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A Tastecard can save you money when eating out or going to the cinema – but it can be really expensive if you get caught out by auto-renewals. I’ve had issues in the past cancelling, and I know many readers have too, so I wanted to see just how you can cancel a Tastecard membership.

Something that always pisses me off is when a service makes it easy to sign up but far more difficult to cancel. I’ve had this problem with TalkTalk, Hotel Chocolat and others.

One of the services with the worst reputation is Tastecard – and with my trial about to end I thought it was a good time to find out just how you to end your membership and stop it auto-renewing.

What is Tastecard?

Tastecard is a discount membership where you receive two for one or 50% off at selected restaurants. The more recent Tastecard+ add-on lets you get some pretty decent discounts at cinema chains.

You can normally get a 90 trial for £1, or a full year for a discounted £30 or less. After that, prices jump to anywhere between £40 and £105.

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The problems with cancelling Tastecards

You just have to search Twitter for Tastecard to find someone angry about their membership or free trial autorenewing and not being able to claim a refund.

Now, it is clear in the terms and conditions that once the trial or first year ends, you will auto-renew.

Though it’s not ideal, Tastecard isn’t the only service that does this, so it is down to the customer to make a note to cancel before the membership ends.

But even if you do remember to cancel, people have struggled to get through on the phone lines or had emails unanswered – as happened last year to thousands of customers.

You even needed to call up more than four working days before the renewal date to prevent being charged, catching out more than a few angry customers.

How to cancel a Tastecard membership

So with my Tastecard coming to an end, I made a note in the diary to cancel more than a week before the expiry date. Here’s my Vlog for what happened when I called:

The bad news was I couldn’t get through on the phone.

The good news is they’ve now added an online form to cancel. It took just seconds to fill it in, and my card was cancelled.

They’ve also updated the renewal date to be the expiry date, meaning you can cancel online or by phone up until 5pm on the working day before expiry. Far clearer than the previous four days before expiry date deadline.

How to make sure you don’t get charged auto-renewal fees by mistake

You should cancel as soon as you get your card. This way you won’t forget and then accidentally get charged for another year. Doing this won’t affect how long your membership lasts – it’ll carry on as normal but stop on the expiry date.

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