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Don’t ever pay full price when you go to the cinema. I’ve rounded up ALL the deals for Odeon, Vue, Cineworld, Everyman, Picturehouse and more!

AUGUST UPDATE: Most cinemas are now open, though it’s best to check especially with independent screens. It’s also worth noting you’ll need to book in advance in most cases. Here’s more on what to expect.

In this article you’ll find all the latest cinema ticket deals and offers. I’ve also added in my huge list of all the everyday offers you can get at all the major cinema chains, making this page the only cheap cinema ticket guide you’ll need!

The first offers to check are my top four multi-cinema deals. These are the tricks I use to save at Odeon, Cineworld, Vue and Picturehouse – you can even use more than one at the same time.

Then I’ve listed the individual offers and promotions for each specific chain.

Don’t forget to read my How to get cheap cinema tickets guide to always save when going to the movies.

This article might contain affiliate links, which provide a small commission to help fund the blog. However, they won’t affect the price you pay or the blog’s independence. Read more here.

Watch my top hacks to bring down the price of your trip to the cinema


The best cheap cinema ticket deals

You can use these tricks as most of the big chains, and even some of the independent movie houses. They’re also some of the best ways to save when going to the cinema.

Two for one tickets every Tuesday and Wednesday with Meerkat Movies

Get Meerkat Movies, and a year of 2 for 1 codes, for just a few quid.

Compare the Market have replaced EE with the weekly two for one cinema tickets deal, and I’ve found a way to get this for around £2 (pre-lockdown it was as low as £1). You can get access to this deal with this cheeky trick. You also now get Meerkat Meals included.

> How to get a year of Meerkat Movies for under £2 

Up to 40% off with free or £1 Tastecard+ and Gourmet Society  trials

Cinema discounts with Tastecard+ and Gourmet Society

With Tastecard+ you can save up to 40% on Odeon, Vue, Picturehouse, Showcase, Cineworld, Empire and other independent cinemas.

It’s generally the same price for tickets depending where you live in the UK (so more in London), which means it’s important to check special offers and the price at your local box office in case it’s cheaper to buy direct. Tickets are all digital so you can use them instantly. I’ve written here about the prices you can expect from each chain.

Tastecard trial offers vary, but you can usually get between two and four months for free or £1, then a year for £35. Gourmet Society does essentially the same thing (it’s the same company as TasteCard), and I’ve included the offers in the link below.

> Find the latest offers for Tastecard+ membership

Mubi Go membership

MUBI GO has been paused for the moment.

Mubi is an online streaming service. For £9.99 a month you get a classic, world cinema or art-house flick to watch, with the curated selection adding a new film every day. BUT you also now get a free cinema ticket every week.

Again, they aren’t going to be many mainstream blockbusters, but it’s had The Favourite and Suspiria in the past, and Tarantino’s Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, alongside well-reviewed but smaller films. There’s a different film every week, and you can go to see that film once.

Of course, with many of the films being smaller, they’ll also have limited releases, so if you don’t live in a big city then there’s a good chance you won’t be able to take advantage every week as not all the films will be shown at all the cinemas. The only big chains included are Curzon and Vue.

It’s hard to find a list of participating cinemas, but on the app a list includes:

  • Curzon 13 – locations (here’s a list of which ones)
  • Showcase – 16 locations
  • Vue – 80 locations
  • Archlight (London)
  • Barbican (London)
  • BFI (London)
  • Genesis (London)
  • Prince Charles (London)
  • ICA (London)
  • Rio (London)
  • Abbeygate (Bury)
  • Arthouse Crouch End (London)
  • Broadway Cinema (Nottingham)
  • Chapter (Cardiff)
  • Depot (Lewes)
  • Dundee Contemporary Theatre
  • Eden Court Theatre (Inverness)
  • Filmhouse (Edinburgh)
  • Glasgow Film Theatre
  • Home (Manchester)
  • Hyde Park Picture House (Leeds)
  • Queen’s Film Theatre (Belfast)
  • Showroom Workstation (Sheffield)
  • Tyneside Cinema

I don’t live near any of these so I can’t give it a go. If you try it out, do let me know what you think.

> Join MUBI GO

Cheap cinema ticket savings – chain specific

The deals above are great, but there are plenty of ways to save at the different chains. If you always go to the same cinema – maybe you’ve no choice where to go! – these are the tricks and deals to look out for with Odeon, Vue, Cineworld, Picturehouse and more.

Odeon Logo

Cheap Odeon cinema ticket deals and offers

One of the best Odeon deals is via Groupon – but that doesn’t run as often as it used to. However when it is on, it’s listed below.

The rest of the time, Odeon is the place to really take advantage of a student discount. There’s also a new unlimited type card worth considering if you think you’ll go at least three times a month.

You can use Meerkat Movies at Odeon.

Six free tickets via Lloyds Bank

Anyone who opens a Club Lloyds bank account (read my guide to getting the best bank account offers), they can choose six adult Odeon tickets. You get new tickets every 12 months.

Two for one weekend vouchers with Times+

This offer is currently paused.

Subscribers to The Times newspaper become members of Times Plus. With this you can get a 2-4-1 Odeon voucher to use every Saturday, Sunday and Monday. New codes are released each Monday and you can only use the code once each week. You also get a free Rakuten movie rental worth £3.50 each month.

There’s often a a three months for £3 trial, but currently a one month free trial. Usually the offer is £8 for eight weeks. Make sure you cancel before you get charged the full price.

> Sign up for a Times digital trial and get Times +

Up to 40% off with Tastecard + and Gourmet Society

Tastecard and Gourmet Society members can also save up to 40% on all tickets at Odeon. Prices are either £7.07 a ticket or in London they seem to be £9.02 a ticket. Odeon Leicester Square and BFI Imax are excluded.

Tastecard and Gourmet Society both regularly have free or £1 trials so you can give it a try, but be aware both will auto-renew if you don’t cancel.

> The latest Tastecard offers inc free or £1 trials

Discount days & cut-price mid-week tickets

It’s worth checking out your local Odeon as many have a “Bargain Day” with lower than normal prices. Some even do this Monday to Thursday.

10% online booking discount

If you join MyOdeon you can save 10% when you book in advance. However there is also a 75p booking fee per ticket! Still it’s free to join and if you are booking online it will save you cash.

> Join MyOdeon

Odeon Limitless

Odeon Limitless is an annual membership which allows you to see as many films as you like in Odeon cinemas. You pay monthly. It’s £17.99 outside of London and £19.99 in London.

You can also get a big discount of 27% on a non-London pass through my “work perks” hack.

Sign up to Odeon Limitless

Extra 25% discount with an NUS Totum card

This gives you an extra 25% off student tickets from Monday to Thursday, which are already reduced.

Odeon Premier Club

Join the Premiere Club and earn points for free tickets. You earn 10 points for every £1 you spend on tickets and snacks. 600 points will get an off-peak adult ticket, 1,200 a peak ticket.  You have to pay to join and there are different options.

  • £1.99 gets 100 points
  • £4.99 gets 500 points
  • £9.99 gets 1,000 points and double points for your first month

Family ticket

You get four tickets all at child prices for the same film with a family ticket, though there’s a max of two adults.

Odeon Kids

Saturday and Sunday kids screenings are the same cheap price for adults and kids. Most cinemas sell tickets at £2.50, though some charge as low as £1.

Child & teen tickets

Many cinemas charge more for over 12s but Odeon has a teen price too.

Vue cinemas

Cheap Vue ticket deals and offers

I can’t promise it’ll work for everyone, but I’ve managed to pay as little as £2 a ticket for Vue in Central London by combining a student discount, Super Tuesday and Meerkat Movies (see top of page). Bargain!

But with all of these it’s worth checking the price at your local as some charge as little as £4.99 every day for every film.

Five tickets for £20 via Groupon

This offer gets you either two tickets for £9 or five for £20. Booking is online only and they’re for 2D screenings. The tickets expire on 30th November 2020.

 Get cheap Vue tickets on Groupon

Two tickets for £7 with Vodafone loyalty app

Vodafone’s loyalty app for customers is called VeryMe, and every week you can now claim two Vue tickets for £7 (for the first year it was Odeon). These can be used any day of the week. PayAsYouGo customers must have topped up by £10 in the last six weeks to access the offers. Here’s more about the scheme and how to get it, even if you’re not with Vodafone.

Six free tickets via Lloyds Bank

Anyone who opens a Club Lloyds bank account (read my guide to getting the best bank account offers), they can also choose six adult Vue tickets. You get new tickets every 12 months.

Up to 40% off with Tastecard +

Tastecard members can also save up to 40% on all tickets at Vue. Adult prices are either £4.50 to £7 to £8.50. Vue West End is excluded.

> The latest Tastecard offers

Get Vue tickets with Nectar points

The fantastic summer deal where you can exchange 1,000 points for two 2D Vue tickets sadly didn’t return 2018 or 2019.

The best you can get now with your points is to swap 500 points to save £2.50. These Nectar points aren’t boosted at Vue, they’re simply face value. But that does give you a discount if you’ve got some saved up.

> How to spend Nectar points at Vue

Vue Super Monday

Most Vue cinemas offer up to a third off standard adult tickets once you’ve signed up to their Super Mondays  scheme. Student tickets will work out cheaper in most cases. It says it’s not valid with any other offer, though you can of course combine it with a discounted gift card.

Mini Mornings

Most Vue cinemas offer £2.49 tickets for adults and children on selected movies every Saturday, Sunday and school holiday mornings as part of Vue Mini Mornings.

Vue Family tickets

Everyone pays child prices when you buy a Family Ticket at Vue. It’s only valid on U, PG and 12A films. You must have at least one adult (over 19) and one child or teen in the group, but you can keep adding more adults and children to the ticket and still get the discount price.

Cineworld logo

Cheap Cineworld ticket deals and offers

Cineworld also accepts Meerkat Movies for 2-4-1 tickets on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and you can combine these with your gift cards.

* All Cineworld screens are closed until further notice *

MyCineworld booking discount

Register for MyCineworld Plus and you get a 10% discount on all online bookings. However the cost is £5.95 a year. But if you book six or so tickets online you’ll probably make the money back.

However there’s still a booking fee on top, making it cheaper to book in person at the box office.

Cineworld Unlimited Card

If you go frequently to a Cineworld, its Unlimited Card lets you go as much as you want (2D only). The minimum subscription is 12 months at £17.40 a month. It’s more expensive in London at £19.90 a month, which adds Haymarket, Leicester Square, Fulham Road and Chelsea. There’s no discount for paying for the full year upfront.

Members also get invited to preview screenings and 10% off food and drink. If you continue your subscription for a second year, the pass then includes 3D films and the food discount goes up to 25%.

There’s a referral scheme where you get an extra month for free if you get a mate to sign up. Or you can use  my “work perks” hack to save 23% on the annual cost.

Tesco Clubcard Cineworld deals

Tesco Clubcard sells vouchers to use at Cineworld. You get £1.50 for every 50p of points you use. It’s not a bad deal, but I think there are better uses of Tesco Clubcard points – here are my top picks.

Up to 40% off with Tastecard +

Cineworld isn’t listed on the main website but once you sign up you can buy cheaper tickets via Tastecard or Gourmet Society +. All tickets seem to be £6.60, which is more expensive than direct at places such as Bradford, but a lot cheaper than screenings in places like Greenwich. It excludes Leicester Square.

> The latest Tastecard offers

Family ticket

You might make a slight saving if there are two adults and two children.

Movies for Juniors

Cut-price tickets for specific films at the weekend.

Picturehouse logo

Picturehouse cinema deals and offers

* All Picturehouse screens are closed until further notice *

I love Picturehouse (it was my local for years when I lived in London) and it can be incredibly cheap, especially if you’re a member.

Meerkat Movies is accepted at Picturehouse, and you can buy tickets via a Tastecard (more on these at the top of the page).

Picturehouse Memberships

Picturehouse memberships offer great value for money. You get free tickets and a discount at any Picturehouse cinema, though the free tickets are sometimes restricted to your member cinema. It’s best to save the free tickets for the weekends when prices go up!

  • Full membership represents good value. It’s recently gone up in price to around £45, and £55 in London, but you get four free tickets and £2 off future tickets. It’s more for the Picturehouse Central.
  • Joint memberships with someone you share an address with are even better value. It’ll cost less than getting two individual memberships and comes with eight free tickets.

Members also get a 10% discount on food and drink, free previews, no online booking fees and occasional other freebies.

Cheap movie days

The day varies depending on each cinema, though largely seem to be Monday or Tuesday. If you go on this day, the student membership price can be as low as £4!

Up to 40% off with Tastecard +, including Picturehouse Central

You’ll pay £8.65 a ticket outside London and £9.50 a ticket inside London with a Tastecard + membership. This is marginally less than a peak adult ticket in most of the Picturehouse cinemas, but much more than off-peak or member prices.

You can also save at the Picturehouse Central in London. It’s a lovely cinema, but it’s also not cheap if you aren’t a member. Here a ticket will cost you £13.70, again it cheaper than peak time adult tickets.

> The latest Tastecard offers

Special Clubs for students, kids and over-60s

Students can join for free to get invites to monthly free screenings with Slackers Club. Sign up in the cinema with your student card.

Kids’ Club screenings are most weekends and tickets are reduced for adults and children.

The Silver Screen Club is for over-60s and the discounted tickets come with a free cup of tea.

Look out for discounts for the unemployed, parents with toddlers and people with autism.

Bring your old 3D glasses to save

Picturehouse lowers the cost of 3D screenings if you bring your old glasses. Worth remembering!

Everyman Logo

 Everyman cinema deals and offers

You can’t use Meerkat Movies at Everyman cinemas.

Everyman Memberships

There are a few options here, though the basic one (i.e. cheapest) allows you to take a friend for free on Mondays. You also get seven free tickets for the £95 cost.

The next level up costs £300 a year, and comes with 24 free tickets. After this you can spend £600 and get unlimited tickets for two for a year.

More on how cinema memberships compare here.

Curzon cinemas logo

Curzon cinema deals and offers

Curzon doesn’t accept Meerkat Movies.

Curzon Every Membership (London)

For £60 (£50 concessions) you can get an annual “Classic” membership. This comes with four free tickets and a further discount for you and a guest. You’ll also get 15% off drinks and snacks.

If you go to a Curzon a lot, there is a £350 “Cult” option which gives unlimited free entry, or a £950 “Complete” membership which gives free entry for you and a guest.

Curzon Local Membership (Outside London)

The “Classic” deal is the same but the price is £45, down to £35 for concessions. This is for Ripon, Canterbury, Wimbledon, Sheffield and Knutsford Curzons.

The “Cult” unlimited membership is £200 and “Complete” Local is £600.

Off-peak discounts

You can get cheaper tickets until 5pm on weekdays.

Cheap Showcase ticket deals and offers

Showcase Insider Loyalty Scheme discounts from Sunday to Tuesday

Join the Insiders Loyalty Scheme for free and get £7 tickets Sundays after 7pm and all day Monday and Tuesday. There are also free preview screenings. You can also earn 10% of your spend back to use however you want on your next visit- so tickets, popcorn, drinks etc.

Tastecard + up to 40% discounts at Showcase

Tastecard+ members can save up to 40% at Showcase. You can often get £1 trials or discounted memberships. See the top of this page for the latest offers. At a standard showcase an adult ticket will set you back £7.70, while at a De Lux location it’ll be £9.05.

> The latest Tastecard trials and offers

Empire cinemas logo

Empire Cinema deals and offers

Saver Tuesday

Usually on a Tuesday though it varies depending on where you are,  all tickets are reduced as low as £3.40 a ticket. Terms state it can’t be used with Meerkat Movies.

Last chance to see Thursdays

Most Empire cinemas offer cut price tickets on selected movies.

Other London independent cinemas ticket offers

If you live in London there are a few little gems which can get you cheap tickets to new releases and classics all through the week. Here’s my pick

Barbican Monday Madness and Student Tuesday

Every ticket is £6 on Mondays, £8 for 3D at the Barbican. Students pay £5 on Tuesdays.

Prince Charles membership offers

Members at the Prince Charles Cinema (just off Leicester Square) can save at least £2.50 off every ticket, and there are £1 screenings every week.

It costs just £10, or £7.50 for concessions.

Rich Mix ticket deals

If you’re between 15 and 25 years old, films are £5 every day.

Rich Mix members get two free tickets and £2 discounts on further tickets for £30, or £45 joint.

Peckham Plex – less than a fiver every day

Tickets are a bargain £4.99 for everyone all the time at the Peckham Plex.Genesis Cinema discounts

The Genesis in Mile End is super cheap on Monday and Wednesdays, with adult tickets just £4.50.

Are cinema memberships worth the money?