What are loyalty card points worth?

The real value of your Tesco Clubcard, Nectar, Morrisons More, Boots Advantage and Superdrug Beautycard points.

If you’re like me, you’ll have a few loyalty cards in your wallet and swipe away when you get to the till. But do you have any idea what the points are worth? Do you even use them? Is there any point to the points?

Well, taking the last question first, yes, I’d say it’s almost always a good idea to collect points if you can. Even if it’s a tiny amount, it will add up and it’s money for nothing. But it’s less likely to be worth going to a particular shop just to get the points if it’s not the cheapest or most convenient option.

As for do I use them? I’m a big fan of Clubcard points as you can boost their value, so I get through them quickly. My Nectar on the other hand slowly but surely adds the odd penny while I wait for a decent deal to increase their value, but they’re pretty rare.

I know what my Tesco points are worth as they’re much easier to calculate. But what are 2,000 Nectar points worth? Or 800 Boots? No idea! Plus there are schemes at Morrisons and Superdrug too – and they’re all different.

To help me – and you – I’ve taken a look at the biggest schemes to see what you get for your points, and how much you need to spend in order to actually use them.

This video is from 2021, and Morrisons is no longer offering points

How much are Tesco Clubcard points worth?

Value of Tesco Clubcard points

  • 1,000 Clubcard points = £10
  • 500 Clubcard points = £5
  • 100 Clubcard points = £1
  • 1 Clubcard point = 1p

Real value of Clubcard points

  • Usually 1 point is earned per £1
  • So 1 point works out as 1% of your original shop
  • Minimum payout = 100 points will get you £1 in vouchers
  • So you need to spend £100 to use the points

You can earn these at Tesco shops, petrol stations, website and also via things like Tesco Mobile and Tesco Bank.

Though the value is equivalent to 1%, you can boost them, usually by three times the value. Read my Best Uses Of Clubcard Points article for more on how to make the most of these points.

There are often extra discounts in store for Clubcard holders.

How much are Nectar points worth?

Value of Nectar points

  • 1,000 Nectar points = £5
  • 500 Nectar points = £2.50
  • 100 Nectar points = 50p
  • 1 Nectar point = 0.5p

Real value of Nectar points

  • Usually 1 point earned per £1
  • So 1 point works out as 0.5% of your original Sainsbury’s shop
  • Minimum payout = 500 points will give you £2.50 credit
  • So you need to spend £500 to use any points

Nectar halved how many points you earn at Sainsbury’s in 2015, but each point (old and new) is still worth the same. You can get bonus points on specific items each week, but you need to activate these in the app. You can also earn Nectar points at places like Argos.

There aren’t really any ways to boost the value of your points, but I’ve listed a few options here.

How much are Morrisons More points worth?

Value of Morrisons More points

  • 1,000 Morrisons More points = £1
  • 500 Morrisons More points = 50p
  • 100 Morrisons More points = 10p
  • 10 Morrisons More points = 1p
  • 1 Morrisons More points = 0.1p

Real value of Morrisons points

  • Points are earned on specific products rather than your whole shop
  • The amount you earn will vary, so you can’t assign a percentage value for 1 point
  • Minimum payout = 5,000 points will give you £5 credit

Morrisons bought back points in the summer of 2023 (having axed them two years earlier). I’ve written in detail how it works here.

You’ll need 5,000 points to cash them out as a £5 voucher and there aren’t any ways to boost the value of the voucher.

How much are Boots Advantage points worth?

Value of Boots Advantage points

  • 1,000 Advantage points = £10
  • 500 Advantage points = £5
  • 100 Advantage points = £1
  • 1 Advantage point = 1p

Real value of Boots Advantage points

  • Usually 3 points earned per £1
  • So 1 point works out as 3% of your original shop
  • Minimum payout = 1 points / £0.01
  • So you need to spend £1 to use any points – however you can’t part pay with points, meaning it’s likely you won’t cash out until you’ve earned at least 100 points, which is a spend of £34.

This is one of the schemes I’ve never joined myself, but Becky is a big fan and racks up the points quite quickly. (I’ve added her card to my digital wallet for when I shop). Sadly in 2023 the number of points earned per pound reduced from four to three.

You can only spend them in Boots shops or online at Boots.com. Of course, if you can get your shampoo cheaper elsewhere, the points probably won’t make any difference.

Keep an eye out for frequent bonus deals and vouchers where you can earn double value or even more for your shop. There are often extra codes in your online account.

 Learn about the Boots Advantage card

How much are Superdrug Beautycard points worth?

Value of Superdrug points

  • 1,000 Superdrug Beautycard points = £10
  • 500 Superdrug Beautycard points = £5
  • 100 Superdrug Beautycard points = £1
  • 1 Superdrug Beautycard points = 1p

Real value of Superdrug points

  • Usually 1 point earned per £1
  • So 1 point works out as 1% of your original shop
  • Minimum payout = 100 points / £1
  • So you need to spend £100 to use any points

Pretty similar to Boot’s scheme in that there are often bonnus points offers. You can only use your points in multiples of 100.

 Find out more about the Superdrug Beautycard

20 thoughts on “What are loyalty card points worth?

  1. On my calculations, you need to spend £50 on a Nectar card before you can use the points, not £500!

  2. I have the Tesco club card my last four shops were around 280-350 each time I go to pay the basic one works but the big shop does not

    Today the first shop in October I spent 350.00 and same happens so I went out side to refresh the app when I returned the basic discount was there but no big shops there.

    This has happened for four months running the customer service says not our problem it’s a different company

    When you try to call you can’t get through I waited 1hr 30mins and no one spoke to me in that time

    1. I hope you won’t mind me mentioning- not being patronising because this happened to me the first time, you do have to press the Big Shop button and scan a separate code to get the Big Shop discount on top of your regular own brands one … Hope might be simple solution ..? If not, apologies

  3. morrisons 500 points

  4. Don’t forget LIDL Plus card. As well as a few coupons each week, you will get a £2 voucher if you spend £100 in a month, and another £10 if you spend £200. So a £200 spend would get you £12, or 6% cashback.

    Also, with Nectar you get weekly offers, including a whole bunch of Sainsbury’s offers which are tailored to your own shopping habits. It means for buying things I would normally buy anyway at Sainsbury’s I can usually get at least £3 worth of bonus points per week, on top of the point per pound for my total spend and an additional 2 points per pound for paying with my Sainsbury’s Bank credit card.

  5. Morrisons barista bars – there only seem to be a few at the moment – offer good value drinks and snacks & 25p off with use of your own cup, but their loyalty card offering a free drink for 9 stamps collected is impossible because the cafes have run out of cards and for months now have given customers feeble excuses for the failure of this scheme.The barista staff are obviously embarrassed when asked what’s happening.

  6. Morrisons have been giving only 5 points per litre on fuel for some time .I emailed them two years ago as to why if they give 5points per pound in the store they do not give one point per 20p (they only award in multiples of 5) I have yet to get a reply.They do sometimes have good bonuses though-currently 100points (=10p towards the holy grail of the £5 voucher)on a tin of KTC tomatoes themselves on offer at 3for £1. You would though only find this out from their Ramadan leaflet- nothing on the shelf edge in either of my local stores.

    1. All these points are really meaningless as all they do unless you can get a good price at the same place near to where you live or passing by in a car, is track your spending habits and bombard you with ads

  7. Co-op has a brilliant loyalty program. You get 4% of £value for all co-op branded stuff. They give 1% on top of that to charity. And you can redeem your balance as soon as the next shop whether you have 1 pence or £100 in credit

  8. Hi
    just to update you on the Morrison’s points system. Since last year they have halved their points on petrol to ‘one point per litre’ instead of 2 points per litre.
    By my calculation, you have to spend about £1000 in total to get the 5000 points needed to get a £5 voucher! Really not worth the stress and certainly not enough of an incentive to now keep me as a loyal customer.
    I had a look on their website and the reason given for decreasing the points on petrol was so that they could keep their petrol prices low. Really??

    1. Oh wow, what is the point! Thanks for letting me know

  9. Final point re M & S Sparks. They also throw in a good number of bonus offers you can claim on the card throughout the year including the odd ‘ Spend £35 get £5 off ‘ on Food. And while they don’t advertise it they send you a £5 Credit to your Sparks card to be used in your Birthday month after the first year. Again it’s an odd model but if you shop at M & S and are web savvy enough to claim the offers I think it’s well worth doing.

  10. The other practical benefit of collecting M & S Sparks points is you collect offer slots. They send you 5 ‘ tailored ‘ offers every 2 weeks. Depending on how many Sparks you’ve collected you can pick 1 to 4 out of the list of 5. The offer is then applied when you swipe in store or checkout online. If you shop in M & S regularly the savings will mount up over time. Picking them every two weeks is a faff but 20% off something you were buying anyway is worth it.

  11. This is slightly unfair to the M & S Sparks Card. It’s true the points collected have no redemption value. But they donate 1p per transaction of £1 or over to a Charity of your choice when you use the Card. There is a list of 10 Charities and you pick from it when you register for the scheme. If you shop regularly at M & S that will add up.

  12. Why do dobbies expect me to £12 for the privlage of using cash, only £10 by direct debit, for their loyalty card. I prefer to pay cash but really object to being ripped of, so I doubt I will be renewing my card.
    G D

    1. So many places offer a Direct Debit discount – I think partly because they hope you’ll forget and keep on paying! It’s frustrating.

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  14. E. H. Booth supermarkets have a card with drinks and papers free like Waitrose and have offers on particular products.

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