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The Google Chromecast is a cheap device that makes your TV smart without the wires, letting you watch Netflix, iPlayer, Amazon Prime and much more on any TV in the home. These deals can save you a packet too!

*Updated 1/3/17*

I’m a big fan and avid user of my Chromecast.

You plug the Chromecast in the back of your TV via an HDMI slot and it lets you wirelessly stream from your computer (using Chrome as a browser), tablet or phone.

You can watch iPlayer, Netflix, YouTube and many other channels, which you can control with your smartphone, tablet or computer. Most computers and Android devices can also ‘mirror’ their screens.

The Chromecast 2 was released in October 2015 and it’s normally £30. It’s a pretty good price, but you can almost always save at least £7. The new Chromecast Ultra launched in November 2016 and costs £69 full price. You can also get a Chromecast Audio!

Here are the best deals to get a cheap Chromecast.

The current Google Chromecast offers and deals

Offers for Chromecast owners

There are often bonus deals such as free Google Play credit and free NOW TV passes. You simply head to to redeem. Some are restricted to one redemption per user, or devices activated after a certain date – so you might not be able to get all of them. Right now you can get the following:

  • None at present

You can access them via your computer, phone or tablet that is connected with the Chromecast.

>> Activate your Chromecast offers 

Cheap Chromecast 2 deals

The Chromecast 2 is still available now the Ultra has launched, and it looks like it’ll stay at the £30 mark.

Streaming site Wuaki often has deals where you get a free Google Chromecast 2 when you buy a digital movie, usually saving £7, sometimes more. These deals don’t last long but tend to pop up a couple of times a month so I’ll keep this updated, as well as hunt for other deals.

* Possible £15 cashback when you buy via Quidco*

If you’ve not used cashback site Quidco before, new users can get £15 back to their account when they spend £10 at any of the shops listed. This includes Argos, Tesco and Currys. meaning you can save £15 off any Chromecast.

Sign up via the link below and then search for the retailer you want to buy from. Make sure you don’t have any other windows open in your browser for that shop.

>> Get £15 cashback from Quidco when new users spend £10 at shops including Argos and Currys

*£21.99 (save £8) for a Chromecast 2, plus a free digital copy of Interstellar*

You buy the movie from Wuaki and then get a code to claim for the Chromecast at the Google store. This is how I got my Chromecast and it’s pretty simple. Once you’ve received the Chromecast you can then also activate the offers mentioned above.

>> Buy a Chromecast with Interstellar for £21.99
>> Buy a Chromecast with The Judge for £24.99

*Full price Chromecast 2 elsewhere*

Prices elsewhere are back to pre-Black Friday prices at £30, though Tesco is selling it for £25.

>> Buy a Chromecast at Tesco for £25

Cheap Chromecast Ultra offers

Google have just put their 4K (i.e. really high quality) Chromecast Ultra on sale for £69. You can buy it at Argos and Currys.

* Possible £15 cashback when you buy via Quidco*

This is the only way I’ve seen you can save on the new 4K Chromecast. As above, sign up tp Quidco via the link below and then buy the Chromecast Ultra from either Argos or Currys.

>> Get £15 cashback from Quidco when new users spend £10 at shops including Argos and Currys

Read more about cashback in my Amazing Savings guide to Quidco and Topcashback.

Cheap Chromecast Audio deals

This is similar to the standard Chromecast, but instead it makes pretty much any speaker you have in your house into a wireless speaker. You can stream to more than one speaker at the same time (as long as you have a Chromecast Audio attached to each different speaker), making it a cheap multiroom alternative to Sonos!

These are normally £30, though you can currently sometimes find one for £15 or £20. Post Black Friday it looks like a fair few shops, including Currys, Tesco and John Lewis have stopped selling them, so these could be on the way out.

However, Curry’s eBay store has a few for £22.97 at the moment.

>> Buy a Chromecast Audio at  Curry’s eBay store

*Cheap Chromecast 1 deals*

I wouldn’t bother with the old model now there are so many deals on the Chromecast 2.

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