Never pay full price… On iTunes or Google Play

Other than Amazon, if you’re buying digital music, films, book or apps there’s a good chance it’s from either Apple’s iTunes or Google Play. But rather than just linking your accounts to your debit card, there are ways to make sure you’re always paying less than full price.

I’ve been lucky enough to have enough freebies and the odd 50% off code to keep me going. Though some months are better than others there are always ways to save on digital purchases at these online shops. If you use these digital shops a lot, it’s worth stocking up.

Here’s how you too can make sure you never pay full price for iTunes or Google Play credit and codes.

CD Keys

This is my go to for money off iTunes and Google Play codes. There’s always some kind of discount, which you can boost with a 5% off code on Facebook.

You can buy as many codes as you like, so it’s perfect for stocking up when the big discounts happen.

The best deal I’ve seen is a huge 28% off iTunes, though prices can change daily. You’ll almost always be able to save at least 12%.

>> Shop at CDKeys for iTunes codes

>> Shop at CD Keys for Google Play codes


This is a handy app to get a little money off someone’s unwanted gift card, and iTunes and Google Play often feature.

Though the discount is usually around 8% (sometimes more, sometimes less), this is a must buy for first time users of the app as you can save an extra £5 with the code 2li721.

>> download Zeek to your phone

iTunes card discounts

As well as CD Keys there are a number of retailers who offer money off.

You’ll usually be able to get 15% off in shops like Tesco and Boots on and off throughout the year. Plus online sellers like PayPal and Giftcloud and also run similar offers. You can also get a 32% discount if you use Tesco Clubcard points.

I keep my iTunes deals page updated with all these deals and the latest prices so keep an eye on there to make sure you are saving the most you can.

>> See the latest iTunes discounts on my deals page

Google Play freebies and deals

Sometimes the deals on offer are fantastic.

Though there are always classic 99p albums, Google Play often runs similar deals for new releases at Christmas and during their birthday. I’ve frequently paid 99p for new release albums over the last few years including Blur’s latest in the week of release. These do tend to be on the poppier end of the music spectrum.

If you’ve a Google Chromecast you’ll also often be able to claim a free rental or more on the Play store.


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