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Supermarket deals, including discounted gift cards, free choc, new online supermarket customer offers

There are so many supermarket specific deals I’ve moved this section away from my Food and drink deals page. I’ll keep adding to the page as new offers appear.

Some articles on the blog contain affiliate links, which provide a small commission to help fund the blog. However, they won’t affect the price you pay or the blog’s independence. Read more here.

Money off codes & hacks

Waitrose Spring Sale

This annual offer has some bargains. Included products are either half price or 1/3 off.

Those items at 50% off include tinned tomatoes, chicken, toothpaste and yoghurts. The are more items at 1/3 off including prawns, mayonnaise, cleaning products and wine. It’s available in store and online.

10% back at Morrisons

Morrisons is back on cashback app Airtime Rewards and offering 10% back on spending over £30 in store and online.

*UPDATE – After a few readers reported the offer not showing in their app I contacted Airtime Rewards. Here’s their response: “Unfortunately, not all members will have the Morrisons offer available, this is decided at the retailer’s discretion and the offer changed allocations yesterday. We’re working on having this available to all members in the future”

You’ll get the money back as credit towards your mobile phone bill – read my full review of how it works here. Plus if you’ve not used it before, use the code FGUHNUQH to get 50p credit when signing up and another £1 if you shop within 7 days.

If the offer is showing you can stack this with other Morrisons offers you might have on your Visa and Mastercard debit or credit cards (check the offers – eg my Natwest Rewards account is offering 10% back when you spend £40).

Shop at Waitrose


Cashback app freebies

You can often save a little extra on your groceries using supermarket cashback apps (read my review), and it’s worth checking to see if there are freebies.

An example week:

CheckoutSmart had free Rachel’s rice pudding at Morrisons, free Bahlens Pick Up biscuit bars at Sainsbury’s and free Little Dish kids meals at most supermarkets.

Over on Green Jinn there was free Kombucha and popped chips at Tesco, free Love Corn at Waitrose, Asda and Sainsbury’s and free protein shakes and pea milk at Morrisons.

While Shopmium offered include free oat milk at Sainsbury’s, free Iron Bru at Asda, Co-Op and more, free Rachel’s organic yoghurts at Waitrose and Sainsbury’s, free Jerky at Asda, Morrisons and Sainbury’s and free Diet Pepsi at Tesco. And don’t forget there’s also free Pringles for newbies (more on this below).

Free item for new Shopmium users

One – Shopmium – offers a freebie to get you started. Right now it’s pack of Pringles.

Previously it’s been a tub of Ben & Jerry’s most recently, a snack jar of Nutella before that and it used to be a bar of Lindt chocolate, and has at times been a box of cornettos. It should say when you download the app.

Use the code KHMYEEFW to activate the offer. Once you have signed up you’ll need to buy the item and then scan your receipt to get the money paid back.

There are always lots of other discounts and freebies on the app, so it’s worth browsing to see what else you can buy.

DOWNLOAD > Get Shopmium and get a free treat (use code KHMYEEFW)

Loyalty coupons and prices

Coupons from Co-op

You need to be a Co-op member to get this deal. which costs £1, though it gives you 5% cashback on your shop so regular shoppers will get this back.

Once you’ve signed into the app or online account you’ll see various offers which change each week. You can add two to your account and they’re automatically redeemed when you swipe your card at checkout. I often see £1 off your shopping offers here, as well as money off categories (eg 25p off cheese) or specific items (eg 50p off coke).

Tesco Clubcard Prices sale

If you’ve got a Clubcard loyalty card (they’re free if you don’t), then you’ll be able to get reduced prices on hundreds of items at Tesco.

Offers change regularly. Though they’re sometimes decent discounts, they can sometimes be beaten at other supermarkets.

You need to scan your Clubcard at the till for the discounts to be taken off the total. It’s online and in-store but not at Express or Metro stores.

Lidl Plus from Lidl

Download the new Lidl Plus app and you’ll get new money off vouchers every Thursday. You might also find one when you first sign up to save £5 when you spend £25. If it’s there it’s valid for 14 days from when you activate the app.

Get the Lidl Plus app on Apple

Get the Lidl Plus app on Google

Coupon Plus

There’s also a new offer called Coupon Plus. If you reach certain spending thresholds in the calendar month, you’ll get a coupon to spend.

The levels are:

  • Spend £100 and get £2 off
  • Spend £200 and you’ll get an extra £10 off (so £12 in total)

So it’s the equivalent of 2% back on the first £100, and then 6% if you reach £200. You need to scan your Lidl Plus app when you shop to qualify for the offer.

The coupon will be added to you Lidl Plus app and you’ll have seven days to use it.

Obviously, this is only good if you are going to spend that amount anyway – it’s not a reason to buy things you don’t need.

Nectar weekly offers

If you have a Nectar card you can earn bonus points each week on select items at Sainsbury’s. Usually there are six products, often tailored to your shopping habits.

Read more about the best ways to collect and spend Nectar points.

Other supermarket savings

Supermarket food boxes

Aldi, Asda, Morrisons and M&S all offer pre-packed boxes of food, ideal for anyone sheltering or who can’t get to the shops. Here’s a full guide to what you’ll get in each.

Deals to save at M&S food

I’ve written a separate article on all the ways you can cut the cost of food at Marks & Spencer.

> Save money at M&S Simply Food

Cheap out of date / close to expiry bargains from Approved Food

It’s worth checking out Approved Food’s website to see if there’s anything that takes your fancy. It sells safe to eat food that’s either just out of date or part of a warehouse clearance. When I tried it back in 2017, I managed to buy things that had years left before they expired.

> Shop at Approved Food