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Money off trains and taxis, eating out deals, bargain magazines, cheap entertainment and bonus airline points are some of the best uses of your Clubcard points

If you shop at Tesco, you probably already have a Tesco Clubcard (if not sign up for one on their site or pick up a flyer in store). But how do you spend the vouchers that come through every few months or so?

How to use Tesco Clubcard points

After collecting your clubcard points for a while you’ll get a payout in the form of a voucher. You’ll get sent this in the post, but you can also access the vouchers online.

The worst value comes from spending them as cash on your groceries at the till. 100 points are worth £1 in Tesco stores. And it’s the same value on the Tesco website.

But they can worth much more through Clubcard BoostHere you swap your Clubcard vouchers for vouchers to spend elsewhere. The “boost” is the increase in value.

There used to be variable boosts. Some doubled your points, some tripled and some even quadrupled. But as of June 11th 2018 it’s now a simpler triple boost across most deals.

Though this means some deals (such as Pizza Express) aren’t worth as much, I think it’s better overall as you now get bigger savings elsewhere.

Once all the deals have been updated I’ll check again to see what ahppThere do seem to be a few exceptions to the new triple rule. Magazine subscriptions stay at the same rate, as do railcards and cinema tickets.

There are hundreds of options, so I’ve scanned through them to find my five best uses:

1. Train ticket vouchers and railcards

Exchanging your Clubcard points for a code means you save 66% on trains.

This is pretty much where all my points go. You can buy multiples of £1.50 voucher for 50p to use at Red Spotted Hanky which is an online booking service. You do get charged £1 per train booking, but I think the deal balances this out.

Even better, you can combine these vouchers with railcard savings. If you’re eligible, you can also get railcards half price with Clubcard Boost – £15 rather than £30.

>> Swap your Clubcard points for Red Spotted Hanky vouchers

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2. Uber and Uber Eats

Again you get a triple boost here. The obvious way to use your Uber credit is on taxi journeys – and this is a great money saver. I don’t think there are any other ways to get such a discount on Uber other than a code for your first journey. But another great use of the same credit is on takeaways. Uber Eats uses the same app but you can order at all sorts of restaurants and takeaways for delivery. It’s like Deliveroo.

As with Red Spotted Hanky, you can swap 50p of Clubcard points for £1.50 of credit

>> Exchange your points for Uber credit

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3. Days out

Fancy pay less when going to the zoo? A theme park? Museum? All these are available at a discount.

A lot of the “days out” used to be quadruple points and have been reduced to triple – but they still represent decent value. It’s worth checking to see there isn’t a better offer out there, though one saving which is hard to beat is using your points for triple credit towards an English Heritage membership.

It’s worth checking out Kids Pass though if you go out a lot as some discounts might be bigger.

4. Cinema tickets

You can use your points to get cut-price cinema tickets. Pay £4.50 in points for a Cineworld ticket and £4.50 for an Odeon ticket (apart from a handful of central London screens).

However, there are lots of other ways to save on the cinema, so the saving won’t be as big as it is with the exchanges listed above.

>> More cinema deals and discounts

5. Bonus airline points

If you already save airline points, this is a great way to get more. 250 Clubcard points are worth 625 Virgin Flying Club points or 600 Avios points.

If I exchanged my Amex points of the same value I’d get just 500 points. So that’s at least 20% more. Tesco sometimes run promotions where they boost the points, so it may be worth waiting for that to happen.

However, unless you travel a lot and earn lots of points, I do think you’re better off using a standard cashback credit card rather than be restricted to using air miles.

>> Swap Clubcard points for Virgin, Avios and BA points

6. Magazine subscriptions

Current deals include a year of Empire or Elle for £16 (worth £48 if bought each month from a newsagent), and a year of Good Housekeeping for £15.50 (worth £47).

You can get other subscriber deals elsewhere which give good discounts, often around a third off the cover price, but you’ll probably still save another 50% off that price here. Either way you’ll pay far less than the cover price!

>> Swap your Clubcard points for magazine subscriptions

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Ones to avoid

Though you can save money by boosting your points in these areas, I think you can get similar savings elsewhere – meaning you should boost your points on the more valuable discounts listed above.


Even when these were 4x value I thought you could spend your points better elsewhere than at the chain restaurants included in Clubcard Boost. And now they are triple too the deal is even worse. That’s because you can get almost as decent discounts for the likes of Pizza Express and Bella Italia elsewhere. A simple google often brings up voucher codes for 40% off or two for one. Plus you can save at more places more often with a Tastecard trial.


Though you can get triple value on points to spend at and Hilton, you’re locked in to booking with them and I think you’re better off searching for the lowest prices elsewhere.

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