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Get a free Tastecard membership trial giving you 2-4-1 and discounted meals and cinema tickets across the country. Plus other deals and discounts.

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Top Tastecard offers

The bulk of these offers are for digital memberships, which means you access your card via the app on your smartphone. However at times there are a couple of deals which come with a physical card – but do check when you click through.

90-days Tastecard + for £1

You get 90 days for £1, which is the longest cheap deal at the moment. It renews at £39.99 for a full year.

> Get a 90-day Tastecard + for £1 

Top Gourmet Society membership deals and offers

90-day Gourmet Society membership for £1

On the surface, this seems like the same deal – and it might be. But as it’s for Gourmet Society +, not Tastecard, the deals might be different. So do check the restaurants and deals. It’s valid for 90-days. When the deal ends it will auto-renew at £34.99 for a full year.

> Get a 90-day Gourmet Society membership for £1

Other dining club deals

These are similar, if not the same, as Tastecard and might represent better value depending on where you live and places you eat at.

Meerkat Meals – a year for £1 ish

If you buy a one-day travel insurance product via Compare the Market you get access to both Meerkat Movies and the new Meerkat Meals. It’s more restrictive than Tastecard and Gourmet Soc, but it’s not a bad deal when paired with the movie offer. I’ve written more in detail about what you get and how it compares.

What is Tastecard?

Tastecard restaurant offers

Tastecard is a membership scheme primarily offering money off at restaurants in the UK.

There are thousands of restaurants listed on Tastecard, from your local Indian to chains such as Pizza Express and Prezzo. They offer up to 50% off or 2 for 1 discounts. Do look for exclusions such as weekends or the number of people you can use the membership for on a table.

Your membership can either be digital, which you access via the Tastecard app, or full where you also get a physical card. it doesn’t make a difference to the deals you get whether you have the digital or full membership. You simply show the card in the participating restaurant, normally before you order and certainly before you ask for the bill.

Tastecard + cinema deals

You can also sometimes get Tastecard+ included. Most of the savings here can be found elsewhere, but the cinema deals are worth a look. You can get cheaper tickets at Showcase, Odeon, Vue, Empire, Picturehouse and The Light. Though do always compare the discounted price with the box office price – it’s not always cheaper!

> More on Tastecard’s discounts on cinema tickets.

Gourmet Society and other schemes

Gourmet Society, High Life and Meerkat Meals are all run by the same company as Tastecard, and have a lot of similar deals. But each offers a slightly different discount and a few different restaurants, so it’s worth comparing them all to see which is best for you. I’ve compared the main schemes in this article.

Is a Tastecard worth the money?

At full price (£79) I don’t think a Tastecard is worth the money, but around £30 isn’t a bad price as you’ll be even after a couple of meals out. Then the savings start. I’d definitely try a trial offer first just to see whether you’re likely to use it.

Before buying, check the Tastecard site to see what restaurants are included near you. If that looks good, take advantage of the offers below and go grab it!

If Tastecard+ is included, even better. However, I’d only use it for the cinema discounts. I don’t rate the theatre and hotel offers as you can get the same or better elsewhere.

Cancelling your Tastecard

In the past, there have been issues with people forgetting to cancel before their free trial or year’s membership ends.

Tastecard auto-renew your membership and you need to call up or go online to stop that happening more than four days before your renewal date. I’ve written more about how to cancel here, or watch the video below.

Dining cards compared – are they worth it?

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