How to convert your Tesco Clubcard points into vouchers, including the new ‘Faster Vouchers’

You can now convert Clubcard points into vouchers within 24 hours.

If you collect Tesco Clubcard points, you’ll be familiar with the frustrating wait to use those points. Historically you’d get a statement in the post every quarter, converting all your newly earned points into vouchers to spend. Then if you only part used a voucher you had to wait for the next statement for the leftover points to be converted to a new voucher.

But that’s all changed with the addition of Faster Vouchers. Here’s how they will work.

How to covert your Tesco Clubcard points into vouchers

You can still wait for the paper vouchers to come in the post every three months, but if you do want them faster you need to go into your online Clubcard account or the app. Here go to “Points” and select to transfer the points. You’ll then get the vouchers in your account ready to spend in 24 hours.

When you do this, all your points will be converted into vouchers as long as the total value is divisible by 50p. So if you had 444 points, you’d get £4 in vouchers, and be left with 44 points to convert later.

However there are a few tiny complications whether you opt for the digital or paper vouchers. For example, you’ll need at least 150 points in your account in order to convert them to vouchers. This is worth £1.50. My balance is 107 points, and I’m not sure how quickly that’ll grow as since I moved out of London we don’t really have a Tesco near us.

You also can’t convert with faster vouchers for two weeks before the quarterly statement date. These are in February, May, August and November each year, though the exact dates are listed anywhere.

Faster Vouchers also won’t work if you have opted into another scheme such as Christmas Savers or British Airways Executive Club. You’ll need to leave those if you do want Faster Vouchers.

Despite these three points, I think this is a good move from the supermarket.

How to spend Clubcard vouchers

You can spend the Faster Vouchers in exactly the same way as you did the standard paper ones. That means in Tesco stores or online with partners.

If you want to use them in a physical shop then you can either print out the voucher or show it in the Tesco app on your phone.

However, I think the best way is to boost your points online. Do this and you can triple the value. I’ve written before about my top ways to spend the points, but my faves are the ones which are harder to discount elsewhere. So that includes Red Spotted Hanky for train tickets or Uber for taxi rides.

You’ll see your converted points as vouchers in the checkout when you select your boosted reward so there’s no need to print them out or cut and paste the codes.

Once you covert your Clubcard points to vouchers, you’ve got 21 months to spend them. The date will be printed on the vouchers, and you can check them in your account too.

What if you want to get your vouchers in the post?

If you do nothing then you’ll continue to get the quarterly statement and vouchers in the post. However if you did opt for the Faster Vouchers the statement will be sent via email instead. You can revert back to paper ones in your Clubcard account.

The best ways to use and earn Tesco Clubcard points

7 thoughts on “How to convert your Tesco Clubcard points into vouchers, including the new ‘Faster Vouchers’

  1. I think you will find that Tesco stopped sending paper vouchers out in 2022. The only paper vouchers released are to staff and ex-staff still able to use Clubcard due to age service etc.

  2. Howard Gallent May 29, 2023 at 8:58 am

    I’ve tried day in day out every option available to see my May vouchers which i used to be able to go straight to in club card account and print so i could use in store…where are they now, loads of offers to spend on-line or with partners and then the apps, you have to have an i phone or a phone which has google to get the app, i don’t, I’m with Microsoft and the apps are not available…please give people who just want to firstly see what they’ve saved the option to print without bring pushed to all the other options they don want….its very frustrating 😤!

  3. What a complicated system!
    They add up your shop over 3 months, and send you 1% back as ‘Clubcard points vouchers’.
    My ‘Clubcard points voucher’ code was ARMDJRRMFNYB for £4.
    Then you convert this ‘Clubcard points voucher’ code to a ‘Clubcard voucher’ with a 2nd code.
    My ‘Clubcard voucher’ code was UK-009888-0001 again for £4.
    See a problem? Two completely different vouchers and codes, both called Clubcard vouchers!
    Anyway , I want to use my vouchers towards my delivery saver plan, at 3 x face value.
    Then you convert the 2nd ‘Clubcard vouchers’ to a 3rd ‘Clubcard Reward Partner voucher’.
    My ‘Reward Partner voucher’ 3rd code was DDN7KDRN4VQ for £12.
    Now on to my fourth webpage to actually spend this voucher on my delivery saver plan.
    It will be “applied at my next plan renewal date” – anything up to 12 months in the future!!!

  4. why do I not get paper vouchers to spend in store? I only get a notice telling me how much my Christmas Saver is.

    1. Apparently, they’re now in the app. So worth a look.

  5. Stephanie Warren April 27, 2020 at 12:25 pm

    I have spent so much time trying to convert £3 into £6 to pay my monthly mobile telephone bill and then the next step is impossible. The credit is not on my account. I have tried to get customer support and I have to go through so many numbers and in the end I am cut off.

    I am 80 years old, a pensioner on a limited income so I wanted to use my vouchers. Previously I have used these with no difficulty. Please advise me to get this bill paid with my vouchers.

    This is my only way to get help after all the other ways I have patiently tried. I tried chat today and was told I was number 17 in the queue.

  6. I never ever seen such a load of ruuish trying to convert my points to vouchers


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