How to watch BT Sport for free and deals to save

BT Sport isn’t the cheapest channel out there but it is possible to pay less, and sometimes even get it for free.

BT Sport is now TNT Sports, and we’ve got a page dedicated to the deals to help carry on watching your favourite sports for less on that channel.

The cheapest ways to watch BT Sport are if you are a BT broadband / TV or EE mobile customer. There’s a pay-as-you go option for those with different internet and mobile providers.

Here are the best offers right now to save you cash.

Pay as you go passes

BT Sport month pass – £29.99

For the first time, BT has introduced a monthly pass at £29.99 a month. This means you don’t need to have any other service with BT or to sign up to a long contract – though you will have to cancel to stop the subscription rolling over to a new month.

The pass lasts for 30 days and includes all the BT Sport channels, including 4K and HDR options if your TV supports it.

Sadly there’s no day pass as you get with NOW TV.

* The price increased from £25 on 17 February 2023

30-day pass via Virgin Media Stream – £16.20

If you get your broadband from Virgin Media then you can pay £18 a month on a rolling 30-day contract (so effectively a monthly pass), and get 10% credited back to your bill. You will need to buy a £35 Virgin Media Stream box though (here’s my review).

Get it with your broadband

If you get your internet services from BT or Plusnet then you can get the BT Sport channels for an extra charge each month. This starts from £15 a month and you can watch via the BT Sport App. It goes up if you also add other BT TV channels and get a Freeview Box to plug into your TV.

If you’re adding it to an existing BT contract then it could mean you start a new contract for all your BT services. Shop around for deals that’ll bring the price down, such as using cashback sites for an added bonus.

Get it via Virgin Media

Virgin Media Stream: £8 per month

You can currently get BT Sport channels for £8 a month via Virgin Stream. It’s a 30-day rolling contract so you can cancel at any time. You’ll get the price for 18 months max, when it will then revert to full price (currently £18).

However you do need to be getting broadband via Virgin Media and there’s a £35 one-off set up charge (this can often be haggled to zero if you call up).

Check out our review of Virgin Media stream to find out more.

Get it with your mobile

If your mobile phone is via EE you can buy passes to watch on your phone using the BT Sport app. You’ll get access to BT Sport 1, BT Sport 2, BT Sport 3, BT Sport/ESPN and BoxNation channels.

There are add-ons that let you watch it via the BT Sport app on your TV or improve picture quality to 4K.

Three months free with EE

EE customers can get the BT Sport app free for three months by texting SPORT to 150. Unless you cancel after this you’ll move on to the monthly paid subscription.

£10 a month mobile pass via EE

Access to the BT Sport app costs £10 a month. You can only watch it on your device and this is just for EE customers.

£15 a month to use BT Sport app on TVs and smart sticks via EE

The next level up is £15 a month the BT Sport Large Screen package lets you watch it on a TV via devices such as a Chromecast, Xbox, Amazon Fire Stick and some smart TVs.

The step-up to UHD/4K viewing is a package called BT Sport Ultimate which costs £20 a month.

10 months Big Screen & BT Ultimate for £15 a month via EE

This season pass lets you watch the channels on your TV and also upgrades picture quality to 4K. It’s £15 a month, so you’re saving £5 a month on the Ultimate package – but you are committing to 10 months.

There’s an early cancellation charge if you want to stop early, which you’ll also be charged if you switch away from EE for your SIM. To get this text SEASON to 150.

“Free” with EE Swappable Benefits

If you have a reasonably expensive “Smart Plan” contract with EE you can choose BT Sport as one of your swappable benefits. However I’d say you’re probably better off shopping around for a cheaper SIM-only deal.

You can pay £5 more to upgrade to the Large Screen package.

Three months BT Sport and Chromecast for £40 via EE (out of stock)

The BT Sport in a Box promotion gives EE customers (on a 12-month SIM-only contract or pay monthly tariff but not 30-day SIM-only deals) three months of BT Sport Large Screen and get a standard Google Chromecast (RRP £30) for £45.

You’re effectively getting a free Chromecast with this deal, though you might want to check out offers for the new Chromecast instead.

If you’ve not had the free trial, those three months will automatically be added to your account when you sign up.

BT Sport on YouTube

Watch the Champions League final for free

For the last five or six years, BT has shown the Champions League final and Europa League final for free via BT Sport’s YouTube channel and on the BT Sport website for free! So anyone can watch without paying.

In 2023 the games are as follows:

  • 31 May: Europa League Final (Sevilla vs Roma)
  • 7 June: Europe Conference League Final (Fiorentina vs West Ham)
  • 10 June: Champions League Final (Manchester City vs Inter Milan)

Free Discovery+ with BT Sport

If you get BT Sport via BT TV, EE or Plusnet, you can get the Discovery+ package for free, which includes Eurosport. This is worth £5.99 a month for £59.99 a year.

This should include the monthly BT Sport pass, but not if you pay Sky and Virgin Media direct for BT Sport. You’ll need to activate the offer here.

How to watch BT Sport on your TV

So how do you get these options on your TV? 

Check for an app on your TV or smart device

You can watch BT Sport on your TV if you have the BT Sport app. This is available on

  • Samsung Smart TVs
  • Amazon Fire Sticks
  • Chromecast
  • Roku devices
  • NOW sticks
  • Xbox
  • PlayStation
  • Apple TV
  • Netgem

Buy an HDMI cable

As long as you have a laptop with an HDMI connector, you can just buy a cable to connect to your TV. This should be the cheapest option – but I prefer the smart stick options!

Sport on other channels

You can watch sport on Sky, Eurosport and Premier Sports. Here’s my guide to the ways to save on each of them.

The best deals

Find our picks of the best offers in our dedicated deals library

40 thoughts on “How to watch BT Sport for free and deals to save

  1. I have various disabilities so money is tight, was getting BT sport through plusnet, no options here, therefore no BT

  2. My BT contract is up for renewal.
    Being WWE fans, is my only option to stick with them?
    I phoned to haggle and was offered a 6 month discount on BT Sport and a ‘free’ upgrade to Fibre 100 – for around £38.50 pm (increasing to £46)
    We only have the basic TV package and PAYG phone as we never use the landline for calls.

  3. I had a new TV set last weekend, but I don’t know where I can get BT Sport Score on it.

    1. If it’s an LG TV (I’ve just got one) then you won’t be able to get BT on it. The two companies are haggling of licensing issues. Hope this helps

  4. I am in the camp that I have broadband/tv/phone with Sky and don’t really want to change, but fancy watching some BT Sport content from time to time.

    It really seems to be the case that buying the Monthly Pass is £25 a month, but adding BT Sport to Sky is £30 a month?? What does that extra £5 get you? Is it that it’s a Sky channel rather than an app…. so ability to pause/record stuff?

    1. Actually £30 only gets you get HD for three months, then it is up to £36.50 (or down to SD, which is unwatchable on a modern tv). Really odd that it is £36.50 as a Sky channel, but £25 standalone, with fewer strings attached.

  5. Reading the comments I am in agreement with those who have suggested that BT, like many other UK cos such as B.Gas, are very expensive. I have just looked at my package which is up for renewal in November…..BT Broadband £42.24, BT Sports Pack £13.70 (discounted from £22.84 – presumably because I have BT Broadband!) and Sports HD pack £6.50… £62.44. Now is that not expensive. I have been looking at other avenues to access BT Sport (I so not subscribe to Sky Sports – crap, sorry, not good) even though it seems to be going down the same road as Sky….not very good…..anyone got any advice?

  6. The article says BT Sport mobile pass is available via EE for £10/month, but when I click on the link to EE website I don’t see any mention of a £10/month mobile pass. Has this been discontinued?

    1. Yes, as of 2 May 2022 , it’s still £10 to add on the basic app to your EE account

      1. Think you need smart benefits to get it for a tenner as it’s coming up £20 a month for me on my EE phone account.

        1. I confirmed over a live chat that the £10 is still valid for those who don’t want to use it as a Smart Benefit

  7. My current sky 18 month contract is about to end I have been with them for 22 years yet they increased my package by 28% I have called sky and they have offered to do a deal with a new 18 month package which will increase by 10% in year 2 plus they want a £20 admin fee I feel let down by their lack of recognition of my 22 year commitment to sky – I would like to buy a freeveiw box that will offer sky sports – by sport and prime – can you offer advice regarding a set up

    1. Look at getting a smart stick (something like a Chromecast or Amazon Fire stick). These have apps for BT Sport and NOW (for Sky Sports).

  8. Cheers for this, I was stressing how to watch the europa league final without dropping £25 on a bt sport pass !

    Didn’t realise they streamed the finals for free on YT ! Saved me a lump of cash there thanks!

  9. Hi Andy, I want to watch the football tonight on BT. I am a sky customer and have sky sports but don’t have BT, i would be willing to watch it on my phone but I’m with three. What’s the cheapest way to get it. Can you get it on your mobile through a subscription without being through EE or BT ?

  10. I have got 3 months free by sport through EE, this is due to expire soon, how do I take up the offer of £15 a month

    1. How can I watch the ashes

  11. The best option is to do what I did. Cancel all BT Sports. They are just charging a fortune for a poor service. Don’t be another daft sucker. Either they reduce their prices or I won’t be back it’s as simple as that

    1. Couldn’t agree more! BT have shafted all its customers with increased prices on BT Sport.
      I have been using BT Sport since it got the rights to Moto GP (dont know how long this is – but possibly 6/7 years??) & always got a deal as a BT customer. Now, they simply turned round and said, BT customer or not… No deal! Well BT – It is No Deal from me, Tony and the long line of customers who are fed up of BT price hikes.
      My BT Sport went from £7 a month to £15 (app version). This is more than double!!!
      BT are going to lose so many customers over this and simply shooting themselves in the foot in my opinion.
      I would have stayed with BT to get a deal with BT Sport, now Im going to see out my contract and go elsewhere as there is no leverage to keep my custom anymore. If im thinking like this, how many others are??
      Options are to get VPN software – Surfshark at approx. £20 a year where you should be able to access worldwide channels for viewing sport – cant guarantee this will cover the sport your after, but with Moto GP it appears you will be able to access free services in Australia & other countries.
      Alternatively, Moto GP offer their own app for approx. £104 a year – which is available on Fire Stick, etc. I have looked at sharing this with my dad at his home and dont think this will work due to having different VPN numbers (i.e. at different addresses). If you can share services (with a trustworthy person) you could potentially share the cost of a streaming service like the GP app or BT app. Cant say on the legality of this, but it may be possible – look into each providers T&C’s.
      If anyone else knows of any other options, please share with us here and help everyone save money and not pay out to large organisations that have no respect to loyal customers…. BT!!!!!

      1. Totally agree. I’ve just dropped BT too for these same reasons. Any football I want to watch I can still stream online for free anyway. Hope more people drop this greedy company.

      2. I agree with you 100%, I have been with BT for 36 years and like you had BT Sports free with BT broadband then £7 monthly and had to cancel when it rocketed to double the price. No rewards for being a loyal customer,we only watch Moto GP on sports anyway ,BT should be ashamed of themselves

  12. I have Apple TV with bt sport downloaded but can’t get in bt sport has it says password is unrecognised I have tried different passwords changed passwords but nothing

    1. Hmm, have you tried any Apple or BT help sections? I’ve had the app working fine on Samsung Tv, Roku and Amazon Fire sticks.

  13. I’m looking at accessing the free 3 month trial of BT Sport via my EE mobile account. I have a Samsung TV which is partly smart but we tend to access the smart features via Firestick as it removes a lot of buffering. Do I need to do anything spectacular to view BT sport on the tv rather than my mobile?

    1. Depending on how old your TV is you might have a BT Sport app on there. My Samsung TV is three years old and it’s there. I think it’s probably on the Fire Stick too!

      1. On the BT sport App you can click the stream/mirror bottom top right corner, and if have Apple TV on Samsung, it will stream on the TV. Does go off few times, just need to try again, sometimes refresh internet on TV and/or mobile device.

        1. Thanks Gary

  14. hi Andy
    we have sky including eurosport so our package is about £80 a month my husband loves oto cross sidecar motocross speedway superbikes etc is there any way of getting to watch eurosports any cheaper ?

    1. You can stream Eurosport online from its website or amazon for a monthly fee. There’s more here

  15. Hi Andy,

    Want to watch the Champions Cup rugby for free this weekend based in Ireland
    any help really appreciated(we won’t mention Brexit)

    Kind regards,


    1. I think your best bet for the weekend is to see if you have any mates with a BT Sport account who’ll lend you the log-in. Technically though it’s not allowed, so it’ll be up to them if they want to risk it. Ideally they should also change the password for the weekend, especially if they use it elsewhere on other accounts!

    2. Hello

      I’m moving house in a week and it doesn’t look like I’ll have Sky or BT or Virgin in time for the FA Cup qfs.

      It’s on BT sports. If I get a month pass and plug a laptop into the telly, will it include the data, do you know?


      Any advice appreciated.



  16. Hi Andy what about firestick the you tube isn’t showing in on here or I can’t find it is it possible to watch on firestick on you tube please?

    1. No, unfortunately Amazon and Google don’t get on, so you don’t get YouTube on Fire Sticks and you can’t cast Amazon Prime with a Chromecast. It sucks!

      1. Amazon is available on chromecast, has been for ages now

      2. Sorry to correct you but just had a 30 day free Amazon Prime sub and it casted perfectly on my Chromecast, perhaps Bezos is besties with Google now.
        Any tips for activating the so-called EE Smart plans for BT Sport perk from their not-so-smart telephone operators? I gave up in the end and cancelled the whole deal.

        1. Yep, that comment was a while ago and they all made friends! ! I’ve not gone via the EE-route myself but that sounds frustrating.

  17. Hi Andy

    Can I clarify are you saying that all BT sports shows may be accessed online (through the internet) and played on a laptop for free?

    1. Hi Janey, no this is just for the Champions League and Europa League finals

      1. I have the BT YouTube app on my Samsung tv. What do I need to subscribe to get to see particular premier league matches such as Liverpool please? Thanks


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