Morrisons bring back More loyalty scheme

You can once again earn points when you shop.

Just two years after a revamp that saw points ditched in favour of coupons, Morrisons has performed a U-turn and bought back the Morrisons More scheme in its supermarkets. However, it’s not exactly the same as before. You won’t earn on all your spending for a start. Here’s what you need to know – and whether it’s worth it.

What is Morrisons More?

Morrisons More is the supermarket’s loyalty scheme. It relaunched nationally on 22 May 2023 after a two-year absence. It replaces My Morrisons.

You’ll earn points on some spending rather than all of it, making it more similar to Asda’s scheme than Tesco Clubcard or Nectar at Sainsbury’s. Those points can be converted into vouchers to spend in store.

There are also discounted prices for members and personalised coupons offering freebies and money off.

How to sign up for Morrisons More

If you already have a My Morrisons app it’ll continue to work, though you’ll need to update the app on your phone. Your existing username and password will remain the same. You’ll still access your digital card via the app.

Those using a physical card and not the app will get a replacement card in the post by the end of June, though the existing card will still work until then, and the card number will be the same.

Online shoppers will still have their accounts linked, so you won’t need to do anything.

New members will need to download the app or sign up on the Morrisons website. There’s nothing on the Morrisons website about signing up in-store, but since there’s an option for customers to not use an app I’d hope there’s an option available there for those who aren’t online.

How to earn Morrisons More Points

To take advantage of the scheme you’ll need to scan or swipe your card at the checkout. If you forget there’s no way to add points on at a later date.

Unlike the previous version of Morrisons More, you won’t get points on all your spending. Instead you’ll get them on selected products. You’ll see these in-store, online or in the app.

Looking at the offers on my account at launch, there were 19 different ways to earn points in the supermarket. They were mainly focused on own brand bakery, fruit and veg and the meat/fish/deli counters. These included:

  • 500 points when you spend £5 at the pizza counter
  • 500 points when you spend £5 on BBQ meat
  • 400 points when you spend £4 at the deli counter
  • 350 points when you buy a whole sea bass or sea bream
  • 250 points when you buy a stir fry meal deal
  • 100 points when you buy 4 Morrisons brownies
  • 100 points when you buy a 5 pack of doughnuts
  • 100 points when you buy a pack of rhubarb
  • 100 points when you buy a pack of 6 Morrisons pitta bread

You can also earn 5 points for every litre of fuel you buy at a Morrisons petrol station. Assuming you fill up a 50 litre tank, that’s 250 points you’ll get each time.

If you had points from the old scheme that weren’t used, then the bad news is they won’t be automatically added to your new points balance.

What are Morrisons More points worth?

You’ll need 5,000 points before you can use your points. These will convert to a £5 voucher. And you can only convert the points in multiples of 5,000.

That means the points themselves are worth the following:

  • 1 point is worth 0.1p
  • 10 points are worth 1p
  • 100 points are worth 10p
  • 250 points are worth 25p
  • 500 points are worth 50p

However, I can’t use this to calculate a percentage back in the same we can for Clubcard and Nectar as the price of items will vary depending on what you buy.

If we use the examples above, those pitta breads cost 79p, while the rhubarb is £1.29. Yet both earn you 100 points. So the pitta saving is larger than the one for the rhubarb.

And it’s worth noting that the offers where it’s along the lines of 500 points when you spend £5 won’t necessarily mean you’re getting 1% back as you may well spend over that amount but not earn additional points. However some deals aren’t limited to just one per spend, so spend £10 on BBQ meat and you’d get two lots of the 500 points.

The best deals

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How to use Morrisons More points

Online and app shoppers can choose when to convert the points. You’ll scan the voucher in the app to use it. Anyone who shops in-store only will have a voucher printed at the till once you hit 5,000 points, so make sure you check everything that’s issued.

Points will last 12 months in your account, and any that aren’t swapped into vouchers within a year will expire. And once the points have been changed into a voucher, you’ve got a year to use it before that too expires.

What are Morrisons More’s other benefits?

Alongside the Morrisons More points, you’ll also have the chance to save money via the following:

  • Morrisons More Savings
  • Morrisons More Rewards

Morrisons More Savings are a bit like Clubcard Prices and Nectar Prices. You’ll see special lower prices on certain products, but you’ll only get them if you swipe your card at the till or have a connected online account. At launch, these included:

  • 1 pizza and two extras for £6 rather than £8
  • Cathedral City cheese for £3 rather than £3.99
  • Takeaway bag for £6 rather than £8.50
  • Pringles for £1.25 rather than £1.85

There are also some set discounts once a week at the counters

  • 20% off at the fish counter on Fridays
  • 20% off steak at the butcher’s counter on Saturdays

The Morrison More Rewards are personalised offers, so the coupons or freebies you’ll see in the app will be based on your shopping history. Since I don’t shop at Morrisons there’s nothing showing for me right now.

This is likely going to work in the same way as the My Morrisons coupons have for the last few years, meaning you’ll need to activate the offer in the “Rewards” section of the app/site before swiping your card or checking out.

Is Morrisons More any good?

Andy’s Analysis

As is the case with all loyalty schemes, there’s little point going out of your way to shop at Morrisons to earn these points or claim the coupons.

However if you shop regularly at Morrisons it’s worth taking a look before you shop. Just don’t buy things you don’t need just because there’s an offer. And remember to check there aren’t bigger savings and discounts from different brands elsewhere on the shelves.

6 thoughts on “Morrisons bring back More loyalty scheme

  1. Might be better than my first reaction. Shopped yesterday at Morrisons and got 100 points on a shop of a bit below £30. I wasn’t checking for items that had points on them, just buying goods that I needed. This suggests an improvement on the previous system, where very little that I bought earned a discount. Not keen on the fact that the points only last a year, though, as it takes 5000 to earn the £5. and that’s a lot of shops. That differs from Sainsburys Nectar points, which last indefinitely.

  2. I had over 4,000 points the last time it was changed and lost the lot so how do we know if the same thing won’t happen again with another revamp next year, they need to say how long this scheme will stay in place to gain loyalty!

  3. LOYALTY has gone out of the window..unless that is the only supermarket in your area.
    Needs to be renamed BENEFIT. I’LL stick to Tesco and Sainsbury, at least I can spend my points on fuel !!

  4. Your maths is dreadful again. 1 point is worth 0.1p, not 0.01.

  5. Seems to me that Morrisons schemes get progressively worse. At first you got points for money, then this was replaced by cash back on obscure items that you rarely bought, but at least it was applied straight away. Now, we seem to have a combination of the 2 previous schemes. You can only collect cashback points on obscure items and you wait a very long time for your money. In my opinion, Morrisons haven’t had a genuine loyalty scheme for years. I shop there because its the only supermarket in my immediate vicinity, but elsewhere when I can.

    1. I totally agree with you. I too only have a Morrisons in the vicinity and shop elsewhere when I am out in the car. I prefer Tesco though it’s loyalty scheme is not as good these days.


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