only a handful of channels not available to watch for free, and they’re mainly the Sky channels (eg One, Atlantic, Comedy, Crime etc) and a few others such as Fox, Gold, Discovery and Nat Geo.

But even these can be watched without Sky or Virgin and at a far lower price. NOW TV is the main player here. It’s actually owned by Sky and allows you to watch the above channels and more via your broadband connection. There are also options for Sky Cinema, Kids, reality and Sports. I’ve written in more detail about NOW TV here, as well as shared the latest offers.

BT Sport is also available as a monthly pass at £25 a month. That might be more than what you pay for the channels elsewhere, but combining it with the other savings should bring the overall cost down.

The other major channel you might want to keep that isn’t on Freeview or NOW TV is The History Channel which is available from TV Player for £6.99 a month.


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You don’t need to be tied into a contract

Something I hate about most bills is that when you sign up you’re committing to a 12, 18 or even 24-month contract. This means you’re locked in to keep paying the set price even if you change your mind or can’t afford it any more. You can even continue to be charged if you move house and can’t get the service at your new address.

But with all the alternatives below which charge, you are only signing up for a month, giving you the flexibility to watch what you want, when you want – and cutting down on your bill even more.

You don’t really need to record TV any more

You can watch pretty much any programme on-demand – i.e. on a catch-up service online. Most of my TV is watched this way.

You can get multiroom for less

You can also watch these newer and cheaper services in more than one room and on more than one device without paying extra. You might need to get a streaming stick if your TV isn’t smart, but they’re the same cost if not less than getting things like extra Sky Q boxes.

You don’t need a TV bundle to get cheap broadband

Though bundling your services together can earn you discounts, especially when haggling, you can still shop around for great broadband deals on their own. Remember to combine these offers with cashback sites. Here’s how to get the lowest price on your internet connection.

You can still get free TV without an outdoor aerial

Not all houses and flats have an outside aerial connection. If you want to get Freeview channels without a dish then you’ll need one of these. If you don’t have one you can try indoor aerials which might work. But if you have a satellite dish connection then you can use something called Freesat which will also give you access to the free channels. Failing that, the previously mentioned TV Player lets you get the free channels via your internet.

When Sky or Virgin might be better value

There are a few exceptions though when paying for TV via Sky or Virgin could work out either better value or just a better user experience.

If you watch a lot of sport

Though occasional viewers can get a day or week pass for Sky Sports on NOW TV, the month pass comes in at £33.99. There are often deals which bring the price down for around £20 for a month or so, but if you know you are going to want and watch the main sports channels every week then you’re probably better off haggling with Sky for a discount.

Also, the Sky Sports passes on NOW TV are live streaming only with no option to catch up on demand or record. This means you could miss out on certain sports shown late at night or when you’re at work.

If you don’t have great broadband

On-demand streaming does require decent broadband, so you will probably want to look at upgrading to fibre if you don’t already have it. If that’s not possible – especially in rural areas – then you might need to stick with Sky for your TV.

If you want to record non-Freeview TV

One problem with the on-demand streaming services is that some programmes and films are only there for a set time before going (and often coming back at a later date). So if you want to watch, and rewatch something you might want to stick with a premium pay-tv service.

If you are happy just being able to record free to air TV then you can buy Freeview or Freesat recorders for around the £130 mark. Personally I use one of these YouView Freeview boxes so I can skip adverts on Channel 4 and ITV programmes!

If you love channels including W, Alibi or Eden

These three UKTV channels are only available on Sky, Virgin and BT TV. Pretty much all the other major channels are available on another service.

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