Asda Rewards review: How the loyalty scheme works

Here’s how to earn and spend money you make from shopping at the supermarket.

There’s finally a reward scheme available for Asda customers, offering money back on specific products and rewards by completing certain activities.

Rather than earn points, you earn straight cash, and there will be opportunities to boost your returns when you spend. Here’s what you need to know.

What is Asda Rewards?

After a year of trials across the country, the new scheme went nationwide on 11 August 2022. The idea is you’ll scan your card each time you shop to earn money back.

Unlike Clubcard and Nectar you don’t earn points on every pound you spend. Instead, you’ll need to complete “missions” or buy “star products” to earn cashback.

The money you earn in then converted into Asda Pounds, which sit in a “Cashpot” within the app. They can be swapped for Asda Pounds vouchers, which can be spent in-store and online.

How to sign up for Asda Rewards?

You’ll need to download the Asda Rewards app to take part and then sign up to the scheme there. Sadly there’s no option to sign up in-store or online.

There’s no physical card either. You’ll need to scan the digital card from within the app when you visit the supermarket. The app will automatically be linked to your online Asda account when you sign up (as long as you use the same details!).

How to earn Asda Rewards?

As mentioned, there are no Asda Reward points. You’ll earn money back in pence and pounds, but only on specific products and offers. There are two key ways to earn the Asda Rewards.

Star Products

Within the Asda Rewards app you’ll see a selection of products that will earn you money back if you buy them. You obviously need to scan your Asda Rewards card at the till for the points to be added to your balance.

When I had a look at the scheme’s launch there were 419 different options! There’s a huge range of products, but be careful to buy the exact same item listed as different sizes and flavours might not be part of the deal.

There’s no obvious way to filter these by category on the app, though you can sort by value, the newest additions and when they expire. It’s also possible to see “Star Products” when shopping online, and they’re labelled in-store too.

Most of the offers are 10%, and this seems to be the way most of the Rewards will be earned. So buy a Dr Oetker pizza at £3 and you’ll get 30p added to your reward account.

However, two offered a set discount. The largest was £2.50 back on a 12 pack of XL Andrex toilet rolls, which would cost £11 (so saving almost 23%). The other was 50p back from a triple box of Jaffa Cakes.

Each offer has a different expiry date, so don’t assume something you’ve had points back on in the past will still be part of the promotion the next time you shop.

If you’re shopping online, and a substitution is offered, you’ll still get the original Rewards value.


Alternatively you can get points by completing Missions. There are far less of these at any one time, with four “Milestone Missions” showing at launch, and six additional missions.

A Milestone missions are all pretty basic. The first one requires you to scan your card each time you shop and once you spend £50 you get £1.50. Once that’s completed, another milestone mission will be unlocked.

The generic missions will change on a regular basis. They seem to be of the “Buy x number, get £x back” or “Spend x on x to get £x back” formats. So, buy five health and beauty items to receive a £2 bonus. Or spend £25 on school uniforms to get £5 back.

Often they’ll require multiple transactions, so you won’t necessarily be able to earn the rewards from an occasional shop.

How to spend Asda Rewards

* UPDATE 22 AUG 2022 – After a reader said they’d been able to swap £9 of credit I got back in touch with the Asda press office who originally told be that is was £10. They now think it’s £1. They couldn’t confirm when this changed *

All the rewards you’ve earned via Milestones and Star Buys will be sent to your Cashpot and appear as a monetary value. They should appear within 24 hours of your purchase.

To use the cash you need to have amassed a minimum of £1, which can then be swapped for a £1 voucher. You can only actually swap in £1 denominations, so if you have £1.20 stacked up and swap it for a voucher, you’ll need to earn another 80p before you can get another voucher.

You also need to spend the full amount (or more) to redeem them. If the basket is less than your voucher amount you’ll need to spend more or wait until next time.

It’s worth noting that if you scan your Asda Rewards card and there’s a voucher on the account it’ll automatically be used – as long as the value of the shop is larger.

Boosting Asda Rewards

Look out for boosted offers which will increase the value of your Asda Pounds when converting them to vouchers. These are yet to run, but I’d imagine they’d be specific to certain spending categories.

How long do Asda Rewards earnings and vouchers last?

You need to be across this, as there’s a good chance you’ll get caught out here. All the Rewards that are added to your Cashpot will last for six months before expiring. This will happen at the end of each month, so earn Rewards in June, and if they’ve not been used they’ll disappear at the end of the following December.

Then, once converted to vouchers, they’ll last for 30 days. So you need to be sure you can use them before swapping over.

Is Asda Rewards any good?

Andy’s Analysis

If you shop regularly at Asda then this is a no-brainer.

However, I’d be careful about buying products just because you’ll get 10% back. Always just check there isn’t a similar product or different size that works out cheaper, even with the cashback factored.

With a £1 payout it’s actually going to be easier to spend the money than Tesco Clubcard and Nectar, though do watch out for the six month deadline to cash them out, and 30 day limit on vouchers.

Earning more rewards via the Asda Money Credit Card

There is another way to earn Asda Rewards – the new Asda Money Credit Card. This is a cashback card earning 1p in Asda Pounds per £1 spent at the supermarket (so 1% back), and 1p per £4 spend elsewhere (the equivalent of 0.25% back).

The money you make is added to your Cashpot along with any Star Product purchases and completed Missions. Here’s my review.

40 thoughts on “Asda Rewards review: How the loyalty scheme works

  1. I wonder how much the design of the app has cost Asda? We will be paying for that through the prices. There is a built in disadvantage for people shopping for one person. I don’t want to buy 5 frozen items or 5 fruit and veg items at once. Why not just have a card? Easy to use, cheap to produce and administer. A no brainer!

  2. We shop at Asda every week we have £142.92 in our cash pot . Plus I spent a £50 voucher and a £35 voucher. You can spend whatever is in your cash pot . To the nearest pound . We’ve never had problems with the app or our store

  3. The milestone feature is totally unfathomable, it’s almost like a state secret. Asda are free to change it at will. When no details are given about the milestone parameters are it is a total farce. I do know however they are nowhere as generous as they were 12 months ago.

  4. I’ve notices the spending milestones limita have increased significantly. Initially I was hitting thw mission total everytime (buying for family of 4 – around £600 per month). Now that amount only completes the first few missions. App appwars rigged to monitor your spend habits and limit the amount of reward given.

  5. Never had a problem. Don’t look for particular products – I just do my regular shop and generally get something back. I’ve redeemed twice so far without a problem. Once for £70.00 and once for £50.00.

  6. Stephen Lawrance March 24, 2023 at 4:58 pm

    Bought a beef joint with £3 cashpot on it a few days ago , card scanned at till and no money added to my Asda Rewards…also when the cashier scanned my phone to use the membership she scanned a 3 pound beer first as she said needed to scan an item first prior to card and it put the beer twice on my bill..I went to CSERVICE and had that removed but no sign of the 3 pounds off from the beef….Please confirm how the cashpot works..thank you!

  7. I have accumulated £40 on my reward vouchers but when I tried to pay for £7 worth of items was told I had to spend the full £40 as you cannot just use it for small desperate transactions 😏

  8. Not much use to me I usually leave my phone in the car alongside fifty bags for life

  9. Can you only get Vouchers of £10 – how many can you use against one shop? I have £42.00 in my caspot but only letting me get one £10 voucher.

    1. I think you can only get vouchers in multiples of £10 I’m finding the same problem

  10. I scan mine at checkout before I scan all my products. Used it a few times with no problems.

  11. The last 2 times I’ve used it the rewards havnt gone on is it anything to do with me using blur light card

    1. No it’s nothing to do with your BlueLightCard, I’ve got one as well, when you swipe your phone make sure you hear a noise, I think it says credit on the in store screen , I’ve swiped it twice and because I didn’t hear a noise it meant that my points hadn’t been put on…

    2. This also happened to me spend over £200 used the blue light card and nothing went into my rewards, it’s shows on the receipt it’s been scanned???

      1. Updated app and now app won’t work on my phone. A card – like Tesco/Co-oP – would have been ideal as do t really want to have to take out phone in busy shop. Got cash on there but unless I upgrade phone (doubt it) or update the phone system (can’t no room) then no good

      2. it is nothing to do with your blue light card…
        the app runs independantly and the points are put on based on your shop and wether you have purchased certtain products… when you pay for your goods get your pho e out and they scan the app and the money is rewarded to the app. then gat your shopping amount then show your nlue light card.. your discount will be added after this and before you finally pay

    3. This happened to me last week I rang and they were very helpful and awarded them manually to my account, I did have receipt

    4. We had the same problem, spoke to head office and they said that you should scan your blue light card first, then your rewards app. We did this and it was fine. Then we had another trip to the store where the checkout operator argued with us and said, no, that’s not right, that’s only when you are claiming a voucher and despite our request to scan the blue light card first, promptly ignored that and did it the other way around. We didn’t get this shop added to our rewards, although the receipt says it was scanned, so it does seem to matter which order you do it in.

      She also scanned some raspberries twice, which we didn’t notice until we got home, so another £2 down!

      Also, we have about £29 in the cash pot, just observed this morning that the max reward voucher is £15, so although we were going to save it all up for the Christmas shop, this might mean that we lose our remaining rewards, so we think we will cash them in more frequently.

  12. How to claim ‘ASDA Rewards’-as I do Not have a mobile phone? Yes-that’s right I am one of the silent minority that neither needs nor wants a mobile phone.

  13. I would like a physical card. The app on my phone won’t connect in Eastbourne store using data or Asda’s own wifi.

    1. Margaret wilson July 22, 2023 at 1:04 pm

      Take a screen print and keep it in your photos and use that.

  14. I have done 3 shops at Asda and my points have not gone on . A worker at as told me it’s because I had completed the mission. I thought you got pounds every time you shop . If so that’s wrong not happy at all.

    1. you get rewards on items that yoh buy that are rewardable, not on every single item you buy…. check out ghe app or website for actual rewards available

  15. I have not yet signed up for this and only want to use cash – can the scheme be used cash only?

  16. Bring back the APG 🙂

  17. OK, I’ve downloaded the app and want to use scan and go. When/how do you scan the in app card? Do you use the handset if so is it before or after you start shopping? Do you scan it at the checkout? If so is it before or after you scan the qr code. I’ve looked online but cannot see step by step instructions for using rewards with scan and go.

    1. Scan just before payment seems to work

  18. Did a big shop over 100 then to be told after I had paid about the asda rewards how do I add my point to my app from recipt ?? Or can u not do that ? ..

    1. You can’t add them afterwards. Really annoying.

      1. You can get them added if you phone the helpline, although it took 30 minutes to get through when I did it

  19. Seems to be a lot of criticism here. Personally I don’t mind it. I spent £80 last week on an Asda shop and completed three missions (spend £50, but 10 items of fruit and veg, buy 5 frozen items) and got £4 back. In Tesco I would have only got 80p and would have had to spend £400 to get £4. I appreciate I won’t get this every time but it does differentiate it from Nectar or Clubcard and missions encouraging you to buy more fruit and veg can only be a good thing?

  20. i spent nearly £280 on specs at Asda plus about £20 on food. The reward given was one whole penny. A complete waste of time.

    1. Hello Karen the reward shows as 1p on your receipt however money saved on each transaction is shown in the app. When you claim it it goes into your cash pot.

  21. Decent article but not 100% correct, saying you can only cash out in multiples of £10 is wrong as i literally cashed in £9 of my £9.24 balance this morning. Maybe you meant you can only cash out in round pounds?

    1. Thanks John, this is what the Asda press office told me. I’ll get back to them to query.

      1. Great explanation! Sounds pretty simple! Do you know how many £10 vouchers can be redeemed at once? Is there any limit?

  22. Far to complicated for me to bother with. I save by being savvy shopping at all the Supermarkets.

  23. Marketing gone mad.
    The best scheme would be to just get a discount on a products price when it is a special offer, supplier bonus’ to the supermarket pay for these, the retailer gives you nothing.
    Tesco’s club card offering a reduction in store of price reductions, if you have a card is the easiest to use, you get the faff of points as well, but provided you know the normal price, and that tesco haven’t increased it , to make the offer look better it is easy and simple.
    Getting pitiful rewards like Sainsbury and Morrison can be ignored they are useless in terms of value.

  24. Blimey Asda..could you have made it more any more complicated if you’d tried ! Seems to be a numerous getouts for them in the T&Cs.

  25. One thing I noticed when reading the help pages is that if you pay for something using Asda Rewards Vouchers, and then return it, you don’t get the rewards vouchers back.


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