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Watch Liverpool vs Tottenham in Madrid for free.

This year’s Champions League final is an all Premier League affair and will be aired on BT Sport on Saturday 1st June at 8pm. But you don’t need to be paying for BT Sport to watch it.

And it’s the same for the Chelsea vs Arsenal Europa League final on Wednesday 29th May 2019.

Both matches will also be shown on BT Sport’s YouTube channel (embedded below) and on the BT Sport website for free! So anyone can watch without paying. So how to you get these options on your TV?

Well the most obvious way if you already have a smart TV is to look for the YouTube app. But if you don’t have this you still have options.

1. Buy a Chromecast smart stick

These devices from Google plug into an HDMI slot on your TV. You then go into your Chrome browser on a laptop or computer, or the YouTube app on your phone and “cast” what’s on your screen over to your TV. You can do this with most other sites too.

These can be purchased for £25 from Google, but I don’t think you’d get it in time for the match. Which means you’re looking at £30 from places like John Lewis or Curry’s. 

This is my top pick as it gives you the option to try both the BT Sport website and it’s YouTube channel. 

2. Get a NOW TV stick

This also plugs in the back of your TV, and you control it via a supplied remote control. As well as YouTube also get apps for services like Netflix and iPlayer. These cost £15 but you can get one from Argos for £20, which includes a two month NOW TV Entertainment Pass – so you can catch up on the latest Game of Thrones or forthcoming Big Little Lies too.

3. Buy a Roku stick

The main problem with the Chromecast and NOW TV Stick is you can’t get Amazon Prime on there. So if that’s an issue, go for the Roku stick which is £24 from Amazon. It also has Netflix, iPlayer etc.

4. Buy an HDMI cable

As long as you have a laptop with an HDMI connector, you can just buy a cable to connect to your TV. This should be the cheapest option – but I prefer the smart stick options!

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