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Get access to cheap movie tickets for four months, and 2-4-1 meals, for just £1 with a Tastecard Plus trial.

Going to the cinema can be expensive. I rarely pay more than £6, often less, thanks to a series of special offers, memberships and deals. But right now there aren’t many of these about.

Fortunately I’ve just discovered a way to save up to £10 at Cineworld, Picturehouse, Empire and other independent cinemas, for just £1.

I’m sure you’re familiar with Tastecard. It’s a membership scheme offering a year of 2-4-1 restaurants. It’s not bad value if you get a card for around £35 and often eat at places like Pizza Express and Strada. Personally though I rarely use it.

However, there’s also an extra option called Tastecard Plus which offers money off cinemas, theatres and hotels. I’ve written before about how the theatre and hotel offers aren’t anything special and are available elsewhere, so I wouldn’t get excited about those.

The cinema ticket offer is a different story. Yes there are bigger ways to save (see my how to save at the cinema page), but it’s possible to get reduced tickets all year round at Cineworld, Picturehouse and some independent cinemas with the Tastecard plus deals.

The cinema offers with Tastecard Plus

There are two types of discounted ticket you can buy. They all have to be bought in pairs but can be used seperately and any time in the week, not just off-peak. Tickets are valid for six months.

The first is for Cineworld. Here you can get more-or-less instant tickets via text or email, or have some sent in the post. Two tickets cost £13.60 for 2D and £18.31 for 3D.

The other option is to buy an IC vouchers. These are valid at Picturehouse, Empire and some indie cinemas. These tickets are sent in the post.

These cost £16.71 for a pair of adult tickets valid in London. I’m a big fan of these as it’s the cheapest way to attend the pretty awesome new Picturehouse Central where top price tix are £18 and even student discounts are £15. Out of London tickets cost £11.96 for a pair.

Child ticket options are available for both.

How to get access to this offer for just £1

I don’t think it’s worth paying the full price just for this cinema discount, and the Tastecard free trials are just for the restaurant discounts and don’t include Tastecard Plus.

However you can pay £1 to get a 90 day trial which does!

Use the code PPCPOUND to get this price.

If you’re going to go to one of these chains a lot I think it’s well worth taking advantage of the offer. Each of the vouchers have expiry dates, but you can stockpile if you’re confident you’ll visit the cinema every month. Plus you’ll have access to the 2-4-1 meal offers for the same period.

There’s a similar deal with Kids Pass. Here you get 60 days for £1, but it does include other cinema chains. This could be a better option if you have youngsters as it also offers money off all the major theme parks and other attractions.

Make sure you cancel

One of the problems with Tastecard is it can be tricky to cancel. My advice is to schedule in the diary two weeks before the card is due to expire just in case you have problems. If you don’t do it four days before the trial ends you will be charged £39.99 for a full 12 months.

Do check if you can get your cinema tickets cheaper

Of course, it is possible to pay less.

Thanks to my student card (here’s how anyone can get one, even if you’re not a student) I get 25% off at Odeon student prices, bringing costs down to £4.50 at Tottenham Court Road, and with my Picturehouse membership and Meerkat Movies code I can pay £2.50 on Wednesday at Stratford.

But sometimes people just want the occasional cheap ticket, and this cash hack is a great way to save.

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