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Supermarket deals, including discounted gift cards, free choc, new online supermarket customer offers

There are so many supermarket specific deals I’ve moved this section away from my Food and drink deals page. I’ll keep adding to the page as new offers appear.

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Cashback apps

You can often save a little extra on your groceries using supermarket cashback apps (read my review), and it’s worth checking to see if there are freebies.

An example week:

CheckoutSmart had free Rachel’s rice pudding at Morrisons, free Bahlens Pick Up biscuit bars at Sainsbury’s and free Little Dish kids meals at most supermarkets.

Over on Green Jinn there was free Kombucha and popped chips at Tesco, free Love Corn at Waitrose, Asda and Sainsbury’s and free protein shakes and pea milk at Morrisons.

While Shopmium offers included free oat milk at Sainsbury’s, free Iron Bru at Asda, Co-Op and more, free Rachel’s organic yoghurts at Waitrose and Sainsbury’s, free Jerky at Asda, Morrisons and Sainbury’s and free Diet Pepsi at Tesco. And don’t forget there’s also free Pringles for newbies (more on this below).

Shopmium: Free Dairy Milk Buttons

One – Shopmium – offers a freebie to get you started. Right now it’s a pack of Dairy Milk Buttons.

Previously it’s been a pack of pringles, tub of Ben & Jerry’s, a snack jar of Nutella and it used to be a bar of Lindt chocolate, and has at times been a box of cornettos. It should say when you download the app.

Use the code KHMYEEFW to activate the offer. Once you have signed up you’ll need to buy the item and then scan your receipt to get the money paid back.

There are always lots of other discounts and freebies on the app, so it’s worth browsing to see what else you can buy.

Shop and Scan: £10 welcome offer

Sign up for grocery reward site ShopandScan via this link and you’ll get a £10 voucher (check the offer is listed on the landing page).

To earn more money back you’ll need to scan the barcodes of everything you buy. I did this years ago and it was a bit of a faff, but it could well have changed!

You’ll only be able to join if you have a Windows PC.

GreenJinn: £1 credit

Another app, GreenJinn offers cashback in the same way as Shopmium, and you can get £1 if you sign up via this link or use the promo code CLEVERCASH in the Reward section of the app (tap the profile icon in the top right of the app).

You’ll need to earn a total of £1.50 to cashout, which means you’ll need to claim at least one product. For example, if you buy a product that’s £2 with 50p cashback, you’ll then have a balance of £1.50.

Loyalty coupons and prices

Supermarket loyalty schemes often let you earn points as you shop, while others give you discounted prices or coupons – or a mix of all three!

Asda Rewards: Scan to Win

If you spend £5 at Asda between 27 November 2023 and 24 December 2023 and scan your Asda Rewards app then you’ll be in for a chance to get up to £5,000 added to your Cashpot. You can enter once per day.

A present will appear in the Home or Earn sections of your app – just tap it to see what you won.

Tesco Clubcard: Chance to win £500 in gift cards

Tesco is running a Christmas promotion where you can win a £250 Tesco gift card for yourself and another for a friend, family member or a charity.

You just need to have a Clubcard and upload your Tesco receipt to the dedicated website to be in for a chance. This runs until 17 December and you have a chance each week, so there are three chances in total.

Waitrose: Weekly MyWaitrose discounts

It’s worth checking your offers before you shop to see how much you can save. In 2023 it appears to be mainly 50p or £1 vouchers, which is a far way down on the £3 and £4 offers I regularly received last year.

Here’s my full analysis of the scheme and how it works.

Co-op: Coupons via membership

You need to be a Co-op member to get this deal. which costs £1, though it gives you 2% cashback on your shop so regular shoppers will get this back.

Once you’ve signed into the app or online account you’ll see various offers which change each week. You can add two to your account and they’re automatically redeemed when you swipe your card at checkout. I often see £1 off your shopping offers here, as well as money off categories (eg 25p off cheese) or specific items (eg 50p off coke).

Tesco Clubcard Prices

If you’ve got a Clubcard loyalty card (they’re free if you don’t), then you’ll be able to get reduced prices on hundreds of items at Tesco.

Offers change regularly. Though they’re sometimes decent discounts, they can sometimes be beaten at other supermarkets.

You need to scan your Clubcard at the till for the discounts to be taken off the total. It’s online and in-store but not at Express or Metro stores.

Lidl: Coupons on Lidl Plus app

Download the new Lidl Plus app and you’ll get new money off vouchers every Thursday.

You might also find one when you first sign up to save £5 when you spend £25. If it’s there it’s valid for 14 days from when you activate the app.

Lidl: Up to £12 back a month with Coupon Plus

There’s also a new offer called Coupon Plus. If you reach certain spending thresholds in the calendar month, you’ll get a coupon to spend.

The levels are:

  • Spend £50 and get a free bakery coupon
  • Spend £100 and get £2 off
  • Spend £150 and get a coupon
  • Spend £250 and you’ll get an extra 10% off your next shop (up to a maximum of £20)

You need to scan your Lidl Plus app when you shop to qualify for the offer.

The coupon will be added to you Lidl Plus app and you’ll have seven days to use it.

Obviously, this is only good if you are going to spend that amount anyway – it’s not a reason to buy things you don’t need.

Nectar: Weekly offers on app

If you have a Nectar card you can earn bonus points each week on select items at Sainsbury’s. Usually there are six products, often tailored to your shopping habits.

However, these offers are changing and some customers will already have seen different promotions. Here’s more on this story.

Nectar: Get extra points with fruit and veg challenge (expired)

Between now and 10 October 2023, you can get additional Nectar points when you buy fruit and veg.

There are several different ways to earn points, but you’ll need to ensure you’ve joined the challenge in the Nectar app before you head out to get your food shop. 

Points are decided by the number of portions you buy. You’ll have personalised tasks, with a number of portions you need to buy to get the points. In my case, for every 15 portions I buy, I’ll get points – 200 for the first 15, 300 for the next 15 and 500 for the next 15. That’s 1,000 potential points up for grabs. 

There are some vegetables that aren’t included, bizarrely. This includes potatoes, chillis, garlic and ginger. 

Asda Rewards: Win up to £100 with ‘Spin the Wheel’ (expired)

Asda Rewards members can win up to £100 with the ‘Spin the Wheel’ game in the Rewards app. 

You’ll need to spend £5 or more in-store or online and scan your Rewards app for a chance to spin. 

Prizes of 50p, £1, £5 and £100 are available for each spin and you’re guaranteed to win the bonus each time you spend £5 and spin. However, it’s worth noting that you’ll only get one entry per day. 

Your winnings will be transferred into your Cashpot within 24 hours – which can be swapped for Asda vouchers to spend in-store or online. 

‘Spin the Wheel’ is running until 30 September 2023. 

Nectar: Spin to win bonus points and prizes (expired)

This summer Nectar cardholders can get the chance to win bonus points, and prizes until 29 August 2023.

You’ll find the “Spin to Win” game in your Nectar app. Simply tap on the virtual slot machine for your chance to win a reward. If the game doesn’t appear in your app, it’s also available when you log in to your account on the Nectar website.

Prizes up for grabs include bonus Nectar Points, a free pack of selected Walkers or Doritos crisps. You’ll only get one spin and winning isn’t guaranteed.

Lucky spinners can claim their free crisps at Sainsbury’s in-store or online. Any bonus points are automatically added to your Nectar account.

Asda Rewards: Get £5 when you shop 3 times in August (expired)

Asda is offering select accounts £5 in your cashpot when you spend 3 times in August.

There’s no minimum spend, so if your local store is an Asda, make sure you’re scanning your app every time to get the cashback.

For those who do their big shop at Asda, there’s an additional £5 up for grabs if you spend at least £25 each time on four visits in August.


Free 4-pack of Strongbow Tropical (expired)

You can get a free 4-pack of Strongbow Tropical via this link. To get it, you’ve got to buy a pack (up to the value of £6.25) from Tesco, Asda, Co-op, Waitrose, Sainsbury’s or Morrisons, then upload your receipt using the link texted to you to get the cost refunded.

There are 7,500 free packs available, and you’ve got until 30 November 2023 to upload your receipt.

Tesco: Free Victoria Malaga beer (expired)

Claim this coupon and you can pick up a free 660ml bottle of Victoria Malaga beer at Tesco until 8 August 2023. This map will tell you which stores stock the beer.

A quick warning. I’ve been told by a reader that the moving barcode you get from the brand is hard to scan. Some research has shown that you might be able to type in the code itself, or ask for help from customer services where it seems they’re able to scan it correctly.

Money off codes & hacks

Christmas saver schemes: Up to £20 bonus (expired)

Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Iceland and Morrisons are once again offering a Christmas savings scheme. Depending on how much money you add to your account you’ll get a bonus reward. You can use your savings for any shopping in-store or online at the selected supermarket.

I’m not a fan of Christmas supermarket savings schemes as a way to gradually save throughout the year but there’s a hack that means you can get the bonus and not lose out on interest elsewhere. To do this you need to put a lump sum on the card in the days before the deadlines in October and November.

The table below shows the dates we have so far for 2023:

SupermarketLast date to add moneyMaximum bonus
Iceland3 November 2023£20 with £100
Tesco18 October 20236%
Morrisons30 September 20233%
Sainsbury’s1 November 20235%
Asda Christmas Savings Card12 November 20235.3%
Asda Rewards Cashpot24 November 2023£5
Co-opTBC 4%

Ocado: 25% off for new customers (expired)

If you shop at Ocado for the first time and use the code VOU3887402 you’ll save 30% off a £75 order from 10 to 31 August 2023. You’ll also get free “Smart Pass” delivery for three months. Max discount £25.

It’s also worth checking your email to see if you’re an existing customer in case you get sent a similar deal.

Out-of-date but good to eat

There are a couple of websites which sell food that’s past or close to its best before date – but still safe to eat (more on the different dates on food here). Be careful not to over-order tough (much of it is bulk buy), and check the initial, pre-discounted price hasn’t been inflated. Watch out for delivery fees too.

We have a full guide on discount supermarket food here.

Discount Dragon

Discount Dragon (formally Yankee Bundles) is particularly good for chocolate, especially after big season events like Easter and Christmas. There’s free delivery on orders over £20 and 5% off your first order.

Approved Food

It’s worth checking out the Approved Food website to see if there’s anything that takes your fancy. Along with food that’s just out of date there are products that are part of warehouse clearances. When I tried it back in 2017, I managed to buy things that had years left before they expired.

28 thoughts on “Supermarket deals, offers and vouchers

  1. Tesco Clubcard: Chance to win £500 in gift cards
    When I select this I’m shown a page which states it’s unsafe and may be a scam

  2. the strongbow ended a while ago

  3. Andy, I’d be interested to know why the Nuii deal would not work with Morrisons – they have a 2 for £5 deal on at the moment too. Is it down to a difference in the receipt format between Asda and Morrisons?

  4. Have used Shopandscan for several years. As we receive online deliveries and we need to check all the produce has been delivered, its hardly an inconvenience to scan the bar codes. Between scanning and sending copied of receipts, Christmas bonuses, completing food diaries, the Shopandscan Food on the Go App and surveys, I probably earn £200 a year.

  5. Lidl offer has changed and you have to spend £250 and get 10% off your next shop instead of the £10

  6. The Co op reward was reduced to 2%

    1. Thanks Keith. Updated

  7. Surely that £2 and £10 bonus on spend at Lidl has been running for months now?

    1. Possibly. I don’t have a Lidl near me but it was pointed out to me just last week

  8. Don’t you think you should mention that you get a REFERRAL BONUS when people use your Shopmium signing up code? I think you might be contravening the law otherwise.

    1. Hi Jay, thanks for your interest. It’s good to keep an eye out for this. However, in this case, you’ve missed a few things.

      If you read the top of this post, and any other which contain affiliate or referral links, you’ll see that it’s clearly stated that sometimes links will generate income, and there’s a link for futher information.

      Something which I do which very few other sites do (possibly just MSE and one or two other bloggers) is to only write about and share deals which are the best deals, regardless of whether they generate income or not.

      I hope this clears things up for you. Thanks for reading the blog.

    2. Morrisons not back on my Airtime Rewards app.

      1. Hmm, strange. It’s showing in the grocery tab for me

        1. Not in mine either.

    3. God some people are so sad, want others to do all the work and you just sit back and enjoy. While they find things out take time to let others know with no benefit for their time. Get a life.

  9. I’ve downloaded new Lidl Plus App but no voucher £5 off when spend £25 is available any more.
    This was only valid for those who downloaded this app and register with Lidl by 23/09/20

    1. Thanks Zak

    2. I just downloaded in April and got discount in UK, used it in Spain and cash backs and money off is better than UK.

  10. Hi
    Could you please clarify in what order Iceland uses the money from a bonus card? The Iceland website is silent about this. First the current balance then the savings made in August

  11. Hi
    Could you please clarify in what order Iceland uses the money from a bonus card? The Iceland website is silent about this. First the current balance then the savings made in August, then the is the credit bonus the last?

    1. Yes, I looked for this but couldn’t find the info. I’d assume it takes the bonus first as it says that’ll disappear at the end of September, but I’m not sure for certain.

    2. When you save on your Bonus Card and hit the £20 savings threshold the balance increases the same or next day by the normal £1 bonus. It looks like the “additional bonus” earned through August is going to be added in one amount between 31/8 & 4/09. So after that date the balance should increase by that amount accordingly. I don’t believe the Bonus Card is that sophisticated that it can distinguish between different types of money added to the balance & bonuses earned. So I’m taking it that as long as you spend as much or more than the additional bonus by the expiry date you will have used it up.

  12. I can’t find the shopmium app – when I click on the ones listed that include the word shopmium it brings up a list but shopmium doesn’t seem to be on the list. Or am I having a senior moment?

    1. It is available on both Android and Apple… if you’re struggling there is a desktop option, though it has less offers.

  13. Can’t see free almond ice cream on checkoutsmart. Are you sure it’s valid ?

    1. Hi Amit. It’s still showing on my and my wife’s accounts. It says “own brand chocolate almond ice cream”

      1. Not on mine either


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