Superdrug launch new VIP Reward loyalty scheme

The more you shop, the more benefits you unlock

If you shop at Superdrug and use their Health & Beauty Reward card, you can now enjoy additional VIP benefits. The more you spend, the more benefits you are rewarded with, from discounts to freebies.

What is the Superdrug Health & Beautycard reward scheme?

The Superdrug reward scheme is free to join and enables you to collect points with every shop. You’ll earn 1 point for every £1 spent and once you reach £1 worth of points, you can spend them (in increments of 100) or continue saving. 

There are often extra points on selected products and bonus points events where you can earn double or even triple points at various times throughout the year. Members can also get access to lower prices on selected products, both online and in-store. 

Spend £20 online, and members also benefit from free delivery. And don’t forget to add your birthday to our account, as you’ll receive a birthday surprise! Plus, if you are a student or work for the NHS, you will receive 10% discount when you use your health &  beautycard. 

What is the new VIP rewards programme?

The new VIP Rewards programme launched in late October 2023. It will automatically update for all current Health and Beautycard app and members when they log in to their account.

With the new VIP rewards, the more you spend, the more benefits you unlock. The following table shows just what these VIP benefits are and how much you have to spend to get them. 

Reward tierTotal spend at Superdrug (can be in multiple transactions)Reward
Level 1£2520% discount off Superdrug own brand products for 1 transaction
Level 2£75One free Superdrug own brand product (selected products only)
Level 3£150Free next-day delivery when shopping online or via the app
Level 4£300‘VIP status’ for 12 months –  includes 10% off own brand products for a year, free next-day delivery and ongoing discounts, freebies from other retailers like Costa Coffee

There are additional VIP app-only offers, so if you are a Health & Beautycard holder, you may want to download the app to access these. 

How to earn VIP Rewards

Once you start spending you’ll start seeing the total spend add up, and once you pass each threshold it’ll move you to that new VIP tier.

If you spend £300 to become a Level 4 VIP, it’ll last at least 12 months. After that year it’ll be based on your spending in that period. So if you spend £300 in November alone, you’ll be at the top level for a full year. But if you only spend a total of £120 in that subsequent year, you’ll drop down to a lower level.

It’s worth checking your Superdrug Health & Beauty account as Superdrug has stated that 150,000 card users will already automatically have VIP status, since they have spent at least £300 at Superdrug in the past year. If you think you may be one of those, you will already have access to all the rewards listed in the above table.

How to use Superdrug VIP Rewards

Some rewards will automatically be applied when you shop – such as the Level 1, 20% off, the Level 3, free delivery and the Level 4, 10% off. 

The Level 2 freebie can only be claimed in store (sadly not online), while some extras that come with Level 4 will likely require you to visit the relevant retailers.

When you earn a reward it’ll only last for three months, so make sure you use it before it expires (but don’t spend money for the sake of it). You can check your current spend balance and Reward Tier eligibility by checking the App and online.

How to sign up for the Superdrug Health & Beauty VIP rewards

If you are already a member of the Superdrug healthy & beauty card and registered on the Superdrug website or app, you will automatically be signed up to the new VIP scheme. 

If you aren’t, you can join up here or pick up a card in-store and register online or on the app.

You’ll be able to check your cumulative spend and current status in your Superdrug account.

Is it worth signing up to the Superdrug Health & Beautycard?

Even if you don’t shop regularly at Superdrug, it is still worth signing up to the loyalty scheme to access the lower member-only prices when you do shop with them.

If you are a regular Superdrug shopper, then the scheme offers good incentives to continue shop with them, so be sure to keep an eye on any extra offers sent to you.

But always check prices, as even with special member prices and additional discounts, they may not always be the cheapest around.


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