iTunes & Apple gift card discounts & deals

If you buy apps, music or anything else from the Apple music, video, podcast or app stores, then these offers, flash sales, discounts and deals are a chance to save money.

I’ve never paid full price for an iTunes card or code – not that I buy them much at all anymore! Sadly there are a lot less deals nowadays, and the savings are certainly less than the 20% you could get just a few years ago.

And now there are just Apple gift cards – which can be used on digital services like the app store, Arcade, TV+, Music, iCloud and in stores, it’s less likely we’ll see those big discounts again.

Here is my pick of current iTunes code discounts.

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iTunes gift card sales and deals

There are less of these deals than there used to be but Boots, WH Smiths, Sainsbury’s, Asda and Tesco will run 10% to 15% off sales a few times a year.

Amazon: 10% off (expired)

This offer at Amazon comes and goes for digital gift cards, so it’s worth checking. You need to spend at least £25. You can use them on iTunes, Apple Music, the App store and in Apple shops. You can combine it with other offers on Amazon. 3% off (expired)

CDKeys used to be a fantastic place to save on digital iTunes codes, but it’s unlikely you’ll get more than 3% off.

They also sell cheaper codes for Google Play, XboxLive, Playstation Network, Facebook and Steam.

Cashback offers

Up to £17 back

If you’ve not used cashback sites Quidco or Topcashback before, new users can get a bonus back to their account when they shop at thousands of retailers.

This has until recently included iTunes. However it’s now missing from both sites. That doesn’t mean you still can’t take advantage.

Instead you could buy an iTunes gift card from a retailer such as Curry’s. Just search for these retailers within your cashback site. Just check that gift cards aren’t excluded by the retailer for cashback (as they are with Apple).

For Quidco (min spend £5) you’ll get a bonus £10, or you can sign up to my newsletter and get a larger £17 bonus.

For Topcashback it’s also a £10 bonus but with a £10 min spend.

31 thoughts on “iTunes & Apple gift card discounts & deals

  1. I purchased iTunes gift cards through UK Dapper after reading about them here. Order was placed 5 days ago and it’s still showing as “pending”. No word on what that means or how much longer til my iTunes gift cards are shipped out. Tried calling and no one even answers!

    Have you shopped with them before? Not impressed by them so far… :/

    CDKeys and cardyard have been great, no complaintss there.

    1. Hmm, not heard of UK Dapper and they definitely aren’t a retailer I’ve ever written about. Sounds like one to avoid. How did you pay? if it was by debit card see if you can get your money back from your bank via Chargeback.

  2. You can also get 10% off direct with apple via Itunes up until Christmas Eve 2018

  3. It doesn’t look like the O2 deal is working any more.

  4. Quidco got 2.2% cashback for cdkeys just now. Not sure it tracks if you use 5% facebook discount

  5. ITunes vouchers aren’t being offered as a clubcard reward as I check. I don’t know if this means it has finished for good. Shame, because I relied on this.

    1. Ah, what a shame. I’ll keep an eye out for other deals.

  6. Unfortunately doesn’t look like the Quidco one works. I clicked through the link, signed up for Quidco and spent £10 on itunes, but it hasn’t tracked and Quidco don’t let you submit a claim for itunes.

    1. Hi Helen, are you a new user?

      1. Yes I Signed up to Quidco once i clicked through the link provided.

        1. It should work fine as long as you did it before the 24th when the deal ended – it’s worked fine for others. Is there no way to raise a ticket with Quidco?

          1. Yes did it on the 11th April. Checked today and it’s still not tracked. Tried raising a claim for itunes but won’t let me, tells me it is unable to investigate transactions for this merchant.

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  8. Paypal is doing the 20% discount for £15,£25,£50 & £100 until the 24th of December.

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  10. The Pingit offer is back – 29% off a £35 iTunes Code through the app until Dec 1st 🙂 You don’t need a Barclays account to sign up

    1. Great, thanks Katie!

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  12. The cd keys offer is incorrect they are £22.50 then 5% off which takes it down to £21.00 but long way off £17.95

    1. Hi Bree, yes the price changes frequently as hopefully is clear in the write up. Looks like the 28% cut must have ended late yesterday or early today.

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  14. Clinton cards is doing 15% off a £25 card

    1. Thanks Kirk, I’ll add it to the post

  15. Just 3 days ago when i bought itunes gift card, it was 15% discounted but yesterday wasn’t. I think the offering ended.

    1. Thanks Joonghyun!

  16. Yes I too tried Superdrug and Boots today and they knew nothing about any discount deals?

  17. i think these deals have all ended as I checked in super drug and Tescos yesterday and it was no longer on

    1. Thanks for letting me know Tania

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