Deceptive “Offers” on Taste Card+


I’ve just been sent an email about the new improved Taste Card. I’m sure many of you have had a taste card, probably on a free trial for a few months. They’re not bad for getting 2 for 1 in restaurants. We got one for £30 rather than £80 (** This deal is back on until the end of July), and as there are a few of our local faves on there it’s paid for itself now.

We’ll now they don’t just do food. There’s live music tickets, hotel stays and theatre offers under the banner of Taste Card+. Sounds great. But looking into them, it’s actually really cheeky. On each event, they say “Get Offer”. The problem is, most of the time it’s not an offer.

Lattitude Festival
I looked first at gigs and festivals. I went to Lattitude last year and would be up for going again at a good price.

The problems is their offer price is the same price as everyone else. The same for the Jurassic 5 gig, and Reading Festival. In fact they’re just using SeeTickets. There is no offer at all.

Theatre Tickets Offers
Theatre listings are a little better. There are some the same as the gigs – saying prices from £19 doesn’t mean there is a discount in their “offer” (actually those War Horse tickets are £4 cheaper direct from the National Theatre box office). But there are some which do list a percentage off.
We Will Rock You offer
One of those is We Will Rock You. 40% off isn’t a bad deal if you wanted to go, but it’s a deal you can find on many other sites. And if you visited the Tkts booth in London, it’s selling at 50% off pretty much everyday.
Hotel Offer
Finally I looked at hotels. The Grange Hotel in Holborn is listed as 70% off. Clicking through you find the deal is only on Sunday nights. But comparing to other hotels sites, you do actually get an additional 7% off. So that’s actually an extra saving you can’t get elsewhere.

So when they do actually have a deal, it’s not too bad, but to say your customers are getting an offer when they aren’t must be against the trade descriptions act?

This really annoys me as it’s easy to get sucked into buying something because you think it’s a bargain. Before you buy anything, just research some trusted sites and shops to see what they are selling at. And remember it’s not always a saving to spend on a offer as our 6 Steps to Tell If a Bargain Really Is a Bargain post explains.

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