Star Wars The Force Awakens: Cheapest way to get a copy

Don’t pay full price for your download or Blu-ray of Star Wars: The Force Awakens – here are the deals and tricks you can use to get it for less – even free!

I’m a man of a certain age, which meant I got ridiculously excited about the new Star Wars movie The Force Awakens when it was released last Christmas. I saw it twice…. which seeing as it’s pretty much a rehash of the original Star Wars, it means I saw a movie I’d kinda already seen a load of times one more time than I really needed to it.

Anyway I loved it and now it’s available to download and to buy I’ll be breaking my no DVD rule and getting a copy. Since I’m doing the research for the best deal, it makes sense to share it with you!

Cheapest Force Awakens digital download price

If you want the deleted scenes, Amazon is selling the SD version for £9.99 and the HD version for £13.99 .


Cheapest Force Awakens digital rental price

New users of Wuaki can rent their first three movies for a total of 99p.

>> Rent three movies at Wuaki for 99p

If you’re a existing customer but have also got an EE phone contract you can also get a 99p code to use on Wuaki every Monday to Wednesday by texting FILM to 141. However, make sure the film you want to watch is available on the EE Filmclub.

Cheapest Force Awakens DVD price

Your best price here is with Zavvi, where it’s £9.99 and comes with free delivery.

However if you are a student (again… you should be. Here’s how anyone can legitimately get an NUS card in case you’ve forgotten) you can save an extra 5% at Amazon, bringing it down to £9.49. You’ll also get a £1 credit to use on Amazon Video, so for a future rental or purchase.

Of course you’ll still have to pay delivery on orders under £20, but take the Amazon Prime 30 day free trial and you’ll not only get free delivery, you’ll also get £1 “no rush” credit if you choose to not get it sent the next day – and you’ll still get in on the day it comes out. The credit can be spent on MP3s, Kindle books, apps or combined with the Amazon Video credit on movies and TV shows.

Cheapest Force Awakens Blu-ray price

Amazon is the winner for this special 2 disc edition. You’ll pay £15 and get a limited edition sleeve (either Dark Side or Light Side).

You can also use the NUS discount and Amazon Prime deals mentioned in the DVD bit above to save an extra 75p and get free delivery.

If you don’t want to get Prime, delivery is an extra £1.99 (unless you add £5 worth of goods to the basket) – though you do get the £1 Amazon Prime credit.

Next cheapest with free delivery is Tesco, also for £15, but it’s also part of a two for £25 offer if there’s another blu-ray you’re after.


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