Groupon promo codes and deals – Free £5 credit with purchase

Years ago I used to use Groupon all the time, but even though it’s not quite what it was there are still decent deals to be found, especially on meals and drinks.

I’ll just list the links here, so make sure you read the terms and conditions on Groupon before you buy.


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Current deals

£5 credit with purchase

> Get £5 credit when you shop at Groupon

Use the code GET5 until Saturday 27th October 2019 to get £5 credit added to your account. Minimum purchase is £1, and the credit will last for 30 days once it’s been applied. It’s possible it won’t work for all customers, but it’s worth a look. I’ve used it on the £5.99 Chili/Odeon deal, which will get me a cinema ticket and £10 streaming credit.

I think Groupon can be pretty good to find deals for local restaurants and bars. In London especially there are loads of cocktail offers which are pretty good. And there are frequently decent cinema deals, which I share here.

> Find deals on Groupon


Save 20% on Groupon for new members

First-time users can use the code GROUPON20 to save 20% on all Local deals. You can use the code a maximum of one time. There is a max of £20 off.

> Shop at Groupon for all sorts of deals

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