Chromecast deals (August 2021)

The Google Chromecast is a cheap device that makes your TV smart without the wires, letting you watch Netflix, iPlayer and much more on any TV in the home. These deals can save you a packet too!

My first streaming stick was a Chromecast. Now with a much improved smart TV and Amazon Fire TV and NOW TV sticks it doesn’t get much use – but it’s still a handy device to help get whatever is on your phone or laptop on to your TV.

You plug the Chromecast in the back of your TV via an HDMI slot and it lets you wirelessly stream from your computer (using Chrome as a browser), tablet or phone.

You can watch iPlayer, Netflix, YouTube and many other channels, which you can control with your smartphone, tablet or computer. Most computers and Android devices can also ‘mirror’ their screens.

Which Chromecast is best?

A new Chromecast was announced in September 2020, two years after the last upgrade model. Full price is £60. This has far more features and a remote control so it’s probably worth getting this upgrade.

If you want a cheaper option the 2018 Chromecast is still on sale, with an RRP of £30. it’ll work fine but you need to control it via your phone or browser.

Read more on how to make your TV into a smart TV

Chromecast with Google TV deals

A brand new version of the Chromecast was released in late 2020. The big difference from previous versions is it comes with a remote control and “Google TV’ – basically an interface like you’d see if a Fire TV stick or Roku. It’s RRP is £59.99.

10% off new Chromecast

Head to the MyVoucherCodes website to claim 10% off selected items at the Google Store, including both a standalone Chromecast and the bundle with Netflix (more on this below). Ends 26 September 2021.

New Chromecast and six months Netflix for £89.99

For the combined price of £89.99 you’ll get the new Chromecast and credit to use at Netflix.

This launch offer gives you £59.94 credit for Netflix for £30 when buying a full-price Chromecast. Or the other way to look at it is you’ll get the new Chromecast for £30. Either way you’ll be saving £30 on the full price for both.

The six months Netflix applies to the mid-range “standard” subscription, where two people can stream at the same time and you get HD quality.

Even so, you can use it how you like, so if you had the basic £5.99 option it’d last for nine months. If it’s the pricier 4K version it’d only cover just under four months of your subscription.

You can also save another £10 if you order two, coming in at £139.98.

The offer is open to new and existing Netflix customers.

> Order your Chromecast and Netflix bundle

Cheap older Chromecast deals

The Chromecast 3 was launched in 2018 for the price of £30. Offers aren’t as common as they used to be but it’s often been possible to get one for £25, if not £20.

It looks like it’s still going to be around as a basic model for those who don’t want the new Chromecast.

> Get a Chromecast at Google

> Get  a Chromecast from Currys

> Get a Chromecast from Argos

> Get a Chromecast at John Lewis

Possible £17 cashback when you buy via Quidco

If you’ve not used cashback site Quidco before, new users can get up to £10 back. Via the link below you earn £10 back to their account when you spend £5 at any of the shops listed. This includes Argos and Currys, meaning you can save an extra £10 off any Chromecast. 

Sign up via the link below and then search for the retailer you want to buy from. Make sure you don’t have any other windows open in your browser for that shop.

Or if you subscribe to my newsletter you’ll get a code for an £17 bonus when you spend £10.

Get £10 cashback from Quidco when new users spend £5 at shops including Argos and Currys

Cheap Chromecast Ultra offers

Google’s 4K (i.e. really high quality) Chromecast Ultra was priced at £69 but has been discontinued. If I spot any stock clearance sales I’ll share them here.

> Get a Chromecast Ultra from Argos

27 thoughts on “Chromecast deals (August 2021)

  1. Hi Andy,

    I just signed to your newsletter yesterday, but hasn’t yet got any message with Quidco 16£ sign up bonus. Any help would be appreciated.

    1. Hi you should be getting the email soon!

  2. Re recent update – “However the 3rd Generation of standard Chromecasts now has this feature so these are redundant.” Unfortunately this isn’t quite true. Chromecast audio has 3.5mm audio jack so can plug into almost any audio amplifier with the right cable. Chromecast gen 3 is still HDMI only, frustratingly still no audio port, it might plug into an amplifier with HDMI in – but this is a somewhat rare port on amps. Chromecast audio is far from redundant for now.

    1. Ah, right. Good to know!

  3. Hi, I ordered via quidco to Argos a chromecast but apparently the £10 extra finished on the 30/10 ????

    1. Hi Andy, not sure what to do. Please see my post above. Thanks

  4. I tried to purchase this at £21.99 but was told I had purchased Edge of tomorrow HD Movie and was told the Chrome cast would be £30

    1. Hi Alan, you should be given a code that makes the Chromecast free. It’s a weird way of doing it, but it does work as I did it for a friend the other week. Have you contacted their support?

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  11. The Wuaki deal, is it just for the focus movie & chromecast or am I signing up for something like a trial period?

    1. Hi Ed. If the offer is still running you are just buying a digital copy of that film and getting a free Chromecast. No subscription involved!

  12. Hi is this offer for the wuaki still on?

    1. Yes, for some reason the link is marked as broken, but it still seems to be valid.

  13. The Chromecast from Wuaki arrived after only a week since ordering it! Very happy! Thanks for the deal Andy!

    1. That’s quick! Enjoy your streaming

  14. No problem. I can’t wait for it to arrive! I also just saw Chromecasts are £25.00 at Argos right now.

    1. Great, thanks for that Sam!

  15. I just took advantage of the Wuaki deal while it was still on last night. Just a heads up that it could take over three weeks for the Chromecast to be delivered. The email states
    “Our delivery service for the Chromecast device can take from 10 to 21 working days.”

    1. Great, thanks for sharing this Sam. They’re fantastic (when you finally get it)

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